How to Hide WooCommerce Shipping Methods when Free Shipping is available


offering free shipping is a tried and
tested way to increase online retail sales customers routinely add products
to their cart to qualify for free shipping ELEX Hide WooCommerce Shipping
Methods helps you set custom rules to hide other shipping methods when Free
Shipping is available and ensure customers don’t end up picking the wrong
shipping method and improve overall customer experience suppose a customer
in Los Angeles wants to order a product and you have set up WooCommerce to offer
Free Shipping to that Shipping Zone obviously you want the customer to pick
Free Shipping this is where ELEX Hide WooCommerce Shipping Methods Plugin comes
in using the Shipping Methods filter you
can choose to hide other shipping methods when products qualify for free
shipping once you’ve chosen the methods that will
act as a filer click Save and continue in the next window pick all methods that
you want to be hidden. ELEX Hide WooCommerce plugin automatically pulls all the
methods you have configured for WooCommerce and other plugins. Choose all the
shipping methods you wish to hide. Name the rule if you wish else the plug-in
auto generates one for you. Click on create rule. Created rules can be found
under the Manage Rules tab. You can edit your rules if you wish to from here. Once
you set the shipping methods to be hidden upon updating the cart you can
see that the other shipping methods are hidden from the customer at checkout go follow us on our social media
channels and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more informative videos
related to WordPress and WooCommerce


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