I Bought An Entire Outfit Blindfolded


Hello friends and welcome to another video. Today, I’m going to be buying an entire new outfit ~blindfolded~ So I was thinking that whenever I shop, I definitely go for the same type of thing over and over again with shape and also, definitely with color. I may have a problem. So l was curious- if I used my other senses to pick out an outfit, would I end up with something new? Now I’m gonna be building the outfit item by item, trying to make a cohesive look based on what I think I have. Then after I’ve gotten all my stuff, I’m gonna wear it around for an entire day No matter what it is. Alright, so let’s see what destiny has in store for me today. At the store Let’s go to the store store ok, so we’re here in Kohl’s They graciously let us film here because we had to ask someone to film cuz um not that we’re discreet usually But I do have a giant GoPro on my head, and I’m about to be completely blindfolded So I’m gonna start off my outfit search looking for a top Gonna feel through a few options see what I like or what I think I like and then build off of my Inspiration from what I think the top is so in addition to the top I’m looking for four other things a bottom of some kind, maybe a jacket some type of accessory and some shoes Ah you wanna blindfold up? Yeah, I’m gonna turn you around. Oh, wow I’m really blindfolded ready? Yes. I’m not gonna, you want me to spin you? Don’t disorient me too much You don’t wanna be dizzy? ok. No I don’t wanna be dizzy Oh no, is there a wall in front of me? no not marco, oh oh I feel things oh oh Do you want me to give you hot and cold as you’re getting closer to uh tops cold cold cold cold [subtle laughter] you just walked into the display you’re supposed to tell me I’m trying to figure out what I can say Oh these feel like pants or some type of bottom. Yeah, this is something. That’s like a skirt or something oh no No wait, this is a top. Here’s a neck hole and here are arm holes. It feels like denim It’s it like a roughly denim sleeveless top. This is an interesting idea I feel like you could maybe build off like a Brittney and Justin VMA’s look from this where you just go all denim Should I keep options in my in the crook of my arm and then keep going? I think you should alright Oh my god. Okay. That’s that’s a rod. Oh, I feel like I’m going into something new This is a rack. Yeah. These are pants. These are too long. No yeah, that’s pants. That’s pants for sure We’re not on the pants yet. All right Saf I’m in a sea of nothing oh Oh, oh, this is a top this feels like a camisole with like some lace on the front It’s got kind of a scoop neck is having open back. No. I like that. I’m gonna keep this as an option What do you think I can’t tell you good that was a test oh No Uh-oh hi Tyler is this Tyler yeah, oh is that your bicep? Yeeeaauhh Hi 😉 Alright I’m going this way I feel like I’m in like a little cave I’m coming out Is this a mannequin am I holding a mannequins hand? that is not my bicep now Tell me if I’m about to knock something over actually, go straight Oh, this feels like a top with shoulder pads. For some reason the color emerald green has come to me emerald green you think that that’s the color? Yeah, is it green? Are you the Long Island Medium? is it green?! NOHOHO I’m gonna choose between these three options I think I like the way this denim top feels maybe it’d be fun to do a denim top and like a Something else on the bottom, so it’s like almost like an upside down outfit like jeans and a top But it’s actually jeans in a bottom. You’re really exploring your creativity right now I got a lot of time to think back here this top I like I feel like it’s a kind of a camisole top I definitely feel some type of lace or like Overlay it almost feels like maybe like a sheer thing with like a little bit of a slip material underneath. Oh, I’m stuck They’re stuck together. I was doing so well, and then this one was sort of like I was just I was lost for a while and then I was found these two are my top frontrunners I think I’m gonna go with the camisole, and then we’re gonna try and find the rest the outfit based around this top We’ll see what happens from there Saf right now you’re sort of a hazard in the store, so if you’re gonna walk into anything I”m gonna say danger and that just means stop Okay? okay so that’s our new uh that’s our new safe word oh Oh Is this the same thing I was just feeling you’re just holding that thing I feel like I’ve been traveling for years But I really moved a foot you actually just spun in a circle these feel good these feel like denim to me Yes, they do let me see where the crotch is. Oh yeah This is like a high-rise Jean and then kind of like goes down almost like cropped a little bit like a little ankle action I’m gonna hold these jeans as an option because I was thinking of denim But it was so close to the other thing. I want to see what else is out there You got to really prove your options here look. Oh, here’s something these feel like power suit bottoms. Oh Do these snap off are these snap off pants? Oh? Oh? I don’t know if these would go with my lacy top, but this is so fun are these blue I Can’t tell you. I really like these snaps the denim is the safest choice But I’m torn this is how I feel you know what we’re probably only ever gonna do this once So let’s go for the snaps YOLO. When’s the last time anyone said YOLO, huh? I think that’s my top and my bottoms right it might be yeah well Did I get the right ones at least like the right way okay great, so I want like a top like a jacket I’m gonna let my hearts choose the next direction, so I’m gonna just walk Indiscriminately and just stop listening to Tyler because I think I’ve literally been shopping in like a 4-foot radius So I’m gonna try and venture into the world. Oh, yeah, that’s just where it’s right where you were no wait Hello, smell is bringing me nowhere should I try echolocation? [animal noises] Well I didn’t notice there’s a giant thing right here, that was one of your finest moments on the Internet No now you’re wandering out. You’re like oh, I’m wandering out into the world oh, no, that’s no good. Oh What’s this that feels like a sweater is it open on either side? Oh if I had picked the jeans I feel like this would go really well because you could like tie it around the waist With my snap pants it’s kind of bringing in like a completely different element, but I’m gonna keep this as an option Just in case we can’t find anything else Oh it’s you again alright you can go Oh Oh were you doing near the entrance owner you almost walked out oh I was like bye. Oh, here’s something. This is like a little open cardigan. Oh, there’s a hood though. That’s fun I prefer this one already because of the hood I’m gonna try to get you back to a place that you can stand oh, oh oh This is sheer. It’s almost like a wrap sweater This is an interesting idea based on what I’m feeling I want to eliminate the first one I don’t like the cable-knit or maybe it’s not cable knit. Oh, that’s my camisole. Yeah. I don’t want this one anymore Goodbye, sir So what I have left is like this like Longer cardigan or open-front sweater with a hood in the back, and then this thing which feels like a sheer overlay situation with like a wrap in the front almost like kimono style I think I’m gonna go for this one because this one feels interesting this one feels like maybe it could go with the camisole so I’ve got my camisole top my snap-off bottoms, and then this sort of like what I think is a sheer overlay top So we’re gonna head over to the jewelry Section or rack, so I’m gonna need a little help getting there, but once I get there I’m just gonna feel around and see what we need Somehow you walked right through the jewelry thing and did not feel any of it really is it here is it Oh, this is it. Oh, all right here. We got some jewelry. Oh I feel I think a choker already your first reach this feels like a different choker set are they playing oh no There’s like a little pendant on the front. I like this oh But may have I took the hook with me. I have the hook alright I’m gonna need no oh no I’m on the edge of disaster. What do you hear that to me? Oh yeah? I need help yeah here You go Mayday, Mayday. I really like the one with the pendant on it. I think we’re gonna go with it I don’t think I can find any other ones without completely destroying this display. Oh, no they’re dropping no no no no So I’m gonna go with these chokers that have it feels like a little pendant at the front like little leather chokers I think it’ll go well Yeah, you’re holding up backwards right now. I think it’ll go well all right so um shoes. Take me to the promised land. That’s me You just watching the camera apparently the shoes are very far away, so Tyler’s gonna guide me by hand Hopefully this time hold my hand damn it. Take me there. Let’s go I got my stuff This is a little romantic tie it really isn’t but you just can’t see okay, so we’re in shoes I’ve already started feeling around this feels like a velvet slide with some type of embroidery What do you think that is? A cat! These feel like some sandals We kind of got like a big toe cross strap and then like a middle strap this could work, maybe. No This is a sneaker. I think as a sneaker oh It feels like another sandal this is interesting to me because of this like almost like ankle strap, I like that idea I can’t remember if my pants are cropped or not though Oh, no. They’re pretty full-length so maybe not those ones that have like an ankle details oh Is it a mule that confuses me, I’m gonna go back around I think the big toe Emphasizing sandal will be the best these ones I choose these I’m almost feeling like a loungy vibe like it’s kind of like a loose pant that snaps off Kimono top wrap it’s like I’m almost like boho so I think I have my whole outfit in my hands right now So I’m gonna head to the dressing room try and put it on blindfolded, and then we’ll all have a reveal together I’ll walk out. I’ll see it. You’ll see it. We’ll all see it I’m excited so I’m gonna keep my blindfold on and put the outfit on and then we’ll see what it looks like that’s gonna be an adventure in its own, right [evil laughter] I think I was right I feel very loungy you look comfortable I feel comfort of wearing pajamas all right ready yes one two three oh It’s all black That is your sixth sense Saf, it’s like I have ESPN or something. ESP. It’s a Mean Girls reference Duh, I don’t know if it’s like all great together although It does kind of give me like flamenco vibes your enemy like don’t I feel like a flamenco dancer So I think it’s for something about the snaps and this the pants are really cool. I’m glad that they fit I thought that the snaps might go all the way up I think I was feeling like further down when I would thought it was like up by the thigh. I love it I chose these sandals that are essentially just like Birkenstocks the jacket. I think is most Outside of what I would usually wear yeah, that’s I think where I’m getting the like dance teacher vibes almost like a ballet teacher I’m totally shocked. I one might even say Flabbergasted why because I literally chose an all-black outfit. It’s where my chokers oh These are fun look at the mint green Maybe the mint green will provide some some pop of color. This could have gone much worse I thought that you know wearing it for a day would be more of a challenge This is gonna be like a pretty comfortable day alright. Let’s take it, so we’re gonna check out but before we do I’m just gonna see what I could have picked also. I have no idea where I’m going even though I’ve been walking around here, but I do recognize these metal bars this this this this oh It was black – oh yeah, that’s a denim top. You could’ve chosen This is the white shirt that you thought was green. Are you sure yes, this is the shirt? This is the one you were adamant was green. Are you sure it wasn’t this one no So these are the jeans oh? Oh, these jeans are really cool. I have to listen to the fates the fates have told me not to get these jeans alright I’ve got my hull Ready to go ready to wear this outfit that fate has brought me. It’s all black. Which really says something dress to depress. Foreverrrrr So this is my blindfolded outfit, so I’m gonna wear this out today the only issue is that it’s gonna be a little bit hot because it’s a little hot outside but besides that I think I’m just gonna look comfortable and Everyone’s gonna see my calves Which are a little stubbly my general take on the outfit is that while walking around? No one would have guessed that I chose it while blindfolded. I don’t think anyone can really tell that I’m doing anything You know I don’t look that weird I feel like people think that maybe I just like fancy things it may not be my perfect outfit but I think it actually works decently well together I Think I like my camisole the best I think that you know they can work well with other types of things maybe tucked in this top I’m not exactly sure when I shall wear it, but it is kind of like a a wrap for like a date So Tyler you want to go somewhere a little chilly, but not too cold. Let me know the pants I also like I like wearing them like with the snaps So you see a little bit of my stubbly calf as I walk about, but maybe they would entirely snap off But half snaps are opens. I just wish I could just pull them off with one fell swoop you know just the shoes looked almost Exactly like I thought they would look when I felt them and then the chokers are hard to go wrong with they’re just you know Cute jokers. I definitely would wear all of these things separately again, and I do like all of them together I do look a little bit like I’m wearing like high-end pajamas But separately I could see them working into like more everyday type outfits I don’t know if fate brought me to the perfect outfit, but it brought me to something and it wasn’t that bad thank you guys so much for watching if you like that video make sure to Shhmash that like button and if you want to see more videos like this make sure to shmash that subscribe button And if you already smashed that subscribe button make sure to also smash a little bell icon in the middle to turn on post notifications So you get a notification Every time that I post here are my social media handles and make sure to check out my next bead I do a lot of daily vlogging and q and A’s on there a big shout-out to Netta for watching Thanks for watching Netta or Nette I’m not sure. I’ll see you guys a next time


  1. Not going to lie I feel like she can either smell the black or that she just she's had it for so long she just knows

  2. Loved this! Very amusing how you instinctively choose all black! You should choose an outfit on wish blindfolded have Tyler guide you to the right tab then just scroll and randomly choose an item

  3. Literally Everytime she had a color she didn't pick it 😂. It would have been fun to see the white shirt jeans and yellow sweater.

  4. When i made a pink choker and i made another one and i gave it to my bestfriend
    the next day she wasn't wearing it i asked her why was she not wearing it she said to me
    was "Because my mom said i looked like a dog in it" and i said "😐ok"

  5. It's funny how she is like, you never know maybe I can get creative but she chooses a fully black outfit. Everything leads to black 😂😂


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