How to drag and drop files and folders in KooRaRoo Media

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Welcome to KooRaRoo Media!
This tutorial video will show you how easy it is to move files and folders to rearrange your media library.
– – Let’s add a playlist by right-clicking on the root item of the media library. These yellow playlists or folders can be used as placeholders for files and other playlists. Let’s give it a title… The new playlist is now created here. Let’s now add a couple of files from this disk folder to our new playlist. First we’ll select the files – you can select multiple files by holding down Ctrl or Shift keys while clicking the left mouse button in the list. Now we can drag them to the new playlist by pressing and holding the left mouse button. When a playlist is highlighted, it means you can drop the files (or other playlists) here. These two files are now part of this new playlist. They are also still in their original location. Let’s now move this playlist to another level in the tree. This is also done by dragging and dropping it. The playlist has been moved to become a child of “My Videos”. This concludes the tutorial on moving files and playlists to rearrange your media collection layout using KooRaRoo Media.
We hope you enjoyed watching it!


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