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Hello again welcome to the next slide before we move ahead We need to understand. What is the secret behind making profits on selling products on eBay and the second important question from where to buy the product so sourcing of the products in this lecture I will explain the sourcing of your products to sell and how to make profits what are the ideas of making profit if we talk about The ideas of making profit there are two major types One is the wholesale model when we talk about wholesale model there is one singular words most powerful and the largest place to buy items on wholesale is Aliexpress See here this is Aliexpress Now you see the categories here. Women’s clothing man’s clothing phones and accessories Computer and office you name it and all of these items you can buy at a wholesale rate and the best thing about alley expresses They will ship it to you are to your customer Anywhere in the world all you need to do is make an account with Aliexpress search for your product Which you want to market and sell to your customer and then keep a track of it in the little? courses in the later slides I will explain it to you how to take the product and how to market and how to sell it Now if you want to have a wholesale model of a business where you buy the products at a very Less price at a cheaper price, and then you sell it on EBay platform as the detail. This is the best source for you you buy the products at From Aliexpress like see now this item here is 1.04 US dollars if you want to see the same On eBay, I’m sure it will be somewhere around five to six dollars now it has every product category available on Aliexpress, so this is one of the best source to buy your Products and they do drop shipping to buy the products on a wholesale rate And then to have these products are these items dropship to customers this is Amazing amazing source and highly I highly recommend Aliexpress to use for your eBay products The next model is our betrayed selling now. What is or big arbitrate selling? What let me just explain Let us get this definition from online Arbitrate is this simultaneous purchase and sale of an asset to profit from a difference in the price that Means you look for the product from the same are from a different market for a lesser price And then you sell it to the different market or to the same market or a different platform at a higher price So in this model you need to look for the same product And you need to look for it from a different source from where it is at a price of less than What you can sell now the my favorite sources here are Home Depot? Louis Amazon Walmart even Bed Bath and Beyond Let me just show this to you This is Home Depot or all the products Regarding your home gardening every product is Here available in this deport is one of my favorite And if you want to choose the products and to sell them on eBay, it’s amazing They are available in the United States in USA and you can just buy the product from here and sell it on eBay at a higher price Lowest home improvements. No Louis dot-com again is another amazing website And it is one of my favorite you can buy lot of see the categories available here all of these categories you can buy at a very good price from here, and then send them off to ebay and then again is Amazon It’s amazing place to buy But the prices you might not find That cheap products are the products at a very low price here now This again is my favorite Website are a platform from where you can buy the products They also have a huge range of products available here. You can just choose whatever you want to Market, or you want to sell on eBay, and then you can buy from here Walmart again, it’s an amazing source for your products You can buy they have electronics home appliances food Everything they have a lot of stuff a lot of stuff So many categories you just see and you can choose, and you just go and find in the ad later lectures. I will explain how to choose a product and how to Market it and how to price it but as in this lecture. I want you to tell you these sources now These are the best sources which I use and these are the best search sources Which you can use to buy the products and then? Sell them on an eBay for a very good profit, and I’ll show you how?


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    Just received an email from you. This is awesome! Dropshipping and Ecom is now booming… Let's get it on!


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