How to Find Recent Cash Buyers of Real Estate with DataTree


(upbeat music) – [Jaren] Hey everybody,
this is Jaren with REtipster, and in today’s video I’m gonna show you how to use to pull a list of recent cash buyers
around a subject property. This is extremely helpful because if you’re a
wholesaler or a land flipper, if you find people who
have recently bought in your area for cash,
this is a huge indicator that they’ll most likely buy again, especially if you have a
very discounted property. What you can do with a list like this is send a small direct mail
campaign highlighting the fact that they’ve recently bought in the area and that you have a very similar property for sale and would love to give them a quote
unquote neighbor discount, or something to that effect. So, without further ado, let’s
go ahead and get started. All right. Now that we went ahead and logged in, the very first thing
that I wanna highlight is the search box in the
top left-hand corner. There are a couple different
ways you can sort data by, but for the sake of this tutorial we’re just gonna use Address because it’s the most
straightforward methodology for what we’re looking to do. So we’re gonna copy and paste our address of the subject property,
then we’re gonna hit Enter. Minimize what popped up so
that we can see the map, and we’re gonna zoom out. And what I wanna highlight is all of the properties around this Hudson Lake because this is where my
particular property is. So I’m gonna hit this draw
icon, select the poly feature, and then I’m going to simply draw around my subject property. I’m gonna hit Apply. Then the next step is to go to
this Advanced Search button. So go ahead and click that. Then we’re gonna go ahead
and remove the address bundle because this is only highlighting
our particular property. Next, we’re gonna go ahead and scroll down to where it says sales information. And then, the Last Sale Date, we’re gonna go ahead and select a year. Obviously, you can do a custom date range, you can do three months, six
months, whatever you want, but just for the sake of the example, we’ll go out to a year. Next, we’re gonna go to equity, and we’re gonna say Equity % is 100%. This is an indicator that
the property is owned free and clear meaning that the
property was bought in cash, it’s not mortgaged. So that’s a very important indicator when it comes to finding cash buyers. And then you’re gonna go ahead
up here and hit Get Count, and you have 20 results, which is awesome. Now, I want to say before we
go ahead and hit View Results, if you are in land, if
you’re flipping land, then you wanna obviously distinguish between land properties versus houses, and the easiest way to do that
is you just scroll up here and you select the use code
that is related to vacant land. You’re gonna go Land Use code, and what’s really nice is
there’s actually a prefill that will select all of these for you so you can just type in the words vacant, and then we would just go ahead and select this land use code, but for now we’re gonna
just leave that blank. And when you’re ready
to pull your results, you just hit View Results
in the top-right corner. Then, once it’s pulled all of the results, you just go up here to where
it says Export, select that, and what’s really nice about DataTree is they actually have
some prefilled templates for you to export data into. So if you wanted to just do mailing, they’ll organize the data in a very user-friendly way
specifically for mailing. So we’ll go ahead and select that, and then we just hit this button
Order and we’re good to go. I hope you guys have found this helpful. For more tips, tricks
and real world guidance on how to crush it as
a real estate investor, come join us over at


  1. @REtipster For my understanding, I looked at the pricing and just want to be clear. DataTree charges a monthly fee, and also a charge per order/report?

  2. @REtipster Is there a way to isolate cash buyers who bought multiple times within a time period? I want to eliminate the one off of occurrences.

  3. Wow, with what I'm about to do, u just gave me the keys to a serious six figure biz. I have been looking for a way to find homes with mortgages, and this one video just gave me new life. Thank you soooooo much🙏


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