How to Hire a Virtual Assistant for your Online Business & Save Time


have you ever thought about hiring a
virtual assistant for your online business but didn’t really know how to
go about it or how much to pay them well today I’m going to tell you everything
you need to know to make the process easier for you so you want to hire a
virtual assistant for your business that’s smart
hands down the best way to build wealth is to stop trading your time for money
and the easiest way to do that is to actually leverage other people’s time or
in your case hire a virtual assistant and there are many places online that
you can hire a virtual assistant you can get one on up work you can get one on
Fiverr you can get one on conquer but the problem with hiring a VA on any one
of those websites is it’s more of a one-off job and then you’re done
you are not really hiring the employee for your company and building a trusting
relationship with that person long term instead you’re just hiring
someone to do a specific task and yes you might be able to develop that
relationship with them eventually but it’ll take a long time
a lot of money and a lot of potential reorders to do so so then what’s the
best place online to hire a virtual assistant well my favorite place is a
website called online jobs pH it’s a great place to hire trustworthy
hard-working and reputable Filipino workers for your business and the best
part about this website is it’s not necessarily a one-off thing it’s more of
a long-term relationship that you’re building with that VA and they’re
obviously going to be more invested in the long-term success of your business
now typically you can hire a VA on online jobs that pH we’re about $3 to $5
an hour which does seem kind of luck but that’s actually a good agreeable wage
for someone working in the Philippines today so in my opinion the great part
about using a website like this is it’s not
you hire them the website gets their cut they do the job and then it’s done no
instead you actually take them off the website and work directly with them and
that means that they can actually become a trusted long-term member of your team
or an employee for your business now full disclosure all my job stop pH does
actually have a monthly fee but that is obviously only for a month assuming that
you can find your VA within that first month then you can obviously cancel your
subscription and I am not affiliated with this company whatsoever I simply
think it’s a better alternative for online business owners like you and me
who are looking for a long-term relationship to build with their VA
instead of continually hiring somebody task after task after task after task
and the best part about it is that once you actually find that person that fits
your business model that you like working with and you like the work that
they produce you can simply train that person once or
twice and then outsource everything to them in the future you don’t have to
keep retraining somebody every single task so how the website actually works
is you sign up obviously then you post an ad for a job that you’re looking to
hire for and interested qualified people will start replying then what I
typically do is I simply have a Skype interview with those people and there’s
applicants and I find one that really sticks out to me and kind of seems like
they’re on the same wavelength so that’s what I would suggest if you guys have a
need for anything anything at all in your online business
I would suggest hopping on online jobs on pH and searching for a virtual
assistant one of my favorite quotes is find out what you’re really good at and
then outsource all the rest and the best part about living in today’s day and age
and obviously a site like online shop that pH for example is that you can
outsource anything to free up your time to focus on what actually matters for
your business’s bottom line and some examples of things that I’ve hired a VA
for our inventory management for my arbitrage business answering emails is a
big one for me I get a lot a lot a lot of emails and doing competitor research
for both YouTube obviously my Amazon FBA it’s honestly
changed my life and I hope it’ll change yours too so there you have it guys all
your questions on how to actually go about hiring a virtual assistant for
your business answered now if I miss any one of them or you have specific one
that I didn’t touch on feel free to drop it down in the comment section and I’d
love to answer that for you if you’re new here consider subscribing and hit
that like button if you appreciate the value in today’s video I genuinely
appreciate it and I’ll see in the next one


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