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hello everyone welcome to my channel today am going to share the details about India to Japan courier This courier i have got it through India postal services not only Japan , international courier service to various countries is also available for about 92 countries you can check all the details in site, site link is given in description box pls have a look we can check the details of the post in this site we have an option as calculate your postage we can enter details like weight , length, breadth in given space and check the price music As this is international postal service all items will not be allowed to send to other countries we have get all these packed goods to the post office and make a receipt we have to stick from adress and to adress compulsorily on to the box also not to forget phone numbers on the printed sheet and then they seal the box then they weigh the parcel and it should be within limits tracking ID is given after paying the amount you can check the status of your parcel either in japan post or India post in between the journey from india to Japan there will be no update given in both sites it will be shown as In-fright as it takes 3-7 days no need to worry as it reaches the destination country there will be continous update if there is no information given u can contact either of the post offces music Items which are not allowed Leakage items such as liquids perfumes oils shampoos persihable goods which are easily spoiled upon storage for more days seeds are strictly not allowed along with rice this is what i received from India parcel which my mother sent ethnic wear such as kurtis and sarees frocks for my kid this is the first time we have tried getting sweets from India And i have preffered sweets which have more validity without getting spoiled and then i got snack items and maggie for my baby thanks for watching Please like share and subscribe for more videos


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