Ideas to Reality: m.Paani, Technology for India’s Local Retailers


journey as a founder really finds its origins in
my personal journey. I grew up in a home
where, despite the odds, my mom, her hard
work, brought us to a place of having incredible
opportunity that she never had. She would always tell us
that the value of your life depends on the difference you
make in the lives of people around you. And I think what we’re building
at m.Paani genuinely aims to make that difference in the
lives of local business owners. In the past couple of years,
you have 1 billion Indians coming online and joining
this new internet economy. And what’s even
more fascinating is that more than 60
million local retailers are responsible for 40%
of employment in India. And less than 5% are digitized
in any way whatsoever. What that means is that our
local retailer is losing customers and business to
potentially online platforms or organized, big box retailers. And that’s where we come in. We have a full
stack solution that enables a retailer to
transform his relationship with his consumers. We enable him to create
a digital store front, taking his business online. We help him launch his loyalty
program and digital marketing. And finally, we help
him organize his data so that he can
understand his customers and his business better. KALPESH SHAH: So
where m.Paani really helped us is improving on
margins because of the shopping basket analysis. Direct digital marketing
and the loyalty program helped us improve our footfalls,
because people would come over again to redeem their points. AKANKSHA HAZARI:
At m.Paani, we’re going through an
incredibly high growth phase, which means that we need
to scale our systems rapidly. Google Launchpad introduced
us to Google Cloud, which we migrated to a few months ago. And that’s really enabled us to
scale the speed and efficiency of our systems to serve our
rapidly growing user bases. At m.Paani, we have a team
of really dedicated people who are committed to
our mission to make sure that we build an India that
every Indian benefits from. [MUSIC PLAYING]


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