Importify Easily import from the Biggest wholesalers to Shopify


So today I will show you exactly how I
open a new store and how i use Importify to import products from different
wholesellers and start a new niche store and fill it with attractive products in
a few minutes. The first product I’m going to import from Aliexpress with Importify when you are in the product url, you just need to
click the Add button put the title , description change fixed price markup
and compare price markup so baby shoes and add product. You wait a few seconds
till you see the pop-up message on the right top right corner. You have three
options, the first one is to go to Importify dashboard import list, the second one
is Shopify edit mode and the third one is to view the product in the store let’s
continue to the second product that I want to import from Amazon now let’s do
it quickly so this is a baby dress and add product and jump to Etsy same here baby hats and from Walmart let’s go to baby toys and and from light
in the box same here
this was a big dress and here was option to import from the rest baby toys okay
now from the edge.a this was baby hats at product let’s go to bangle okay this
is a baby shoes okay now this is from Alibaba okay baby toys and that’s it let’s go to
my store fresh and see all the products that we’ve been imported that’s it thank
you for watching this video bye


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  1. Hansum Malcolm

    April 3, 2019 12:46 am

    I have a few Shopify stores do I have to download importing and pay for a subscription for each one or can I just log in to use it across multiple stores …


    December 12, 2019 1:10 am

    Can I import products from my Shopify store to Ebay, Etsy and Amazon? I'm actually working the other way round where I have over 100 products in my Shopify store and want to import them across to my Ebay, Etsy and Amazon stores with their titles, products descriptions and all the product images as well. Is this possible with Importify?


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