How To Start With $200 And Build A Successful Dropshipping Store In 2019 For Beginners


Hey guys one enough you can start dropshipping with $200 and 29. Let’s find out Hi guys, so can you actually start a drop shipping business with only $200 the answer is yes Okay, but before we get further into this I just wanted to say don’t forget to Like share and subscribe to my video and hit the notification bell comment down below if you liked today’s video just saying yes and Don’t forget to follow me on instagram at ricky Hayes IG. Alright, so I get this question asked a lot and I’m trying to answer these questions with more beginner-friendly videos to help people and You can definitely start it. Okay It just means that you’re gonna have to use a different strategy to what I normally recommend But basically you need a 14-day free trial of shop 5 Which is just $29 a month after the fact But after using my past videos, I suggest going to watch them Plus This should be I’ll just start getting sales pretty quick. You do need a domain, okay? And it’s 99 cents a year using GoDaddy. It has to be your first account Okay, like your first domain you buy in that account. It’s really important Obviously you do need an email but just start out with like a gmail or outlook Most people start with a gmail for your customer service Okay, but once you start getting sales Obviously you want to look more professional so you definitely want a business email which you can get through a G sweep Which is five five six bucks a month. Okay, really not But you do need these essential apps ogo is by default installed for free and a fifty orders a month for free And then, you know, there’s other stuff down the line then they charge free shipping back. You want your free shipping bar? It’s 100% free just to say, you know free shipping on all orders with free shipping worldwide today. Sorry Because I use a free shipping model or if you’re not using that it’s a method of training increase your average order value Which is important especially starting out you want to do everything you can as cheaply as possible to increase this Reconvert. Okay guys, most people don’t talk about but again reconverts a really good app that Modifies you will Thank You page. Okay, and you Thank You pages when you get customers Literally, you just set up the template as they said takes five minutes It’s free for fifty orders a month. And the whole goal of that is to get repeat customers Okay, guys I always emphasize on repeat customers is is far more important than just continually driving new customers even at the start Clavo is free for five hundred email subscribers. Okay, you want Clabby o for mainly two things your newsletter signup and your abandoned cart your Because mainly your abandon cart and you want to integrate it I have videos on that go and watch them but you want to use klaviyo for the abandoned cart sequence because What it will do is it’s going to help get a lot of people that are Indecisive or whatever reason didn’t finish their order to come back and buy completely free, right? It’s really important that you do that right? Don’t forget remarketing best currency converter you just want to write in free mode basically are free so that if you’re tying multiple countries, which most of you are then People can change the currency helps with your conversion rates really important SMS bump is a Pay yg program But it does have 30 cents to start with I do recommend using SMS bump because by fire it has helped to increase the amount of return customers I’ve gotten Hugely as cheap as possible. So I definitely recommend that will do in your 14 14-day free trial at least At least use the the free trial that it has and again It takes five minutes to set up I have videos on that go and watch them the conversion part check out a hack It’s 100% free just literally Google conversion pirate check out hack. I mean put that in your check out Okay guys to help with your conversions use the free theme of Brooklyn, okay Brooklyn as your free theme you don’t need to pay them. I don’t really need you don’t really need paid themes Brooklyn works perfectly fine if you look at the top end drop shipping stores You’ll actually notice that most of them are probably using Brooklyn Because Brooklyn works fine and watch my past videos for how to optimize your product pages Okay guys go watch that there Your marketing tools is you use the Facebook search like get yours here And then whatever the Nisha’s simple as that you want the commerce inspector chrome extension It’s it’s completely free just literally google it it helps you to look at stores closely and actually help find winning packs that you can test use this website URL here actually shows you hundreds of successful drop shipping stores where you can steal ideas from Steal product ideas from and and use it for your own marketing You want to always? Most people don’t do this, but you subscribe to people’s newsletters go to their websites, whatever. It’s just subscribe to the newsletter Who cares if you get flooded with emails? It’s email marketing that they’re gonna send you other winning packs completely for free just to your mailbox Okay, guys, there’s no reason to not do it go to their check out on their websites add a product to your cart Go to their checkout and leave if you’re gonna get remarketed, you’re gonna you’re gonna then feed your face book full of winning products Right. It’s that simple now I do recommend This seems to be the thing influencer marketing people really like influencer marketing. Although it’s becoming very difficult in many regards But there’s still a lot of opportunity. You just want to find pages with 250 K minimum followers that means they have the swipe up feature like for stories and stuff you want but you want to look at their Engagement on Flinx calm their engagement calculator. They want at least two percent engagement You are gonna have to DM a number of them You’re just going to have to get used to using the Instagram search Okay, and just put in you’re just gonna have to have a look at heaps of them. And so it’s it’s it’s tedious but It’s what you have to do, okay, especially starting out and So you find them that we’re usually having their profile, you know DM for for For collaboration or they’ll have an email there something right? And so you want you want to use flashy headlines because especially if they’re 250 K followers They’re going to be getting a lot of messages So what you want to do is you just want to put like paid shout out in the email title Just use copy and paste you don’t wanna spend forever and just change the name of the Instagram page So they see it Respond, once your first response then you’ve opened the engagement because that’s that’s one of the things with our Instagram influences you’re going to need To message about 10 to 20 of them that meet that criteria Because about 1 in 5 actually respond. I’ve found so, you know, let’s say you message 20 about 4 will respond All right. Ok, so you want to ask for story post plus page post for 4 hours? So you have this swipe up plus by I think so Basically you want to do it for 4 hours rather than 24 hours because it’s far cheaper for you. Ok So let’s say they’re going to charge $50. It’ll go from $50. Maybe you can get it down to $30. Ok, and so all of a sudden you can you can test more right that’s really important and Always I’m trying to ask and negotiate for the swipe up feature And say to them, you know this is a long-term plan that I have in place that I want to do more and more with you and we’ll Incentivize them to the first time to give you a special price so that you can test it cheaper. All right guys, always Incentivize them to give you a better deal And as I said there and ask what time is best for their audience so you just always want to ask what time works best for their audience and that’s important because you don’t want to post to someone that’s their audiences in Australia and Post at 3 a.m. In the morning and it’s a 4-hour shout-out Ok, that that’s going to hurt you want to do it at times that around 3 to 4 I mean, it depends on the influencer, of course But it’s statistically and specifically speaking mostly around 3 to 4 p.m. In the afternoon when people are finishing work and and Things like that. That’s when it works really well especially for women’s niche because especially like, you know, Let’s say stay-at-home moms or that they’re going they picked up the kids in their home and that’s sort of that an ample time, right? And with the four hours, then it goes sort of into the light of night. We have a good opportunity to cover those bases Alright, so that’s pretty much it. But I also recommend as well that it doesn’t just end there Many don’t recommend using Facebook for 200 bucks and that’s why most do influence marketing Because but it’s a gamble regardless Let’s be honest, but it’s really important that people forget that remarketing is where you’re going to find most Amani Okay So what you want to do is once you get if you’re using the same product cross multiple And you’re stacking sales you immediately want to set up DPA remarketing Because they’re going to be going to your website and most people leave that’s that’s a fact There’s no denying that So you set up do PA ads to just capture that info and just be market to them online like a three dollar budget Okay, if you’re strapped for cash three dollar budget and they’ll get you one or two sales a day Just getting people coming back You just incentivize them go watch my videos and if you starting to find sales and that specific product that you’ve been using for Influences, then you’re going to use the influencer again as well as you want to do Custom audience remarketing for that specific product. Okay, and that’s what you want to do Because you as what most people are going to do think of it like yourself they’re window shoppers Okay, if you’ve ever been to a marketplace Which I’m sure and nearly everyone of us have then you’ll you’ll walk past and you look at most places Okay think of it like this you’re in a marketplace You’re walking past nine arms in two places think of it as the equivalent of Facebook You walk past nine times in every now and again you’re going to actually turn into one of those places and in this case it Would be actually going to your store and you’re going to have a look And you’re just going to window shop and you’re going to leave but then there’s going to be people that go that extra degree of actually picking up an item and looking at it and contemplating it and then leave and so Remarketing is where most of the money is at so even if you’re on $200 and you’re using influences and at this point You’ve pretty much used nothing because you’re all on trials and just using it for influencers shoutouts you’ve used Let’s say $100 Then you want to set up a couple of ads and spend five ten dollars a day max Just on trying to get people back because that’s where you’re actually going to either break. Even or start really making money. All right It’s really important And then your advanced is you know influencer marketing is long a long term goal. Okay. I’m going to be perfectly honest It’s not a long-term thing influencer marketing is is Something that you want to do, but it shouldn’t be always your primary goal. Okay If your if it’s working, I don’t dispute what works But you don’t just want to do influencer marketing if you think that just doing influencer marketing just that’s gonna solve everything then know you You’re incredibly wrong. So once you have sales you want to be testing Facebook Ads? Okay, you want to test again on low budget three dollars. Let’s say especially if you’re on two hundred dollar budget three dollars okay, I normally recommend five and You want the reason is you want to control the traffic more using Facebook Ads you control from start to finish Influencer marketing you don’t have that level of control as much nothing. That doesn’t work But you just don’t have it as much and again you start on three dollar budgets times 3.33 audiences. Okay, and that’s it So this is how you would say help. I would start on a two hundred dollar budget to start getting sales coming through In 2019, it’s it’s always going to be an option. So that’s what you pretty much want to do Follow this simple guide. I’ll put a link down below in the description. Okay guys for you years just as reference. I Highly recommend going to watch my other videos, okay? There’s so much value there, I can’t even begin to Say how much value is there to actually start a business not just some shitty store. Okay So if you liked today’s video guys, I don’t forget to like share subscribe Keep the notification barrel and comment. Yes down below if you liked today’s video I’m trying to make more videos that are geared towards people who are starting out more. I do acknowledge that my Channel has been more a bit more advanced, but I’m trying to help people more broadly Don’t forget to follow me on instagram at Rikki haze IG up close and personal with me. I really enjoy Instagram And and getting to know people on a more personal basis there as well. Don’t forget as well. I have a cheat sheet Okay, a hundred percent ten winning product cheat sheet down below. There’s a link down below. It’s yours You just click the link in downloads. You’re good to go guys. Do not forget that that has been hugely popular You want to jump on it? Knee all those products are hot and you’re going to market those with confidence of Everything okay. I pretty much give give you those products and how to market them. Alright guys, so that’s it from this video I’ll catch you in the next video. Thank you


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