How To Find Winning Products in 2019 (SECRETS REVEALED) πŸ”₯


boom what’s up in this video I will be
revealing four amazing out-of-this-world product research methods alright so you
will find out how to find winning products in 2019 alright and I guarantee
you this is the best video you will ever watch when it comes to product research
okay so let’s begin with method number one one six eighty all right what the
heck is 168 right so this is the website where your Aliexpress suppliers will go
to get their supplies inception right inception within your drop shipping rule
a here’s the thing 160 is a website that is in Chinese right so guess what Google
is your best friend so right now we are in January but we are always one step
ahead right when you are a subscriber you are always one step ahead of
everyone in this world so in the e-commerce game what’s next what’s the
nearest event it is Valentine’s Day is it so if you can’t type Valentine’s Day
in Chinese so on you just go to Google and then we will type in Valentine’s
isn’t it easy so that’s it I type Valentine’s Day and then you can see the
Chinese version is out right I’ll just copy it and then I come back here to 168
and then I will search burn times in Chinese in 168 so remember I repeat this
is where most of your other Express suppliers will actually get their
products a so pay close attention to the price later on so we are preparing now
to find some winning products for Valentine’s Day just as an example okay
this could be for Christmas this could be for Halloween or this could be for
your niche or whatever alright so once we are once we search the term the
keyword here’s what you will do okay so the first one is relevance the second
one is shortened by sales volume so of course you can just right click and
translate to English hey if that’s what you want to do and do that so we are
translate and then it gets all in this gets kind of messed up right but it
doesn’t matter just click on the second one alright so the second one is sorting
by sales volume okay so here we can find out what are the most popular products
when it comes to the China version of Alibaba so you guys have heard of right so this is the Alibaba version but for Chinese sellers for
Chinese business or Sookie so I searched Valentine’s and these are the most
popular products right now not last year or whatever it’s now okay so whatever so
the first product is the moon name so if you have been into dropshipping for a
while you know that the moon lamp is a winning product so just like that we
found a winning product and you’ll notice that you will see three or four
actually I see four actually five one two three four five five Rose bears all
right isn’t it crazy so this has to be a product that is pretty hot isn’t it so
let’s go ahead and try to see if we can find it on Aliexpress this Valentine’s
rose bear alright so I’ll go to other Express so this is definitely a strong
product otherwise it would not be that high in 168 right remember 168 is the
top of the food chain hey does that make sense right such Rose ban and
immediately I see a lot of super strong potential these things so as you can see
here this is a product that’s 2,000 orders 2006 central orders we’ve only
one feed back that doesn’t make sense right but actually kind of makes sense
because it’s definitely drop shipping right otherwise why would there be so
many orders when there’s only one feedback let’s took it the other one as
you can see this this one x two thousand six hundred orders and only in every day
it’s definitely all dropship orders so agreed I did not stop by orders yet so
let’s sort my orders and find out more if so look at this so all of these are
consistent signs right of a potential strong winning product Hey look at this
this is another one I mean these are all rose bears
isn’t it so just go into one of them and so look at it so this is definitely
a hot product they can work out doing Valentine’s Day
all right so I’m not gonna go back some time and just go through all this and
look at all these but as you can see very clearly a lot of sales from us e
alright and Canada II so you guys see how this works right isn’t is crazy by
searching for Valentine’s Day which is the upcoming event I discovered the moon
lamp I discovered the Rose Bear product which is definitely a winning product
yeah and then there’s also this product that is very interesting which is this
necklace which again if you have been in today will be into this game for a while
you know very well this is the I Love You 100 messages necklace key so if I
just search 100 love necklace let’s search the keywords you easily find it
in and then just like that as you can see this is crazy this is a super huge
winning product so 20000 orders 18,000 orders so it wasn’t that much a few
months ago okay now this is just one term which is
Valentine’s alright so of course like I said you could do this for a different
niche and are you guys excited that this is only the first met alright so stay
tuned and let’s continue let’s just pretend right now it’s Halloween alright
so if I type in Halloween then you can translate into Chinese and then we get
the Chinese words for Halloween and every search now of course the suits
volume isn’t going to be at that IQ because right now it’s not Halloween but
still we can get in an idea all right so I sorted by sales volume right if you
notice I clicked on this so here we can get some product ideas if its nearing
Halloween right so for example push masks which use you know very well this
was a super strong winning product and then from here as you continue scrolling
down we can get more product ideas I look at this this is the spiderís
uniform right but you probably don’t want to do that because of copyright
issues so let’s just say if you are doing a particular niche let’s say you
have really found a winning niche for you let’s just say it’s a street
cleaning right cleaning products do pretty well well it’s just such cleaning
yet such cleaning translate cleaning the Chinese and then I come back to 168
so remember 160 is the top of the food chain right little bit does well here
there’s a pretty damn good chance that it is going to do well when you actually
drop shipping as they make sense so again our search cleaning I sort by
sales volume alright so now you need to be very very clear at this point in time
I’m not even doing anything crazy all I did was translate one word
I’m only translating one word all along I translate that one word which is
Valentine’s and just like that I discovered a few many products I
translate the Halloween and I found purge mask now I’m translating cleaning
and it’s just an example you could do it for any niche all right and by
translating cleaning so we find a lot of cleaning products so I recognize this
this is actually the kitchen silicone glove which is also a winning product
okay so the is the first method which is using 168
okay let’s move on to method number two alright so if you are enjoying this
content so far if you are seeing all these new methods that are out of this
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so let’s continue let’s go to method number two which is using my IP tour ms
I will put the link down below in the description but don’t check it out yet
let me show you what to do alright this is the my IP don’t ms website this is
where the top Shopify stores will be ranked so of course a lot of websites
here would be branded in terms of the top view right but what you do is you
just look through and then you will eventually see a few dropshipping
websites k but of course some like Jim shark obviously is not a dropshipping
website fashion over colour-pop these are not but to save you some time okay
let’s the safest time in this video this star is a drop shipping store which is
inspire uplift so I’ll show you what I can do when you actually visit this
website okay so I’ll put a link to this page in
the video description below so later on you can go and check it out so over here
we are finding the top-ranking Shopify stores in the world okay
I repeat these are the top-ranking Shopify stores all right so again find
drop shipping stores eventually you’ll find a lot okay it takes some time but
the save you time this is one of them which is inspire oblique now what do you
do when you’re at their website this is a video about finding winning products
right so what you do now is go to Google when Google for this chrome inspect
chrome in commerce inspector Chrome extension
alright Chrome extension and the name of the chrominance
chrome extension is Palmer’s inspector as you can see for a sake commerce
inspect again get now when you are in a drop shipping
website so alright let me repeat this is not any random drop shipping website
right this is a top ranking website okay you’re not just finding these websites
as randomly is that pop websites now what do you do when you’re these
websites you will use commerce inspector so this value do you click on the icon
click on products so after you click on products if you scroll down then you
will be able to discover what are their recently launched products over here
alright so here we can see that they recently added the smart travel adapter
the city travel deluxe backpack the wall outlet and then some incense burners
easy goop jar open a car seat pocket the neck massager over here right so what
does this mean so think about it remember again I stress this isn’t a
random Shopify store right these are top ranking drop shipping stores that you
just discovered and the products that the add to their star are not going to
be random does that make sense so the products that they added to their store
would have been products that they have actually researched alright so looking
at all these products that they recently added to their star then from here you
can definitely get a lot of amazing product research ideas alright so over
time you have a list of stores that you can spy on every now and then alright so
you can check out what are the new products that they added every few days
okay so this is method number two and let’s move on alright this is Method
number three and we are going to use this book to search for product ideas so
we are going to search for terms like get yours get yours here order now order
here claim yours free shipping reward shipping 50% of 70% off so these are
common terms that dropshippers would usually use when they are writing there
are advertisements alright so let’s just do a quick demonstration I’m going to go
to Facebook so when you’re in facebook search and make sure you choose videos
all right click on videos so I’ll just do an example which is yours now just an
example it could be any of these terms okay so all these
terms that you see over here in the corner of somewhere here keep going such
all of them and you will have an abundant number of prana it’s a Chinese
but there’s one more thing that you want to do okay so over here I decided to
just search for get yours now you can search for anything you want like 50%
off or whatever in fact you’re such true of them anyway
once we search that next thing is you want to look for recent posts right you
don’t know what to be looking at post that is two years old like back in 2017
although they could be because Stuart Wright days because products usually
have an up-and-down trend you could kind of revive them but whatever we want to
focus on what is working right now so right now it is January 2019 and is at
this time of recording so what you’ll do is after you search for the term click
on videos and now I will choose a date so locate yeah choose a date and then
I’ll choose January 2019 because right now is January 2019 so by this we are
now looking at videos on Facebook that has the term get yours now and it was
posted in January 2019 so do you realize how reason all these videos will be so
look at is this video has seven hundred fifty six thousand isn’t it awesome
let’s just check it out all right okay so this is obviously a pet gate right a
pet gate all right I know it’s crazy it was posted three
weeks ago and it already has seven hundred fifty six thousand so this is
definitely a winning product right otherwise they will not be spending that
much money to advertise it to get that many views okay but of course you can
come over here to search it up right like go get it so there you go this is
the same product right magic gate that’s what it type hey so just like that we
have found another winning product and this is a proven winning product because
it has seven hundred thousand views and remember this is not this isn’t seven
thousand views spread across across two years this is seven hundred thousand
views in three weeks in the last three weeks case so this video is hot right
now if so of course we can just continue through this list and you can discover a
lot a lot of winning products and you can and who says you need to do this one
time we can do this every week right let’s scroll down let’s just check it
out for example so of course if you see some videos that have like 18,000 views
you might know how to paid that much attention generally you want to look for
those that have like hundreds of thousands of views like this or Aegina
one the first one seven hundred fifty six thousand so we can also check this
out this one has two hundred thirty-four thousand yeah oh look whoa this is a hair
straightening brush right pretty fascinating isn’t it so this is an ionic brush so check it
out it has 234,000 views in the postulates now imagine if
that is your video how much money you would make so let’s go to Aliexpress and
I just wanna quickly demonstrate to you how easy it is to find winning products
so just go ahead and search ionic hair brush and look Aliexpress I really
recommend it to you so I’ll just click it and then let’s check it out and there
you go just like that the first one after I stopped by orders this is the
product that we just saw right the decisions just some random product baby
put out of our whatever right this is a proven product that has 200,000 views in
two weeks in so that’s the secret when it comes to using Facebook to search
alright check for recency and check for statistics right 200,000 views in two
weeks that’s something that is worth testing isn’t it
yeah so that’s all there is to it there’s method number three okay so like
I say pause this video write all these down or you can take a screenshot or
just take a photo of the escape now let’s move on to method number 4 which
is the A to Z method which is actually using Amazon Hey so now let’s head over
to Google what you will do in Google is your search for Amazon best sellers
alright so just do a search for it boom hey-oh click on the first link which is
going to be the Amazon best sellers so Amazon is what is probably the biggest
e-commerce website right so whatever is best selling in Amazon which is an
extremely extremely competitive platform right so if it if the product happens to
be a best seller on the world’s most popular e-commerce website which is
Amazon that that product has to be extremely popular isn’t it which is why
products that you find that happens to be an Amazon best seller definitely as
strong potential and you should test it so let’s just go through within Amazon
best seller so just Google e and then you’ll be at this page so from here
we’ll have to click into a few categories to
like if they’re down okay so let’s just start with for example let’s just go
with beauty and personal care so of course not all of these products can be
found on Aliexpress so you just want to kind of mentally just filter away all
these brands right and then you just go around look through so just see if
anything catches our attention but this is kind of interesting so this obviously
looks like a private label product but if you don’t know as private label is it
doesn’t go method let’s check it out so this is a hair scalp massage Shampoo
brush hey this so it’s doing really well on
Amazon so it is doing well Amazon it means people are buying it people love
the utterances otherwise how can it be an Amazon bestseller all right does that
make sense well just come to Aliexpress and now just try to search for like
sculpt brush okay so by searching for Scot brush let me just stop by orders
they’ll save us a lot of time and just like that we found a product that is
pretty similar and it has quite a lot of others here 5500 others all right so
this is another product that we just discovered using this fourth method
which is Amazon’s bestsellers right okay which is a scalp massager so we can kind
of go back again so that was beauty and personal care we can always try out
other categories about let’s try a different category for example home and
kitchen you know see what else we can find under home and kitchen so this is
quite an interesting product which is the drill brush okay let’s check it out
so it is an Amazon’s choice 2300 customer reviews of the cities para is
in extreme demand people love it people are buying it otherwise how can that be
2300 reviews isn’t it let’s go ahead and try and search for it on Aliexpress
so what we are looking for is this yellow brush which can be installed onto
a power drill hey this power scrubber which can be
used to like lean in so it’s sort by orders and I think they’re cool if this
is the exact same thing do you see the image here you can image drill down
include blah blah blah and then over here this is the exact same product
right so just like that using Amazon we have also found multiple reading
products so this is Method number four is using Amazon alright so quick recap
over here I’ve shared with you four amazing
methods that will allow you to easily easily find winning products in 2019 all
right so method number one was to use one six eight eight ink and then method
number two using my IP dot ms e you’ll find out what other pop dropshipping
stores right now okay so every month the list would change but you would want to
go and find out what the pop drop shipping starts at any moment when you
go in there install the Chrome extension commerce inspector find out what are the
new products that they just added because they wouldn’t be adding random
crap to their stores the products that they add would be products that they
have research ok so from there you can have to pick again right so you kind of
pick the best of the best from there okay be kind of careful so the stores
they actually know what they are doing they are aware of this strategy so what
they will do is they will actually add in some decoys okay does that make sense
so let’s say for example they have already decided that they wanted to test
two products but they are not going to just add the two products to their store
okay they will add like twenty products at the same time but it kind of like hi
there are two products that they really want to test amongst the twenty products
that I just added okay so it is your duty to kind of the common sense to kind
of pick it up to identify what other products that they are really trying to
test key to regardless this is a really really really powerful method but of
course some of you is doing excuses and cry and whine and not do anything so for
those of you who are actually action takers go ahead and use it because you
will be rewarded now method
three which is going to Facebook you want to search for videos that are doing
very very well right now right hundreds of thousands of views in
the past two weeks pops three weeks well then we’ll even hit millions key so
these are the search terms okay he’s literally served to you right now
name at the number four which is going to Amazon best seller scale Amazon is
the most competitive ecommerce platform if a product can rise to the top and
become a best seller on Amazon then obviously the product is insane demand
people wanted people are buying it which is why is the best seller which is why
when you dropship it there is a strong strong potential alright so these are
the four methods thank you so much for watching if you have any questions or
comments drop them in the comment section down below I will read through
every single comment all right hey listen up if you enjoyed this content
and you look forward to more remember to scroll down now then scroll down right
now click on the red subscribe button and click on the Bell notification icon
so that when I upload a new video you will be notified all right and also if
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thumbs up so once again thank you so much for watching I will see you guys in
my next video


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