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Hey, what is up guys, it’s Rafael here your seven (7) figure e-commerce coach and today I’m revealing to you how I find my seven figure products step by step and all the methods that I use and what Makes it a winning product when I find it I know this product is gonna make me six figures seven figures whatever it is, you know, make multiple six figures So these are the methods that I’ve used as going to them right now. I’m revealing everything Alright, so the free methods that you want to use are the first one is Facebook watch pages. So Facebook watch essentially a service a Facebook rolled out where People can build freezer cup watch pages and roll out videos like these videos right here, right? They roll out videos and a lot of these videos are just like mean videos funny videos You can’t really find any products on them. But if you search on Facebook watch for either gadgets This is to find very trending products that might boom up So if you find god to see here 9 kitchen gadgets for clumsy people then you watch these videos look a glove that you can’t cut through a Little gadget to cut up a key lime pie, right? So these are products that they’re not necessarily selling them Although there are faced of watch pages that do sell products like this Like they have their own drop shipping stores and they put out a video it gets a million views and then they get a bunch of sales to the drop shipping sites just from faces watch but a lot of these are just Showing off cool products that they think are cool and showing them in action And what you can do is take these products look at them. Maybe figure out their name So this one is like a perfect cake cutter and then you go on how they express and then you go perfect cake cutter perfect cake slice Right there And Boom, we have the perfect cake slicer right here. It doesn’t have that many orders on Aliexpress but that way you can find videos that might be trending in this video for example has Wow, it has 12 million views. Okay, that was a year ago. So that’s a little bit old So let’s keep looking for these products the younger the better Right September 2019 5 everyday uses to spy gadgets. Let me see, huh? All right. So here we have like very interesting gadgets for very different niches Right, so you can find on watch you can spend hours and hours. Just looking up products on here and what you can do is do either product here and Then you find let me see. This owl is a revolutionary product – 22 September 2018 Boom and that is essentially how like I find very trending very like general products not for a niche But just trending crazy products I can make you know Six figures seven figures whatever it is these these products are potential to just go absolutely viral because they’re already viral They’re just not selling them. So what you do is you take these viral videos these viral just Sensations and you look for the manali expressed and then you sell them on your store That’s the first method the second method that I use is Aliexpress stores and top suppliers. What is it? What does that mean? Right. So let’s look up on the Aliexpress homepage And what you want to do is when you find a product that you like let’s say, this is AB stimulator But I you know I’ve sold and I know a lot of people are selling so you’re gonna be AB stimulator and then you go to the actual Store page as you can see here. Yo Co official store they’ve been open for two years top ranked you go to their store and Then you browse through the products that that store has that’s essentially how we found our top wind swimwear products is by going to these stores and looking through the products that they have cuz sometimes Some of these stores they have winning products that aren’t winning products yet. They’re just putting them on the side Maybe they added them a week or two ago But if they have a winning product already or a product that has like more than a fad, you know This one has 11,000 orders 30,000 order 720. You can look through the products in that Aliexpress store, you know, the suppliers have their own stores at Aliexpress You can look through those stores and some products that you know They might have potential but they’re not viral yet or nobody is selling them yet. So that’s a second way Is it browsing through stores making sure these are pretty legitimate stores? So more than one year at least and then a top brand more than 90% feedback over here above-average feedback, that’s what you want to look for in these stores and then start browsing through all of them now third method Google ads or Blog post searches on site then right here. This is more for niches So if you have a specific niche that you want to sell products in that you look for for example Products for mothers and the first thing that popped up 14 new mom must have no one tells you about you go to these pages These blog posts these Google Ads, whatever it is, and then you go through the products that they have So, let me see right seeding toys, right? This might be a new winning product for your niche seeding toys, right? The next one could be a Stroller that it compacts and you can take it anywhere that could be your next winning product for your niche So going through all these blog posts like products for students. Maybe you’re selling products for students 37 of the best products for college students you can get an Amazon, right? This is a BuzzFeed article Twelve clever gadgets every college students should have so it’s like you go and you find blog posts or you find ads For products that might be trending them You know people are talking about but nobody’s really selling at a high level And then you take those products and boom you put them on your drop shipping site You find them on how they express you put them on your Shopify store and then you can take them To the next level that is the third method that I use. So for example Bluetooth coffeemaker, that’s a little bit obviously a little bit hard OtterBox phone charging case Heated travel mug charging backpacks, right? So this that is how like we well the The anti-death backpack that was one of the things in one of these black holes. So it was like, oh this anti-theft Backpack thing somebody found it. They found on Aliexpress. They started selling it and it went viral, right? So that’s what happens with these kind of gadgets. We can just find them and Make it viral right on on Facebook ads on Google Ads Whatever it is that you’re doing for at write the fourth one. Is Amazon bestsellers searching So what you want to do is not go to just Amazon bestseller. So you want to go to Amazon bestsellers? /cg PS what that means? It’s going to show all the bestsellers by category So what you’ll do it. I’ve been using this technique for years. But what you’ll do is essentially go to your niche Let’s say it’s I don’t know health and household and then go through the products. No not this one. Let’s go to The home and home and kitchen right here So let’s say that’s your niche home in kitchen parents women, whatever it is And then you go through these products and you can find really good winners on here That’s how I found one of my previous when I was like two three years ago Was just searching through these categories on Amazon and finding the top winners or the top products in these categories Finding them on Aliexpress checking Bay if they’re trending if they have potential and then taking them to a Shopify store and making the viral Essentially, those are the four top methods the four top three methods that I’m going to show you today Now we’re gonna go to the paid methods. So the first one that I recommend is hiring a virtual product researcher That is how I find my top top products is hiring people to do that research for me. Now. My time is very limited So I can’t really spend hours and hours finding products to have to work on other things, but essentially finding a product researcher It’s pretty easy. So what you want to do is you can use services like free up up work I think they’re down for maintenance right now Yeah, upward is down for maintenance, but you can find freelancers on upward you can find among free up You can find them on people for our comm, but the better thing is to actually go on Facebook groups Is this is how you know? We felt like some of our top top researchers is going on Facebook groups like this one virtual assistant tribe job board Ecommerce virtual assistant econ V A’s groups like that. You post exactly what you did on the job post You’ll get a lot of pms a lot of messages and then you’ll start interviewing and getting to know those people And actually know hey, do you have experience with? Shopify do have experience through product research for top brands What brands have you with what shops have you work with and they’ll let you know Exactly what their skills are and then you can just send them off The best thing to do is to actually tell them hey find me around five to ten products in this niche or find me ten products that are trending give them the specifics like you can even show them this video like, uh, I actually Show them the methods I’m teaching you and have them do it for you. So it’s very inexpensive It’s about five to ten dollars or five to eight like the six dollars per hour to hire a virtual product researcher And as I said here hire only Filipinos European and english-speaking butcher assistants We’ll talk about that a little bit but hiring product researchers. They either have a lot of experience already doing it So they found huge products for other people. Maybe they found like a super viral product for another Shopify store They’ll do the same method to the same things. They did to find that one in your store too. So essentially these guys have legitimate experience Finding winning products that they’ll ply to your store as well and then you can compensate them more they’d find a really good product you Can just keep them on your team. We have actually full time in office people doing product research That’s a little bit more higher-end when you start making more money But for now, you can just do it virtually and these people have a lot of great experience Please Shopify source finding winning products and they can find a winning product for you now The second thing is actually buying products from Aliexpress. What does this mean? So you’ll go on Aliexpress right here. And what you’ll do is you start searching for products in your niche. So let’s say that’s maternity products and What you’ll do is some of these products not the super expensive ones But the lower end ones what you’ll do is you’re actually create an account without express sign in like join Aliexpress and have your own account just kind of like Amazon have your own account and then start buying Some of these products like actually go ahead and buy it ship it to your house. You’d have to wait three weeks four weeks Whatever whatever it takes the point of this is to let the Aliexpress algorithm suggest you Products so this is how it works. So essentially it would it kind of works like Amazon So let’s say this product. It has eight hundred thirty four orders. Let’s say it’s a trending product People are selling it you buy it then Aliexpress on the homepage and on your account page. It’s going to show you suggestions and recommendations For products that could be similar or could be like that one that you you just bought. So let’s say you spend $100 I’ll try and say it’s a paid method, right? Let’s say you spend $100 buying products from Aliexpress You’ll get a lot of suggestions a lot of recommendations and a lot of new products that other people might not see Just because they’re not in that algorithm and that way you’ll start getting suggestions This is how I find some of like very tiny products I don’t know what a selling but they could have potential just cuz they’re suggested to me on Aliexpress on my account So that’s another like mine does another like really ninja hack that you can do to Essentially get yourself into the Aliexpress algorithm. It works the same thing as Amazon You bought this you might also like this same thing They’ll suggest your products that could be winning that could have a lot of potential. So utilize that potential and buy these products That’s what I’m saying. It’s a paid trick because you actually have to buy the products Now the third one obviously paid product research tools. You can use I’m going to pull them up here you can use EECOM hunt pecks the Product list genie. So the ones that I recommend are text accom EECOM hunt calm Sorry got hung was the actual Become hunt become Kikkoman calm so econ hunt calm texture calm as you can see here. Stop wasting money on bad products start finding products They’re expensive. They’re like a about $150 a month, you know excess $100 a month econ one is about sixty to seventy dollars a month So it’s it’s a lot of money to to spend monthly on these product research tools But they can give you an insane insight into what works. I’m not saying you’ll find the next winner I’m not say you’re gonna make six figures from one of these tools because these tools are used by a lot of people and that’s A problem with this that there’s so many people I use these tools that when a new product pops up Everybody knows about right it like two thousand five thousand people know about it Cuz there subscribe to these product research tools like product of this genie context up, which other tool it is There’s a lot of people subscribe to it So a lot of people get to know them the thing about these tools is that you’ll understand what it works like you’ll understand what kind of products are trending what kind of products these tools recommend and what kind of products can go absolutely Viral so you start to understand. Okay. This product went viral why and then you analyze why it went viral So essentially Peck stars the one I like the most and it’s the one that I recommend my private coaching students Because econ is just too popular. Like it’s just II come on everybody knows about it So everybody’s on it you they’re not winning products as they come out of 5000 people know about they’re not really winning You know undercover products, I’m tech stuff. Not that many people use it. And that’s the one I recommend from my coaching students because they’re just a few so they know like well just a few they’re like something 100 people Using this or I’m not really sure how many people use PacSun but it’s much less than econ It’s a lot of people. It’s just much less an e-commerce So essentially like you’ll have a better chance of finding winning product versus all those people right? It’s better It’s a better chance, but these tools are really really good for just finding some winners Understanding what makes a winner and then having an extra edge over everybody else. So Now we talked about that. We’re gonna go on the what makes it a winning product. So we talked about Paint methods free methods those are essentially the seven methods that you can use. You have a lot of a Lot of work to do that what makes it a winning product. So it has a WOW factor Think of the anti tough backpack, right? I had a WOW factor It’s like oh this backpack that nobody can cut it. Nobody can like rip it and take my stuff, right? That’s a like a wow factor. So you need prize think of the like the pineapple Slicer right that we just saw in a coma that went crazy a couple of months ago just because it has the wow factor It’s like oh this product is like as an interesting fact. It’s not a boring product And then it has a unique touch of like oh This product is like really cool actually want to check it out more. I want to learn more about it That’s does essentially the top thing that you have to look at is Wow. Like oh this product is cool. Boom that wow factor Second thing is you can’t find it in any retail store So if it’s something like a pillow or some headphones something like that, like you can find it pretty much anywhere You can buy it anywhere that’s not really gonna be a winning product cuz people are gonna see it and they’re like Oh, I can just buy that in Marshall’s two blocks down the road. I’m not gonna order online So it’s a kind of a product that when you see it, you’re like, oh I can’t find this anywhere That’s also a quality look really strong quality really winning products And the third one is it improves your niches life and makes life easier so one of the things that you know It really matches to this is the acne black mask that you can take off and essentially clean out all your pores That went viral about six to twelve months ago that improves your Nisha’s life So it’s it pretty much fits all women and all men pretty much that so that’s not really specific niche But it improves your life just a bit just it makes life a little bit better right? You can clean up your face There’s some other products that really just make life a little bit easier Right the maternity pillow that I sold if you find it here on my channel to twenty five thousand dollar product That is what it did it improve that Nisha slice of maternity. She’s life just a little bit, right? It makes life a little bit easier. It makes life a little bit better So think of products when you’re looking for products and you find them in Aliexpress On faceook watch whatever it is If they make life easier, if they unique they have a WOW factor and you can’t find them in stores most likely there can be winning products do not necessarily have to be but they can be check the Transfers check to make sure that those products have a lot of potential now some extra tips pirate hire only Filipino European English-speaking virtual assistants, I recommend this based on personal experience these are the best and then the last one is to build relationships with Aliexpress suppliers what this means is when you find let’s say you’re finding first couple winning products that get you some sales You start finding suppliers and building relationships with them, right? So you get them on skype you get them on the phone, whatever it is and you start building relationship with them Make sure they trust you make sure they know that your reveal like a real chipper You’re gonna make them a lot of money make them a lot of sales and then they’ll start to show you some of their winning products that nobody else knows about so if you build that relationship really well like our Relationship with suppliers are huge. We’ve made them millions of dollars They have we have an extra edge over Anybody else that uses them like we have an extra edge because they might tell us hey this product was cool It’s not trending yet But it’s good because they know we’re serious about this where they know we’re serious that we can take a product like a million dollars So building relationships with the suppliers is going to be key It’s gonna give you an extra edge over over pretty much anybody else. So that’s that’s about it Go ahead follow these steps You can get these notes in the link in the description below and if you want to learn exactly A ten minutes a ten minute – 50 minute training on how I built my entire Summit for your e-commerce business how I built everything I have I’ll build the whole team How film I hope this is you can check it out seven-figure is a free completely free training ten to fifteen minute not along whether or not something long thing No pitch just a completely free Trade it You can check it out the first thing in the description or you can book a call with me one on one call Completely for free with me to figure out the strategy and hopefully work together later on in the long term to build your e-commerce business Thank you for watching subscribe to a channel like this video if you liked it, I will see you guys in the next one


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