Integrating Amazon Pay with Shopify

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(soft piano music) – [Instructor] In this video, we’ll show you how to integrate Amazon Pay using Shopify as your solution provider. Before you start, be
sure you have fulfilled the following requirements: Have a dedicated SSL certificate; Have a privacy policy page, which is specified in
the Payment Settings; Based in the United States; And have the store’s default
currency configured in USD. To set up Amazon Pay, log in
to your Shopify admin portal. Click Settings, and then click Payment Providers. Search for Amazon Pay, and
then click Activate Amazon Pay. Here, on the Amazon Pay
Merchant Registration page, follow the steps to either
create a new Amazon account, or use an existing Amazon account. For this video, we’ll use
an existing Amazon account. Click Sign-in. Enter your email address and password, and then click Sign-In. Now, let’s complete
the onboarding process. Confirm that all the website domain URLs and Privacy policy URL are correct. After you confirm, click Next. To transfer your Amazon Pay
merchant account information to Shopify, click Transfer credentials. You will be redirected to
your Shopify admin portal, and your Amazon Pay
credentials will auto-populate when you click Manage. You can also enable test mode here by clicking this checkbox. Next, click Save. In this mode, you can
check the end-to-end flow by making test transactions using an Amazon Pay test account. For instructions on how to create an Amazon Pay test account, watch the Amazon Pay University video, Creating a test buyer account in Sandbox. When you’re ready to start accepting Amazon Pay production
orders, uncheck the checkbox. Click Save to submit your changes. Now, your Shopify store
is set up with Amazon Pay. For more help setting
up and using Amazon Pay, check out the other Amazon
Pay University videos. (soft piano music)


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