Ineffable Husbands Crowley And Aziraphale’s Best Moments! – Good Omens


Greetings shippers welcome back and we’re
still having a good time with the ineffable husbands and you were all super excited when
I mentioned the potential of a shippable moments vid, so here we are. Now as many of you joked no we can’t just
reupload the whole show but we can talk about and sift through some of these glorious moments. Now this series is full chock full to the
brim with moments so we’re going to take a look at some of the fandom’s favourites. And of course no matter what we all know that
the end goal of every relationship needs to be to find someone who looks at you the way
aziraphale looks, at crowley. Cherished that is the personification of being
cherished. Before we get started if you haven’t already
follow on social media to stay up to date know when we’re steaming and just come on
over and chit chat about fandom it’s a good time I swear. Now onto the moments. Number 10 One of the fun surprises of the
series was how much more was added on to these two in terms of on screen moments. And the new end sequences were particularly
well received giving us a canonical body swap plot. Always fun. During the body swap aside from the amusement
of seeing them mimic each other there were a couple of things that struck fans, well
many but we’re going to focus on a couple. One heartwarming moment was seeing Azircrwoley’s
face brighten upon spotting the bentley in one piece, as he knows just how much the car
means to him. Another the scrunched up face he makes at
Michael in hell. As the two are attempting to mimic each other
many fans were amused to find that Aziraphale’s interpretation of Crowley’s facial expressions
is well adorable meaning that’s most likely how he feels about Crowley’s eccentricities. Scrunch. Number ? The Wall slam. Now this comes with a side helping of yet
another character assuming they are a couple. Upon accidentally insulting Crowley Aziraphale
finds himself pinned against the wall by an irate demon. However fans were quick to notice not only
how much the moment lingered but also how much Aziraphale is gazing longingly at him
in the scene. You can feel the pining. Some have taken this to mean the two are mutually
pining soft boys in love while others have taken it to mean Aziraphale has a secret rough
crowley kink. While others have also incorporated the fact
that it showcases how comfortable azirphale is with crowley and the trust he has in him
especially when contrasted to how he reacts to being thrust up against the wall by his
angel compatriots. Night and day, also they also assume him and
Crowly are a couple. Number ? The Coat Just a little earlier in
the same episode the two are shot with paintballs and Azirphale whines and pouts about his coat
getting a stain and while Crowley gently mocks him he also ultimately miracles it away for
him. This sequence was just so profoundly couplaly
and for many spoke to the fact that Aziraphale had pulled similar stunts to get his way with
crowley before. It’s also an addition as in the book while
azirphale complains about his coat there’s n mention of Crowley miracling it clean. It’s just yet another example the small
acts of kindness Crowley will perform for his angel, because he’s absolutely besotted. Number 7 The Wing – One of the fun things
about this fandom aside from all the great nicknames for the notpocalypse is just how
engrained the 6000 nyear slow burn concept is. The belief is that at the very least crowley
has been completely head over heels since the garden of eden. While fans initially inferred this from their
banter the series again upped the anti by having Aziraphale shield crowley from the
coming storm with his wing. An instinctive act of protectiveness and kindness,
already treating Crowley better than any other angel or demon would. In short it was a visualization of their instant
connection. Side note just the glorious wingfics in this
fandom, glorious and sometimes deliciously angsty. Number ? You Go Too Fast/Run Away With Me
There’s a lot of bits of dialogue in this series that are rather loaded with layered
meaning. In the sense that one could manage to twist
it to be completely literal or it could also have much greater implications for these two’s
relationship. There are a couple of bits of dialogue that
are almost impossible to read as anything but couched discussions about these two’s
relationship. The You Go Too fast for me is particularly
pointed as Crowleys offers to take aziraphale anywhere he likes to do whatever he wants/
Aziraphale puts him off with the now much used fandom line you go to fast for me crowley. Most read this as him talking about their
relationship and the open secret about how they both feel about each other. This line is also utilised beautifully in
angst fics as something that has cut at crowley for years even as he respected aziraphale
enough to heed it. Also in some extra angsty one he’ll throw
it back at aziraphale. Along the same vein is Crowley pleading with
Aziraphale to run away with him to the stars, the rejection of which clearly wounds him. Fans have fun with these moments most often
in their post nopocalyse getting together fics. Number 5 Stopping Time The climactic end scene
of the series is definitely ramped up for so than the book where a lot of it happens
conceptually. Here however as impending doom is upon them
and the the group panics. Aziraphale demands that crowley do something,
threatening that if he doesn’t he’ll never speak to him again. A threat that propels Crowley to actually
stop time, so in short the fear of losing azirapahle was enough for crowley to stretch
his creativity to the limits and tap into vast reserve of demonic power, but there’s
more to it than that on the flipside is the knowledge aziraphale has that that is what
it needed to inspire crowley cause again open secret. The world knew before they did. Also just again that wing scene glorious. It’s time to plug the wingfic vid again
card and link. Number ? Another of the much beloved additions
made in the Amazon prime series was episodes 3 extremely long cold open which charts these
twos relationship and the evolution of their arrangement throughout history. And what that history showed us was that Crowley
will got out of his way to make sure Aziraphale doesn’t get discorporated and that maybe
just maybe Aziraphale expects it. Of particular note is the joy and the suggestive
once over he gives Crowley when he saves him from beheading during the french revolution. One fun fandom headcanon that has emerged
is that Aziraphale gets himself into these situations on purpose so that he can see crowley
particularly earlier on in their arrangement when they saw each other less frequently. He also still saves him after their fight
by the duck pond in (year) during the blitz which leads into our next moment. Number ? The Books/Church Now not only does
Crowley burn his feet walking on sacred ground to make sure his angel isn’t bombed out
of existence but he also saves Aziraphale’s precious books as well knowing how much they
mean to his angel. This is the moment that is thought by fans
to be where Azirapahel fully realises the extent of his feelings for crowley you can
see it dawning on him, crossing over his face, and this was deliberate the scene was indeed
played that way. Michael Sheen and to a lesser extent but only
because of how enthusiastic Sheen is about it David Tennant have been open about playing
the characters as beings who love one another very deeply. Number – to the world ah the post almost pocalypse
lunch date. What this is for most shippers aside from
the gazing the copious amounts of gazing, is that it feels like the two have finally
accepted what their relationship is and are starting a new chapter many of the getting
together fics start post this point. Often times the evening of with the idea that
these two could now firmly embrace being on their own side and that this could be their
life now. Hanging out openly whenever they want. Just enjoying each others company. It’s also just a nice intimate sequence
of how much affection there can be in just spending time with someone you care about
doing something you both enjoy. You’re just happy to see these happy, finally
after 6000 years. The slowest burn so slow. Of course here are some honourable mentions,
shout out to crowleys dramatic totally not break up speech in the middle of the street. He’s going of to the stars and he won’t
even think of him!. Another for the we’ll be godfathers scene
which has led to some fun coparenting fics. And a special shout out to the worlds most
suggestive statue in crowleys apartment that has gotten several fics and even attention
from neil gaiman who teased the about it being suggestive. And Number 1 Stay With Me If You Like. Now it could be argued that this is a much
smaller moment than some of the others on this list. Crowley offering Aziraphale a place to stay
as his bookshop is presumed by both of them at the time to still be burned down. What makes this number one is that this was
the trend in fics when the fandom first began experiencing it’s renaissance after the
episodes were released on Amazon. This was the missing scene fic that everyone
was writing the two spending the night together, and getting together. Many just needed this gap filled and felt
it was the logical conclusion to make it became a loved cliche within days and people are
still trying their hand at it. Also this has morphed now into the two of
them moving in together fics which are soft as all get up. What is your favourite Ineffable moment, this
video was shorter than anticipated but mostly cause the scenes are just so concise, and
well dare I say ineffable. Also I found this pic and it’s just adorable
and instantly summed up a dynamic for an ot3 that I didn’t know I needed until I saw
this picture and now I’m in multishipper rare pair hell. Thanks so much for taking some time out of
your day to spend it discussing


  1. Okay but the burning bookshop scene where Crowley is desperately searching for Aziraphale is my favorite scene ever since I read the book

  2. One of my favorite moments is Aziraphale giving Crowley holy water because he couldn't stand the idea of him risking his life for it.

  3. Just finished watching for the second time (with a LOT more wine than the first time because come on, my heart)
    1) fave moment: before fanvids took over my life, I would have said "To the world…" unbelievably soft look
    After fanvids (also Tumblr): wall slam, because I am trash and also Michael Sheen is an acting genius who is most appreciate-able in slow motion gifs

    2) Trope fave is first kiss. Always and forever. These two are so soft, so heartbreaking-ly poignant, that a fix that works up to that first kiss (and often nothing more) is just oooooh *chef's kiss*

    Also Fic recs plz. My fave so far I think is a short by not-close-to-straight on Tumblr called "Pleasure". It's rated G, for Gorgeous.

  4. My absolute favourite is the paintball scene. Bratty, pouty Aziraphale getting his way and indulged, besotted Crowley Just… Just.. yes

    Also the book saving scene, Urgh my heart, they have so many soft moments


  6. Aaah what I love about the "You can stay with me, if you want" scene is that, in the Spanish translation Crowley says "Quédate conmigo" (stay with me) in the most romantic pleading voice ever and MY GAY HEART JUST D I E S

  7. The book-saving scene during the Blitz is actually when Michael Sheen thinks Aziraphale fell in love with Crowley, too, according to the official TV Companion book (there’s a quote from the director). Michael is the biggest shipper of us all!

  8. I'm so happy you've made so many vids about Ineffable Husbands:) They all I think about right now:) My favourite moment has to be Crowley saving Aziraphale's books:) That was so sweet and thoughtful, and you can't deny anymore they're smitten with each other. Although tbh the whole series is one big shipping fest, so it's very hard to choose just one.

  9. My favorite moment might be the bookshop tantrum because it such a layered scene, the subtext is clear: Crowley doesn't care about surviving if Azi isn't with him. Also I would totally read a what if story about Azi/Crowley on Alphi centori just chilling and being cute together then finally going back to earth to rebuild it!!

  10. I would've loved if you'd have added the scene where Crowley mourns his husband's loss in the burning bookshop, and when he sees him again in spirit form at the pub. His pain was so heartbreaking, when Aziraphale appears to him, he so obviously wanted to jump across the table and hold him. OH, THE ANGST IS REAL! 😣😣😣😣😣

    Also, when Crowley compliments Aziraphale while he's in the psychic's body. Cross-dressing kink fics, anyone?😎😎😎😏😏😏😍😍😍😍

  11. Im a little sad that the bookstore burning scene wasn't in this. I mean this is where we see how much Crowley loves Aziraphale (of course he says best friend but come on it always starts like that ;)) cause due to Aziraphale's trial im gonna just say maybe angels are only completely destroyed by fire like demons with holy water. But in this scene Crowley goes completely ballistic after finding out that Aziraphale was in the fire, screaming out about how they killed his best friend. He seemed obviously distraught about this and then goes off to get drunk and he seemed so happy when he saw Aziraphale and how much he wanted to meet up with him and know where he was. But this scene did hurt my heart like ouchy

  12. i'm reading good omens right now (never seen the show), and boy oh boy do i have a new otp. these two are just so adorable. i think i might start an amazon prime account just to watch the show during my free trial month and then abandon it completely. also, the best thing about this pairing is the fact that they have SO MANY queen song mvs that clear my crops and grow my skin. or however that one goes.

  13. honestly the best ship moments for me are just the scene-to-scene banter between them — the pining is prime too, but them talking to each other like they've been married for all of 6000 years clears my skin, waters my crops, and fills my bank account

  14. At first I was only 100% into this pairing. Until "you go too fast for me crowley" and then I became 1000% into this otp!

  15. I feel the need to comment again to share with you all the cutest little fan art. I wish I could post a picture but I'll just describe.
    So my younger sibling just came back from day camp where they today made puppits with paper and popsicles sticks and so they showed me and said it was an angel kitty and a demon kitty and they where best friends ❤ they also had little bows on their tales that matched each others fure color and now all I can think about is Aziraphale and Crowley with little matching hair bows 😂❤

  16. I really like the scene when Aziraphale is trying to make magic tricks with a coin and Crowley is "just stop pls"

  17. I’ve been a fan of the book since high school and reading it once a year since first getting it and oh my god I’m so happy to see this ship getting big

  18. Currently very into, and writing, a Crowley and Aziraphale were Raphael at one point, fic. ^-^

  19. Im to scared to search for fanfic what it it's cringy. Also one of then actually saving the other would be nice

  20. Also the post not apocolips speeches of 'deep down you are a good person' and 'deep down your enough of a bastard to be worth knowing' is actually said while crowley and aziraphale hold hands and are about to battle satan. Just…. aagagghgghg

  21. My mother doesn’t ship. Everything like that goes over her head. Even when a relationship is canon it rarely moves her. We watched Good Omens together and as the credits rolled on the last episode I looked over at her with a smile expecting us to start talking about the acting or something… and she’s just crying. I’m like, “What’s wrong?” And in between sobs she’s like, “The song… and the ending and… they love each other so much!”

  22. Another take I've seen about Crowley saving Aziraphale's neck throughout history is that Crowley is more likely to be saving Aziraphale from having to cause harm to save his own skin. This idea is based Book-Zira being less of a cinnamon roll than Show-Zira

    This is the meta I read about this:

    And yeah I would definitely love me some more BAMF Aziraphale.
    I generally am a fan of ship-roles sort of switching depending on circumstances. Like, with the threat out of the way and just generally not worrying anymore about being spotted together and showing affection, having Zira suddenly become alot more forwards than before and Crowley being the one overwhelmed for once. He try to play it cool but inside he's a squealing school girl hugging a pillow.

    Also, on the more feaky nsfw side of things, I have yet to find any art/fics with Zira getting pleasurably tangled up in Big-Snake-Crowley and would really like to see/read that. It's a big and old fandom, I feel like I should find it if I look hard enough. I mean
    I can't be the only one who's thought of it, right?! ..right?

  23. I like the fanfic trend of crowley eventually learning to encourage his plants to grow through love and support rather than fear (as a reflection of learning to love himself despite his demonic nature). It's cheesy, but pretty sweet and uplifting XD

  24. I like to think that Crowley has known he had feelings for Aziraphale since the beginning, but Aziraphale only realized when Crowley saved his books for him in the ww2 scene. that's why he became so much more guarded about it afterwards.

  25. my most shippable moment is when Crowley rolls up in a burning Bentley and sees Az, immediately compliments them, and acts like a protective boyfriend while Az pouts

  26. Another part that really shows Aziraphale's trust towards Crowley, which I want to point out:
    During the Blitz, Aziraphale immediately relaxes after Crowley said he was there to stop him from getting into trouble. After that, Aziraphale seemed more caught up with discussing about Crowley's new name (Anthony J. Crowley) than with getting out of the situation, because he trusted Crowley enough to know that Crowley would have already had a plan to get them out of the situation.

    It was amazing writing and acting.

  27. Am I the only one who think that when Aziraphale and Crowley stand behind Adam, it looks like they grin like proud dads?

  28. All I need is Arizaphale eating something sweet, and Crowley sitting across the table just looking at him.

  29. :O I completely missed that once over Aziraphale gave Crowley during the French Revolution. I saw the utter joy when Crowley showed up and called him angel, but the once over? Daaamn 😉

  30. I love pretty much all the scenes with these two together…but a personal favorite is the Wing Cover and the scene at The Ark. Both lovely little character introspections and the face acting…beautiful.

  31. Surprisingly hard for me to believe that The Scene(tm) is only #9

    Also- "That Aziraphale has a rough Crowley kink" I just can't contain the laughter. We all thought it but you don't have to say it.

  32. what about crowley standing in the burning bookshop? That scene made me cry as you can tell crowley feels devastated about losing his 'best friend' oof

  33. aziraphale: ughh if only i could miracle my way out of the bastille, but ive done too many miracles. if only SOMEONE could SAVE me,,,,
    crowley: *rescues him *
    aziraphale: oo thank you :))) *miracles himself into a different outfit *

  34. I am so tired of people complaining about how over-dramatic Crowley behaves in the paint ball moment. Come on. Aziraphale got hit in the back where he probably has an undershirt, cotton shirt, waistcoat and that coat covering him. He is as upholstered as an old sofa. Crowley go shot right on the bare chest.

  35. i will never stop adoring crowley for what he did in the hellfire during the body swap. how calm and chin-up he was and how he made damn sure that the archangels felt the fear of aziraphale. he totally sees aziraphale as a quiet, bitchy badass <3

  36. Favorite scene from the series is torn between 6000yrs of the slowest slow burn and the burning car scene where Crowely compliments Aziraphale's dress.


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