How to Do Water Drop Photography


Hi, I’m Adam and Welcome….to First Man Photography and welcome to the world of water drop
Photography. In today’s video I’m gonna be showing you how to shoot some
of these amazing images of water drops and everything you need
to do it. But before we get into that if you like this video please give it a thumbs up at the end
and that really helps me out and if you haven’t done so already, head
over to First Man Photography .com fill in your details and I’ll send you a
free copy of the book on how to capture exposure perfectly every time. Okay….. I’m gonna show you today two ways of
doing this. There’s going to be a basic setup that’s a lot cheaper and a lot easier to do I’m gonna move on
later to a more advanced way of doing things where you are gonna need to invest in a little bit of money in a bit more gear What are you gonna need? For basic set up to
shoot some still beautiful images you need a few
basic things and put them on the table just here the
first and most important thing obviously is the
camera So you’re going to need a camera and ideally you gonna have a macro lens. It
doesn’t have to be macro lens if you use a normal lens you are probably gonna
need to crop it fair bit to get some a similar sort of looking
image at the end I’m so it won’t be quite as good. Some
macro lenses are fairly inexpensive these days so that might be something you want to look
at. Next off….. the most important thing is we’re gonna
need is a flash. Now these can be very cheap these days if you buy them second-hand you can get them for just a few pounds of feed off eBay we’re gonna be shooting the flash in
manual mode so you don’t need if you buy one second
I’m you don’t worry about all the ETTL systems and things which usually bump
the price up. So very cheap flash will do and you’re gonna need a flash trigger as well to shoot because we’re gonna be shooting off
camera flash and we’ve got an example here of remote triggers this one attaches to the flash and this one to your
camera and one triggers the other you can also use with a wired solution
but you need to have off-camera flash. Next what can be useful is a trigger for the camera so you
don’t have to touch the camera to fire it. These are really inexpensive and a clamp stand here where we’re gonna…. our water
drops are gonna come from we’re gonna hang just these plastic bags filled
with water onto our clamp stand and the water’s gonna
come from there and its gonna fall into this bowl which, when we get set up is gonna be full of water and importantly
got towel to clean up any of the mess and very vital as well is this pen and we’re going to use up for
focusing and I’ll show you that in a minute. also i’ve got some food colouring here which
is gonna just add that extra interest to our water drops and produce some colour some beautiful colour in our images. So. Let’s get into this. I’ll get set up and we’ll go through it Okay so here we have our setup. We have our water bath setup an that’s full to the brim and it’s
inside another bowl to catch any of the overflow you want too full to the brim so you get get
that really nice infinity look in the final image. So we’ve got the camera
setup with the remote trigger on top. I’ve got it setup on a tripod which I didn’t mention earlier is not entirely necessary, becuase you can
prop it up on on the table or some books but a tripod is
really going to help you out and make your life easier. We’ve got the flash set up nice and close so it’s gonna light our image really nicely and give us a really nice, bright well exposed image . We’ve got the clamp
stand here with the water bag that’s going to provide
the drops into the water and all we need to do is take our pin and simply push a little hole into the bag and that’s gonna produce our drops okay so now we’ve got our nice drip going,
let’s talk a little bit about the camera settings it’s the flash that’s going to be
freezing the image as opposed to the shutter speed on
your camera for an explanation of why that if you go to
this is description below I describe it in a bit more detail but for the sake of the video we’ve got our
camera set at f/11 for the aperture to give
you that nice big depth of field and were quite close
in so you need a high aperture we’ve got our flash set at 1/32 power to
give you that nice quick flash to freeze the image and shutter speed is
set at 1/200 which is the sync speed for this camera and ISO is set at 400 and they are settings that have always worked really
well for me. You can experiment with your own settings or follow them for your own images. To add some extra
interest to our image i’ve produced this blue background and that’s
set up as background to our image that’s gonna add some colour and interest.
All i’ve done is printed that off with blue colour and on to a piece of paper and stuck that on to the background. So the next thing you
need to do is to focus. Now we’ve got our drip going it’s landing in the same place every
single time so all we need to do is take our pen…..and you place it into the water bath at the point where the
drop is landing. Next go over to our camera. In
manual focus we’re gonna focus on the pen. Just like that. And then when you start
dropping you gonna have a nice focus on your
drops So there we are we’re ready to shoot……. I’m gonna get
down to this level so I can see the time, get the timing right, anticipate when that
drop’s gonna fall bounce back up I’m gonna captured that shot. So let’s shoot. That’s not a bad start happy with that one Okay, we’ve got some nice shots there but I’m going
to add some colour to the water bath to the bag to produce some colour to add
a bit more interest to the images. Let’s do that now. Okay so
we’ve got our colour set up. Let’s shoot some more colors images Ok, I’m happy with that one. Okay, so we’ve got some nice images there. You
can really go to town on this and experiment yourself. You can use
different liquids like milk or oil and there’re gonna add a different
consistency to the drop and it’s going to produce interesting and
different results in your final image you can use different colours, different
colour backgrounds and really see what you can produce Okay, so let’s move on to the more
complicated setup. with the water dropper. Okay, so here we
are with our more complex set up all that’s changed is i’ve put this
electronic water dropper in place of the bag. Now this is the SplashArt 2 what it does is it produces two quick
drops that are gonna hit the water, collide and produce
that beautiful crown effect in your image. We controller with this
unit here and you can control the size of the
drops, duration between the two drops and the timing of when the camera fires
because it’s plugged into the camera and fires the camera for you so you get much more
consistent results The SplashArt 2 is produced here in
the UK and i’ll put a link down below to take you
over to the site so you guys can check it out for yourselves Okay, now let’s get to shooting and all you
need to do once you set up you you’ve got your adjustments made with your settings on the device here and you just
click the button here and it fires and produces hopefully those
really nice water drop collisions. So let’s just shoot a few.
I’m gonna get down so I can see That looked like a good one. Yep, very happy with that. to get more consistent results as well
you can put the camera into mirror lockup mode which is just going to arm the camera ready. I don’t bother though because it works quite happily without that. So as you can see, much more consistent results, really effective and a really nice device to use for getting your water drops. Ok, I hope you enjoyed that introduction to water drop photography it really is just a case of then going out, shooting some yourself and seeing what you can do. Experiment with
the lighting position the backgrounds and the different equipment that
you have or you want invest in and you really gonna get some beautiful images. There’s lots you can do in post-processing aswell to adjust things change the colours and sharpen things up which is really going to enhance your image as well. I’d love to see some of the things you are creating
so if you head over head over to Flickr upload your images and add them to the
First Man Photography group, i’ll take a look at them and then i’ll feature some in the comments
below and on social media. If you’ve enjoyed this
video please give it a thumbs up. If you
haven’t done so already, like I said at the start head over to First Man Photography .com,
fill in your details I’ll send you a copy of the ebook on how
to capture perfect exposure every time. I’m Adam, this is First Man Photography Out!


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