Jil Jung Juk Tamil Full Movie


The world that you see
will not remain the same. Close your eyes for a moment… …and it will soon be 2017. The year when petrol
prices rocketed sky high. People who used cars
reduced drastically. It was a time when people
used their cars once a while. When a group of drunkards walk around
with their hands around the other… ..when one of them stumbles,
all the others fall too. Similarly, the nations dependant
on Petrol started to tumble. Fist fights, Burglary, Kidnapping
and drug mafia were on the rise. International ties were cut. Think about this scenario. Do you think anyone would
be fair in such a world? Won’t we go extremes,
just for money? And so, such is the year… 2020. Could be recession or whatever. The time God failed
to save the world. Back then, there were
only 2 types of stooges. One, who took the hard
way to earn money. And the other, who
earned money illegally. Deivanayagam falls in the
second category. Don of drug smuggling. He is the most important
among the most dreaded. Don’t you underestimate me! The whole world knows that Deiva
is an international business man. He made millions by smuggling
cocaine for 27 years. And by his side is… Kaali. Deiva’s driver. Trustworthy. He worships and admires
Deiva Nayagam. You ruled this business,
like a boss, for 27 years. – I wonder who is going to be your successor?
– What? Succeed me? Then, Devia’s right hand… PAI. Pai is like
an angel to Deiva. He is everything to Deiva. Starting with money laundering.. Need to purchase groceries. Even Deiva Nayagam couldn’t
escape the curse of 2020. His market started to shrink.. The police surveillance increased.. His recent smuggling
operation too was… Police got them? He could neither buy
nor sell drugs.. And so all the doors in his business
started closing one after the other. Finally, he found himself
standing at the last door. The last set of
Cocaine he possessed. – 4 kilos
– If this is lost.. I’ll have to bid goodbye. We shall deliver it
at any cost. – How?
– And Pai says… I know a guy.. His name is ‘Marundhu’. His thoughts are innovative.. – He will somehow deliver it.
– His name is ‘Marundhu’. I’m famous by the name ‘Scientist’. A name he acquired
with his academics. A genius who has set up a laboratory inside
a pharmacy especially for the criminals. Switching TV channels in
Africa, with a remote here… that’s his latest invention. The only person he trusts
in this world is Pai. I trust you on this. I’ll hand
over the stuff to Marundhu. Make sure he doesn’t mess it up. Yes, pull it further! I have a bigger
deal in 2 months. With the Chinese. I’m left with just 4 kilos of cocaine. You have to deliver it to the Chinese. If the police lay their
hands on this… I have to wind up
this business… and look for an alternative. How can I help it? Do whatever you can. The deal with the Chinese, is
a very important one for me. I must have strong
hold in this field. and I bet on you. So, your innovative thought is to
smuggle the stuff in the car? Nominate this guy
for Oscar award. No The idea is not to
smuggle using the car. The car is the stuff. Yes, the car is the stuff. To increase the
demand for cocaine.. he mixed it with strawberry flavor
and painted the whole car with it. In order to separate the
cocaine from the car’s paint.. he invented a special
solution as well. It’s awesome. He prepared it in a way that even
sniffer dogs couldn’t trace it. With this flashy candy colour… Won’t it attract
attention on the road? It will draw unwanted attention Very good question. This Friday, the
Hyderabad highway… …is hosting a Vintage car rally. All you have to do is… Ask the Chinese to collect
the car at the rally. This won’t look unique
amongst other cars. You are a vintage scientist. Tell Kaali to collect the car
from Marundhu on Wednesday. No – Kaali won’t be doing it this time.
– Why? – Why? Kaali is one amongst us. He has completed many
tasks in a precise manner. And on the top of it.
It’s about a car. Who is a better
driver than Kaali? Not just Kaali. All men who work under
us have a crime record. The minute they find
out it’s my men they will even start
investigating the shit. How shall we deal with it? Guys with zero criminal record. 2 new guys. One with the code name “Pechu”
and the other “Watch” A guy who can handle any
situation is ‘Pechu’. One who can overcome any hurdle and
deliver the stuff on time is.. – ‘Watch’. I gave it a thought.
What you said is right. New guys. If they drive carefully, they can
even deceive the cops and… deliever the stuff as well. All that’s fine but will
they drive down carefully? Yes. One amongst them
can drive the car. But how? This isn’t a normal car. It’s a vintage car. Manual system.. It’s safe only if
driven by a pro. If the car gets damaged.. – the stuff will go for a toss.
– So? Who is he? Jaguar Jagan alias JUK. Well he is… Forget it.. He is good at driving. He has driven costlier car
than the ones in these photos. Pai, immediately arrange 2 guys. – 2 guys? I will take care.
– And.. – An acquaintance of Kaali will join.
– Why do you want to add more people? With the guys I arrange.. Pai, do what I say. Summon Mangalam. I need to meet all three
guys by the end of the day. A. Mangalam. Proprietor. R.Mangalam, Manager Center of homicide. An employment
exchange for goons. If you murder 11 guys We can send you to
America for a project. Tell me Pai. A witty guy? and A skillful guy? Jung is the watch. Jangulingam. He finishes all his task
in one hour advance. Awesome! In the remaining hour.. Plays with fire marbles. I will tell you how
such stories kick-off. To begin with..
The narrator of the story. My name is Jil. Naan’JIL’ Shivaji. I’m Pechu. You don’t need my past. My future, even I
can’t rely on it. But I’m obliged to
narrate this story. Situation may change in
accordance with obligation. But obligation mustn’t change
even if situation changes. Who am I?
What’s my obligation? What’s my current situation? To explain all these to you.. That’s amazing! Wow! How did you do that? Baby, shut up! Hold on. Teach me the trick. It’s a trade secret.
How can I share? Rs.10,000. Awesome, babe. At the right time.. At the right place.. It’s worth.. Millions. Baby! Get lost! When? Place? Every round has a
minimum bet amount. We are allowed only if we
meet the minimum criteria. When I’m alone, I’ll
go for the minimum. Now I’m with you. We can go for the maximum bet. Maximum bet isn’t as
easy as you presume. It’s a lion’s den. Too risky. – So…
– What’s the risk? You’ll play the trick
and I’ll win the money. Simple. Shuffle the card properly. All my dad’s curse
is on your side. It’s not simple. None should know that
we are partners. If you win everytime I
shuffle, they will suspect us. So, at times I’ll throw
you useless cards. Don’t bet anything
and just forfeit. You should raise the stakes only
when I tell you to. Got it? and how are you going to do that? Baby?
Get lost! This is the signal. Get done with it, step out
and share the money equally. And most importantly.. Don’t get emotional. Stay calm, no matter
how much you win. Okay? You don’t know me.
I’m a sophisticated posh gentleman. You loser! Are you done? Everything went for a toss? Mr. Mustache? Why do you need to play
poker at this age? Stop it. It’s annoying. To hell with that song! Yeah, buddy! One last game. – Play and then leave.
– Silly boy. A bigger bet. If you win.. Everything is yours. No thanks. I’ll think I’ll pass. Well there it is. Guess I doubted right, that…
if you were a man enough? Let me prove it then! Bring it on! This time, I will
shuffle the cards. My Mercedes Benz. S class. Damn it! The song keeps
ringing in the mind! Did you bet such a huge
amount on this card? I risked my money trusting you. – Why did you continue?
– I thought you whistled. Lift your head and
see you doofus! – I didn’t. It was him.
– Why are you abusing me? – I came because you asked me to.
– Yeah right! – I curse myself for doing so!
– What about my loss? – So was this all a set up to run away with the money?
– No sir. – Don’t ask me. Ask him.
– No uncle, he brought me here. It’s him.. Sir, I’m a small time gambler. I have nothing. Please spare me. If I see you again
in this campus.. – Get lost!
– Thank you, uncle.. Bye.. Where are you running away? Sir, please spare me.. I’m a decent guy..
Please.. Baby!! Get out! Shall I take leave? Bye. How dare you betray me?
Start counting your days. Dad! Of late the blows are
getting heavier? Didn’t you see that coming? How dare you doubt me? Why did you mark the cards? Don’t get smart with me! I’m your dad. – Understand that!
– Daddy. – Did I hurt you bad?
– No, dad. “To complete a daunting task don’t
hesitate to take care of the petty tasks” You taught me that. Don’t you have to go somewhere? To meet Deiva. Bigger task? See you, dad. Jil. Don’t forget grandpa’s words. Start right away. Deiva
wants to meet you. Deiva?! You mean Deiva sir? Yes, the car is waiting.
Just start. Give me 2 minutes.
I will get dressed. No need. We don’t have time.
Start immediately. 90 seconds? Give me 90 seconds.
I’ll get dressed. It’s my dad’s shirt and so
mom got a bit emotional. Deiva sir doesn’t
compromise on punctuality. If you continue this.. You won’t last long.
Got it? – Okay. Thanks..
– Come on. – Pai, move aside.
– Like there is a lot of space in here. Come, place him on my lap.
Get lost you moron. Wait… I’ll take care of you later. Go to the other side. Is it so essential now? Okay, I’ll get it.
Don’t shout. Please understand. All that matters to me is that the
devotional event should go well. Greetings, sir. Mangalam sir
sent me to visit Deiva sir. Wait aside. Greetings, sir.
– What is the task? Murder, kidnap.. Or land grabbing? – I’m a pro.
– Shut up and wait there. Wonder why he’s so desperate!? Don’t stand there idle. Go fetch
the groceries from the car. – Why do make us do these petty jobs?
– Aren’t you working out? Wait over there. Call those dumbos to dispose
the consignment in the trunk. Deiva, I was waiting to say this. Here, look at this flower vase. I pretty much love the art work in it. You are an art enthusiast. This vase.. A girl gifted it
to me in Bangkok. Forget it. Do you know something? Out of all my favorite things.. I rank this flower vase… at 8. Really? He is a good man. Look how sweet he is. We must be gifted to
work under him… The thing I hate the most. How dare you try to
sell my stuff … And that too to me! Gaja! I’ll get the Rs.80,000
he cheated,from his house. Go bring those boys. Feel at home. What’s your name?
– Dead body. What? Jaguar Jagan. So you are Juk? Yes. Are you good at driving? Yes. I’m sure you might not
know why you all are here. But the task you are going
to do is very important. Millions worth… Flavored Cocaine has to be.. delivered to the Chinese
dealer in Hyderabad highway. If you are scared you can leave now. I’ll offer some compliments
for the visit. Else if you are ready to do it. I will share an address. You’ll have to go meet him… and get the stuff. He will furnish you
with further details. Got it? Vairam… get those compliments. No, wait. We will do it. Please tell the address. You fools. – What did I ask you to do?
– Boss! – You just gestured.
– Yes. What does this mean? When Deiva gestures
you understand it… Why don’t you understand
when I gesture? Come here. What does it mean? You want him to be dead. See? He joined just today. He got it. At least
now did you get it? Don’t touch it. Why? Because, just now I have
painted it with the stuff. Why? That’s where I did a demo
with the solution, for Deiva. Why? Why…Why..Why? He is torturing me like a wife! Look! Your food, car fuel, filling
solution is in the car’s trunk. You need not drive in the night. Without crashing it, without
any dent, if you safely.. Get away. Deliver it to the Chinese guy.
Okay? So.. Car is the stuff. That’s amazing science! Car is the stuff. That’s amazing science! Car is the stuff. That’s amazing science! Doesn’t it have a radio set? What a blow? He seemed to be nice guy. He drastically transformed
into a monster. I was literally scared to death. One should be scared One should be shit scared! I’m disappointed. I expected something big. But
he assigned a petty task. Hello. ” To complete a daunting task don’t
hesitate to take care of petty tasks ” Daunting task is delivering
Deiva’s stuff worth millions. What about the petty tasks? Secret of success. If I share it with you.
Won’t you overtake me? Okay. – Hello.
– Yes, dad. – Did you join yet?
– Yes. – Where?
– With Deiva. – Is it challenging?
– Yes, dad. I am handling stuff worth millions. – I’m on my way to deliver it.
– Everything safe? Yes, everything is safe. – Had your food?
– Yes, I did. – Do you have it? The asset grandpa gave you?.
– What? – Are you carrying it with you?
– Yes. Use it when the need arises. – I’ll call after I reach.
– Safety first. Despite growing up you still seemed
to be sacred of your father? So all this is just a show off? You don’t know about
my dad, do you? Those days, he used to
smuggle stuff using fruits. He has a different tone to
sell only the fruits and… and a unique tone to sell the
fruits containing the stuff. Is that all? Ever heard about my dad? He used to sell ice creams and while people are enjoying the
ice cream, he loots their houses. Hey, Mr. My dad smuggled alcohol
in stems like a pro! And my dad kidnapped school kids… for heavy ransoms. Stop boasting about your
ice cream vendor dad! – Don’t you say that.Your dad is so cheap..
– Do you know what my dad is capable of? – Stop exaggerating.
– Wait.. Hello brother… I’ve been noticing for long… You are very silent. Say something. Tell me about your dad. Tell me… Was your dad a Don? Why are you silent? What’s your dad’s name? Answer dude. Who is your dad? Looks like he is an
international terrorist. Is he? He is more dangerous than him. My dad was… … a bus driver. A bus that carried 50 dumbos everyday,
from a waste land to another… shuttling 20 times across
both the waste land. He did that for 17 years with no complaints. A glimpse of his face is enough. One can easily make out that he is
leading a boring and irritating life. Every man will have a moment
that’ll test his limit. A moment where the person will regret
this boring life and break down. But my dad was a bit different. In this irritating and
never ending bus ride.. He wanted a thrilling
experience. Did all the abusing from the
transport officer change my dad? No. He wasn’t satisfied with it. My dad joined as a
driver under Deiva. One day while he was
driving Deiva’s car… He noticed an abandoned
Vintage car. But that wasn’t a normal car. A contemporary glamor actress
was kidnapped by Rolex Rawther. The heroine was hid
in the car’s trunk. The heroine’s manager dropped the
suitcase with money into the car. Once Rawther’s men
take the money heroine’s manager was supposed to
take home the car with the heroine. This was the deal. But my dad.. Without knowing all these, my dad
stole the car which he loved dearly. Money, car and heroine. That fellow happily
absconded with all three. A furious Rawther… On seeing Deiva’s car, assumed
that Deiva had played spoilsport. Then started the enmity
between Deiva and Rawther. Oh my! What a crook your dad is? The famous affair with the then
leading heroine! Was it your dad? My goodness. Who is Rawther? Correction.
Rolex Rawther. Both used to be partners in crime.
Smuggling ivory. They parted ways after
their Godfather’s demise. By gifting a Rolex
watch to Rawther. Deiva is behind the name
of ‘Rolex’ Rawther. The deal was not to
breach other’s business. But Juk’s dad’s set a flame
in both their business. King of kidnapping.
Don of petrol mafia. Most importantly..
Arch rival of Deiva. I know kidnapping.
What’s petrol mafia? There are 3 most valued
things in our country. Land, gold and thirdly gas. Rawther has a superb plan for it. He illegally stocks gas. Whenever there is a price hike.. he sells gas in the black market. Sounds like an old detective
movie’s story line. – Old detective movie?!
– Yeah! I’m fond of two types of movies. Detective action and the seductive action. You continue. Rawther illegally taps the petrol pumps and hides outside the city in a silo
so that none can know it. Silo?
What’s it? Similar to a water tank. You seemed to be faking worse than the
ones in the seductive action movies. Don’t you believe me? You said it’s hidden so that no one can know. Then how do you know it? I’ve waiting for long
to work under Deiva. To work under him, more
than knowing about him.. I have to know about his enemy. Another dry day! Head constable! A pink car? Something fishy. A vintage car painted baby pink
passes inspector Ishwara Pandian. It seeks his attention. His adrenaline rushes.. Immediately he jumps
into his car… He rushes like a Leopard. Start the car. Do you watch English movies? I watch Japanese, Korean, African, Naughty
American and everything else. What American? Naughty American? Not bad. You must be a movie buff. Movie buff? Kind of! I watched an English movie. Just for adult content? Stupid. Do you think that’s why
people watch English movies? Initially… I did watch it for
the adult content. But there was a good content in it. About a butterfly. Adult content about butterfly? Dude! I have seen dog, horse and even octopus. but adult content
with butterfly? This is not adult content. So there’s this movie
named “Butterfly Effect” It says that… Juk, listen! He has spoken
enough for the day. Now his only attention
is on driving. Then you listen. A butterfly. If a butterfly flaps its
wings in one direction… a chain of incidents follow. and if it flaps the other way… Juk! Jil!
Police! Is this how you drive? Reckless – Ishwara Pandian roars.
– Sir.. Nothing serious, sir.
A cat crossed our way. When we tried to evade it, the
car skid and hit the tree. Are you drunk? – Blow.
– He is not drunk. Blow, Juk. What the hell? He is sucking instead of blowing. What kind of car is this? – Why is it flashy and pink?
– Pink? The furious inspector smells something
fishy and his facial muscles constrict.. Jil replies to calm him down. “By the by, myself Jil” Ishwara Pandian. Suddenly the brave inspector Ishwara
Pandian feels that everything is clear. – Are you going for the Hyderabad show?
– Yes, sir. Okay, drive safe. – Clear.. Move..
– Juk, change the gear. Let’s move..
Push.. Is this how you drive? Whose is it? Yours? Do you the know the
value of this car? Aren’t you going to Hyderabad?
It’s very obvious. This is a long route. Why is it colored pink? Who are you? I’m Narasimha from Chennai. Glad to meet you. So? In case, you did not notice. I too own a similar car. See there. Aren’t you heading to the
Hyderabad vintage car rally? Even I’m heading there. Why don’t we travel together? Come on. Let’s go. What a coincidence. Start the car. – Move fast.
– We’ll have a fun trip. Start!
I’m ready. Bro, do you know a fact? Only 5 people own this model car. – Increase the speed.
– We are so unique you know? Let me tell you one more story. Move fast!! Time to pee! The sky is blue just
like your hair is! Once again, what a coincidence!? I’m not sure what
he would compare next? Moron! Where do they come from? – Boss, please wait.
– We need to get rid of him. Yes, dude. He has clutched
on to us like a parasite. – We have to get rid of him.
– Boss. – Juk
– Yes. Hello, boss. Do you booze? Narasimhan, you’ll have
to drink like a fish. – Definitely.
– Boss… Take your seat. A moment please. – Okay..
– Narasimhan. Narasimhan, Is your
father Vaanjinathan? Hello! Suggest me a drink that will hit quickly. Listen… It must give an instant high. It should make one walk like a 6 month old! It’s called the last day. LAST DAY. How much? A toast for both
our flashy cars! A red road. Two trucks on it.
One diverted. Went out of control
And rammed into the White House’ Gate A red road. Two trucks on it.
One diverted. Went out of control
And rammed into the White House’ Gate Seeing this broad-day light accident Approached a stooge Well known as the “Job-less Genie”, He stood amused. Amused, he forgot to notice
The fire approaching him Suddenly, he felt something was burning.
His pants were on fire! Losing his pants…
took off the jobless genie! With his boxers on He kept running While crossing, a truck ran over
And he became history With his boxers on He kept running While crossing, a truck ran over
And he became history Every bottle of wine Holds a melody inside. Open it up and… Let them flow. Every bottle Rum Is full of rhymes Give it your best shot But one mistake and
You’ll be wasted! Let’s not disturb the music
Let it run in the background Let’s change the topic
So what’s next? To know more about ‘What next?’ I came up with an answer Give me the mic and
I shall recite the Ballad I came up with. A ravishing white duck Takes a dip in the river The raven, lost in the sight It’s now cupid’s latest victim! A ravishing white duck
Takes a dip in the river The raven, lost in the sight
It’s now cupid’s latest victim! The ultimate star! Two trucks on the red road
The one that diverted Went out of control
And rammed into the White House’ Gate Two trucks on the red road
The one that diverted Went out of control
And rammed into the White House’ Gate Super, excellent, marvelous. Terrific, Jil. Tell me, what’s the next word? Say the next word. – Is the pink car yours?
– Pink? Okay, sir. – Who is he? If you can tell which is your
car, I can get you the keys. This one. Give me the keys. Karma will take its turn. Jil Where is the car? I’m asking you.
Where is the car? Are you kidding? There. What’s that? What’s this? This is a Grey car.
Our’s is a pink one. Pink? What does he mean? – Pink?
– Yeah! Come closer. What color is this? This one? Come on. ” It’s the color of a dark cloud.” Stop it with your poem, you color blind! How did you get the license? License? – Is that why you are scared of the
police? – What a time to discuss! This is Narasimhan’s car.
Where is our car? Deiva is going to finish us! Okay. If this is Narasimhan’s car.. Our car is with Narasimhan. He must still be at the
bar for what he drank! How much time do we have
to deliver the stuff? 10 hours, 20 minutes
and 40 seconds. How much time to
the bar and back? 45 minutes.
We have the time. Let’s start. Yes, let’s go. Touch the car and
I’ll finish you! Who allowed them to take my car? You allowed them. Excuse me. Who is the owner of the vintage
car that’s parked outside? It’s mine. Tomorrow we need
your car for a shoot. No. Please understand.
We’ll pay you enough. I can give you a
cheque right away. Please tell me your name. Narasimhan. – Where are they?
– They are at the shooting spot. The car is with them. Go get it. Let’s see. We might meet him on the way. Stop!! Movie shooting. I think it’s a big budget movie. Let’s watch it for sometime and then leave. Are you kidding? We are all worried about
the missing car… and he wants to watch the shoot! It’s a movie, man. Nothing will change in 10 minutes.
Believe me. Have you ever seen a
heroine in person? Juk, tell me? No. Listen!
We shall leave Jil remember ” To complete a daunting task
don’t hesitate to take care of petty tasks ” Stop it! Both are irrelevant. Don’t mix it up. It’s my principle. Okay. Just 10 minutes.
We shall leave. Just 10 minutes. If you don’t come back.. I’ll leave with the car.
Okay? – Okay.. no problem.
– Go! – Who is playing the lead?
– Sonu Sawant. – Sonu Sawant?!
– Yes. Dude, It’s Sonu Sawant. Today, I’ll have to…. – What happened?
– We can’t go in. Cops. Cops?! – I’ll wait in the car.
– Wait!! Why are you getting
into the car? I left something inside. – What did you leave?
– Car. Stop being a chicken. Now come. Jung… Do you have your agency’s ID card? Yes, sir. Nothing to worry. I will deliver the car. One second, sir.
What’s this? I’m a member from the
stunt association. Can’t you make out from
the hairstyle? Come on. Sorry, sir.
You continue. Make a move..
Our scene comes next. We are a team.
Let them in. They are waiting for me. Are you happy? – Dude isn’t that Arnold Schwarzenegger?
– What? In this movie too? The location is awesome. Sonu Sawant. Yes. Man! Look at her! I’m running out of words. We are your die hard fans. Oh is it? Thanks! She is so graceful! Myself Jil. You look even prettier off screen. So as planned… Okay, sir.. Come closer.
Look here. Everyone ready? I am waiting for this scene. I’ll be back in sometime. Ready. She speaks good Tamil. – Start camera.
– Action. Take, okay. Deiva will finish us off! Jil! Where are you headed to? There is a movie shoot
happening here. We’ll have to first find
out if it was our car. Listen Jil… These were the guys, who were
inquiring about our car at the bar. Thank God that take was fine. Where will
we go for another car if it was not okay! Excuse me. What? – The pink car that exploded…
– Yes. That car… Yes we got it from
the bar yesterday. With whose permission? We took it with the
owner’s permission. And we did agree to pay. No? Which owner are you
talking about? It was a short, fat person… His name…What was it? – Narasimhan.
– Yeah. Death is inevitable … but never expected it would
be for a pink colored car! Pink? Was it this place? Look Narasimhan… There is my car! My car! How dare you sell our car
for your urge to get drunk? Don’t you dare
treat me this way! Let’s take care of him first… Thrash him! How could you sell the car? – Get him.
– Leave me Bloody gluttons! I’m
here looking for my car. “Why are you hitting me?” Accent? To hell with your accent!
Tell me now. I doubted you the
moment I saw you. Who do you work for? Rawther? Catch him. Look at him taking off on hearing
Rawther’s name. Something is fishy. Listen There’s… There’s…. There’s nothing like that. Those movie guys got me
drunk and took away my car! Believe me. “Please believe me” You sold our car and they destroyed it.
Don’t try to fool us. They destroyed the car?
What happened? Do you know how much
that car is worth? Why is he upset about it? Everyone has a need. Now, Deiva’s car… Who needs it? Take it. – Pai?
– Pai? Why is that fatso
calling up this fool? Hello What happening to the car? Those guys aren’t picking
the call either. Is everything safe? Reply you fool! Did you steal the
pink car or not? Hello… Hello… Say something! Hello… Show me you hand. For the questions that
I’m about to ask you, I expect quick replies. Any reply barring truth and… your thumb will be thumped! Got it? Wasn’t it Pai who sent you? Why did he set you
to steal the car? I’ll tell…I’ll tell… Drugs are my life. I’ve known Marundhu for long. Two days back he called me. There was a guy named Pai along with him. He told me to follow you guys and wanted to get you guys
drunk and steal your pink car. He wanted me to give the
car to a third party. When the deal is done, Deiva
would be out of business And Pai would be the king and
offerred me as much drugs I wanted. I came to the bar to
get you guys drunk. But you guys got me drunk and took my car. Pai is the one behind all this.
Please spare me. “Shall we take the car with us?” So, he planned to
fool us using you! Do we appear to be freaks? Jil… We are freaks indeed. All these days I thought you were
a brat who obeys his father. Look at you now! You are terrific. You change as the
situations orders you to. Juk Let his phone be with you.
Put him in the trunk. Jil.. Let’s surrender
ourselves to Deiva. Are you nuts? What else do you expect? The best way out for us is to tell Deiva
the truth and that he is being cheated. He would ask “Were you guys mute
spectators when they destroyed the car?” He’ll bury us alive.
Is that fine? He ripped that jeweller
for a mere 80,000 bucks. He will rip our nuts out! Fine, let’s escape. And do that forever? Of course! Think about it. Deiva is a shark. We are small fishes. It’s better for the small fishes to
be in the aquarium than the sea. Do you know the problem
with fishes in the aquarium? You can be easily spotted. Why aren’t these guys
attending the call? I don’t have a good
feeling about this. I told you, back
then, repeatedly… “Do not trust the newbies!” But you… Don’t talk about the past. Look into what’s next. I tried a lot… ..but none of them
are picking up my call. I’ll investigate. So what’s the plan now? Where are we headed to? Only 8 hours to go. So now, this is what
we are going to do… Greetings! These are the ingredients required
to make a chinese car delivery. Grey car – 1 No. Pink paint – as required. Cocaine – 1 teaspoon. Strawberry flavour
– as required. Methodology First, find a paint shop. Paint the grey car with the pink paint. Then… The cocaine that you hunted… …and the strawberry essence… …shall be mixed nicely… …and stirred till the
white color changes. Apply it on the pink car. What if we don’t get anything? Deivanayagam will fry
you in boiling oil. All that is good. We don’t have any of the stuff… nor the pink paint. We don’t have the strawberry
essence either. Why not? I’ve got it. Where did you get this? I snitched it when
we took the car. I tasted it a little. Hope
that wouldn’t be an issue? OK…. Stuff? There is a plan. What is it? I think the car just
ran out of gas… Oh! oh! That’s not good! It’s already late. Now what? Well you spent all
the money on booze. Now how are we
going to fill gas? How further are we
going to keep pushing? There seems to be no signs
of any gas stations. Burn your idea! We don’t have gas
to burn it though. Do you have a better idea? Tell me. Didn’t you bluff yesterday… …that Rawther has a gas reserve? How about fetching
from that well? Hello brother, firstly… I wasn’t bluffing. It is true. Secondly… It’s not a well. It’s a Silo Its just like a big water tank. How? Like the one over there? Thank GOD! Sir Rawther… I don’t know how to
put this across. Only after the full body scan… …we could diagnose. How many bones does the
human body consists of? Bones? It’s 206. Sir Rawther… I am very sorry to tell you this. I don’t know how to put it across. I’ve crushed many heads, all the ten fingers. Jaws.. Hands & legs… What other parts? We have spared no bones.
From toe to neck… We aren’t supposed to lie
to doctors and lawyers. Shut up. So in all I’ve broken all the 206 bones.
What do you say doctor? Might be. What do you mean? There are tiny bones
inside our ears… …and there is no guarantee
that those might have broken. So the count is 205… Sir…. Let me tell you
what I had to say. You… You’ve been diagnosed
with cancer. Cancer? What type of cancer? Well that… Prostate cancer. Prosti… tute… No that’s on your… “B….A”? “A….L”? “A….L”? “L….S”? Above the legs? If you don’t treat it properly…. Then may be 4 months… Si.. May be six months. By then, I’ll have to
enjoy all my wealth! How do we take Petrol out of it? I’ve an idea. You have an ID right? Take that. He is always like the TTE who checks Tatkal
tickets. Always asking for the ID card! Take. What are you
going to tell him? “I am Narasimhan” “From All India Petrol Gas Association” Well, fine… But I can’t let you in. Who are you to say so? We have received information on
illegal gas being produced here. You have got wrong information. There is nothing of that
sort happening here. Well. I get to decide that. “I want sample” “Petrol sample” Let me call and
check with my boss. Mr. Rawther? Go ahead, call him. Do you know him? Yes. Call him. Hello sir… Hello The security is calling up Rawther. Get ready to trace the call. Today, we’ll catch hold
of Rawther red handed! What? Red handed? Just fill the gas and come! What else we could do sir?
We have no other option. I don’t understand any
of what he is blabbering! Under the charges of
non co-operation, let’s arrest the security
under grade 10 section c. Yes sir. Sir? Sure sir. Rawther will be here
and we’ll arrest him. Yes sir. Sir? Ok, so we’ll tell Rawther that
his security was the spy. Sounds good. Good. Jai Hind Sir. Your name? Se..Se..Sendhan. Mr. Sendhan you are
at the wrong place. Since you aren’t providing
us any information… You’ll have to report
at our office tomorrow. Please come. Sir, all you wanted was little sample.
Please take it. No. Thank you. Call up Mr. Rawther. Please go ahead in taking
as much sample as you want. Fine. Come on. As Jil goes to fetch sample.. Rawther’s men play cards. Rawther decides to sell all his
property and settle in Switzerland. Narasimhan keeps
pulling the rope. Meanwhile, Juk and Jung were
whiling away their time. Looks awesome! Clicked? – Ok.
– Super. – It’s mind blowing.
– Ok. – Ok?
– It’s terrific! What the… Juk!!! Juk!!! One more, with the explosion
as the backdrop. How did it explode? The fire marble. Stop posing. This is no
camera mobile you fool! What? Not a camera mobile? Why is he running towards us? Run! They are coming for us. Coming for us? Coming for us? Now come… Coming for us. They
are coming for us!!! Get up. Come on. Stop it and come! Swear to me. Is it really
not a mobile camera? Get lost! It won’t start… it’ll need a push. Now get in! Put it on neutral! Push! Put it on neutral! – Push!
– Push! Push. And you move! Get in! Come on! How did it explode? – You tell him.
– You tell him. Damn it! One of you tell me! We were playing marbles
with fire marble. Guess what I won! Get lost! Go fast! Drive fast. They are chasing us. Fast! Why did you throw it away? It’s Rawther men’s gun. It’s risky to carry with us. Moreover there are
no bullets in it. There are some who just for
the sake of it, spend a lot… just to enjoy their life. Chief! Your gas Silo exploded! It’s gone. 5 minutes… 5 minutes ago I was
observing this skeleton… and was recollecting about the
good times of my life. But now? My immovable property is destructed. and my health is disrupted. Doctor, you said I’ve Cancer… You set up a date with death
for me, Rolex Rawther. You even elaborate about the
disease in front of all my men. You ask me to dispose off all my
wealth and go on a pilgrimage. But apart from all these… Do you know what
was bothering me? 205… & that’s 206! I hope the cheer girls
are waiting in the car. Yes chief. Ok so let’s make
a mutual deal… 3 hours. This ain’t about
money to bargain! The paint has to dry. It’ll take 4 hours. – Where do such people come from!
– Ok… Three and half hours. Don’t you understand? So let us… make a… mutual deal! 2.5 hours. Let’s strike the deal. What do you say? You guys better leave. – I guess they find me and irritate.
– Listen to me brother. – What?
– Well… It’s for a movie shoot. Movie shoot? Which one? The one with Sonu Sawant. Sonu Sawant’s movie. Is it? You got to be kidding me. Sonu Sawant?! Looks like he is also
a Sonu Sawant fan! Listen, if you can pause
all you other works… and finish this work for me… I’ll ensure you a snap
with Sonu Sawant. Are you serious? Looks like he doesn’t trust. Look who is this. Sonu Sawant? Llook who is beside her? That’s me. And now it’s your turn. 2.5 hours. I’ll finish the work. – Deal?
– Deal. – Deal?
– Deal. – Don’t forget about the snap.
– Ok. Ok, the painting is taken care.
Now where do we head for cocaine? Where did this come from? Were you carrying
it all this time? Let’s not plan murder. Shut up. Mangalam, I’m by
the Andhra border. I’m in urgent need
of some Cocaine. If you are looking for
Cocaine in Andhra… …there is only one
name to look for… ATTACK. Have you ever met anyone who… ..gives you the thought of
staying away from them? He is such a guy. ATTACK Gun Shot King. Most importantly he is
Deiva’s arch rival. Mangalam, you there? Ok convey exactly
what I say to Attack. Yes Jil… I’ve conveyed what
you said to Attack. You and the Uganda client,
meet him at his house at 4.30 I’ve been dry for some time… Can you reacharge me with the
jolly internet pack for Rs.30? He gave as a treasure
and begs for peanuts! But Uganda? Are you kidding me? Where are we going to
find a black? Ah! Come one my dear! Fine… What if Attack talks to him? He doesn’t speak Ugandese. Ugandese? Totally forgot about that. Listen you movie buff… Don’t you watch African movies? Teach him few words from that. Jil… The Chinese, Korean and African
movies that I watched… …aren’t the ones that
you are talking about. They hardly have any
dialogues in them. Do what I say! Move. All ok. Listen Narsi Mandela… Memorize everything
that he teaches you. I’ll have this gun pointed
at you all the time. You should reply accordingly. Make one mistake….. Remember the gun is pointed at you. I blow off your belly! Yes and I’ll blow off your ears. Now who is giving you a gun?! Waster! Jil… Jil, buddy listen to me. WHAT?! Think over it again,
one last time! He is very dangerous. We are defenseless. I don’t think this
will workout for good. This is my Grandpa’s gun… When he gave this to me… Do you know what he said? Where did you say the stuff is from? From You-Ganged- a? Uganda chief. I need to ask you guys something. What is the capital of Uganda? Chill… Chill. I was just kidding. Don’t get nervous… But tell me, this
stuff from Uganda… Why did you bring it here? Do you know anything about me? Oh yeah! BABY! What does he mean? Why is he calling me baby? Well that… He meant that your business
compared to his is pretty small. “I baby you” “But here…” Just leave it chief. Do you think so? Let’s talk about the deal. Let’s talk. Let’s talk about the deal. We’ve a new type of Cocaine. It’s a flavored one. Smuggling it every time from Brazil… …is a daunting task. Lot of hassles. That is why we need
a local dealer. If you become our partner… It’ll be a huge profit. Usually everyone starts
a line with a dot… But if you join our line… There won’t be a full
stop and you can rule! Let it be… How did you smuggle the
stuff from Uganda? I would like to hear that first. So… first the best quality of Cocaine is
collected from the forests of South America. Get up! Shut your mouth! Hands up! Legs up! Then it’s dried up. Then it is sent to Europe for refining. Get me some ant powder. I said ant powder. Quick. It is then soaked
in some sweeteners. The rose water. Then… Dude Juice powder. Dude Juice powder. What? Juice powder? Not Juice, Rus…Russia’s
best quality oranges. They are dried up and powdered. Mix it all. I said mix it. Do it properly. MIX IT! Now leave it. And finally processed to… How much? Why the heck do you think I’m
threatening him with the gun? …and you want to pay him? Fine, get some water too. Well it sounds really nice… I am pretty eager to taste it. Oh god! Now what? Nothing chief. That’s… …not to be licked. It is to be sniffed. Oh! Stuff to be sniffed. Hold on… Before sniffing it… Confirm the deal. Partners? Yes, partners. One more thing… What? Can you show us sample of your stuff? So that we can check
it’s quality. High class Cocaine. Sounds good? Ant powder… He’ll sniff it. It’ll hit him. His ears will start ringing… Take the Cocaine and gun him down. The gun and the gown! All mine. Just a moment. Tell me Pai. Attack, did Narasimhan turn up? Narasimhan who? What do you mean by who? He is the one supposed to steal Deiva’s
stuff from those 3 fellows… …and hand it over to you.
That Narasimhan. He looks like a bear
dressed up as a witch! No Pai… No one like that turned up. Well, then you won’t
know what I mean. Oh my, I’m worried if he
is stuck somewhere. If Deiva finds out about this… Don’t worry Pai. To get rid of Deiva… I’ve got many other ways. He is not attending my call. Why don’t you try calling him? Fine. Faster. Faster. Coming. Coming. How did he know the dialogue? Party? Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello! What the…! Shut up! Hands up! One more step… I’ll… I’ll shoot you. One more step… I’ll fire. Listen to me… The stuff you have….Give
us the stuff you have. and we’ll leave. Ever played snakes & ladder? I asked.. Have you ever
played snakes & ladder? I have… What about it? Everyone climbs up with
the help of ladders. But me. I climb clinging on to the snakes. And you are threatening me? I’ll fire. Do you what my grandpa said
when he gave me this gun? Tell me where is the
pink car Deiva gave you? Boss! My Lord! Are you the party Pai was talking about? Save me from these fellows. Shoot them down! So you are Narasimhan? Where is the stuff? Until now, no one in my family
has ever fired this gun. Because the need never arose. This is the last warning… Please listen to me… Give us the stuff. We’ll leave. Or else… I’ll fire. Go ahead. Fire. And when the time comes… He said look straight into
the enemy’s eye and shoot. You better fire… He said plant all the bullets
on your enemy’s chest! Before you pull the trigger… With this gun, I will… …shoot the four of you thrice. How about that? I’ll fire. Now shoot! Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Tata! Bye! Oh screw me! There’s this movie named
“Butterfly Effect” It is said that… If a butterfly flaps its
wings in one direction… a chain of incidents follow. And if it flaps the other way… …another chain of
incidents follow. So that means… events that turns fate… …are totally remote
and unrelated to it. That’s the Butterfly effect! Attack has tumbled. Dead are these, if
Jil uses no brains! Attack has tumbled. Deiva won’t finish us off… We will betray
and finish him off. You sound good with all
such philosophies. There is no news on the
car as well as on Attack. What now? Rawther? What are you doing here? Stopped by to check on you. How’ve you been? Well, there, I asked you. Won’t you return the favour? I hope… you are doing well? No I’m not well. Hello! One pineapple juice. One! I didn’t mean tea! Only 1. One! One! Buddy… I’m trembling with fear. We are stuck between the 3
most deadliest criminals! Added to them,
are the Chinese! Only if that gun had fired and Attack
would’ve been out of that list. Don’t you talk about that gun! What color is this? Looks to me like the color of my granny’s hair. Looks like! Do you know what
upsets me the most? All your orders are here… but mine isn’t here yet! – Hey, where is the juice?
– I’ve given it a good thought There seems to be no
escape from this. I can see death approaching us! It’s good thay you see
death approaching. Only when you have the
near death experience… You’ll find the purpose of life. Listen to me Jil… PLAN! How long before the
car is painted? 20 mins. Call up Deiva. Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? All I ordered was a
pineapple juice. Make the call. And? What will I tell him? Tell him what he wants to hear. Hello. Deiva sir! If killing was possible
through phones… there would have been grasses
growing on your tomb! I’m coming for you. We are dead! Deiva
is coming for us. That makes it easy. Continue… Easy? I understand your anger. We had to encounter a lot
of hassles with the car. The engine broke down
and we were stranded. We didn’t want to bother
you with all this. Your pressure will go high. Handing over the stuff
alone isn’t our duty… ensuring your well
being too is our duty. Then why didn’t you
attend any calls? Believe me, the car is safe. We have solved all the problems. It cost us 2 hours and 15 mins. Still, we’ll figure out a way… and ensure the stuff is
delivered before time. Listen, if the stuff is
delivered on time… I’ll skin you… and use the skin to hang you up
and then thrash the hell out of you! Careful! Who’ll win this match? Either team can win. Why do you ask? India and Pakistan are arch rivals. Every time they come
face to face… It sets off a wildfire. Isn’t it? Indeed. So what about it? So, during an India
– Pakistan match… One loses… and one wins. One will head to the finals… One will head back home. So what does that mean? You mean, we’ll leave
once the match is done. You go ahead, tell me. We will fix the match
between India and Pakistan. Don’t you get it? If Deiva is India… …then that means
Rawther is Pakistan. We came in search of food… but looks like we’ve
stumbled on to a feast. Yuck, what is this? You have spilled the juice. Do you know what this invites? Don’t you hear me? Ants. It invites ants. Correct. Do you know what else
invite ants? A rivalry with me. The thought of betraying me. The lie you said that the
gas silo would never explode… …has invited ants. And along with it, me. I swear Rawther, I built
it with utmost care. There is no way
it could explode. My soul will haun….. You built it but it has exploded. So on whom do I
take out my anger? That’s my personal call. Who could it be? Could it be Deiva? He is a very old friend. A little old enemy. Attack? Pai… You fatso! How dare you betray me? You plan to rob Deiva of his
stuff worth millions… …and promised to move him
out of the business. Instead you rob me of my stuff? I’m not going to let you
away with this, Pai. Listen, Attack. Recognize me? Rawther? Deiva, Millions, stuff, out of business. Pai Combine these and make
me a story out of it. Rawther, he must be blabbering. I don’t know what he is talking about. – Is it?
– Yes. – This ant is called…
– What? Bullet ant. – Do you know why?
– Why? – One ant and one bite
– What happens? That spot in your body… …would feel the pain
inflicted by 4 bullets. No Rawther… No Rawther, please let me go. The spot on your body will swell… and the pain will last for 12 hours. Ready? No. I’ll tell you. I’ll confess. Please don’t. I’ll tell you. I’ll confess. Now tell me, where the car is. Deiva… Rawther? Hope you are fine? Well until now, I am. I have nothing to discuss with you. Nor do I like it. But I’ve to tell you something. That last very dear… …pink colored bird of yours. Remember? Rawther… This isn’t a good time. Hear me out. You set that bird to fly. Though it is on it’s way
to it’s destination… …the energy for it to fly
is right now with me. Marunthu is in my custody… and so is the solution. So come down quickly
to my Andhra house. Heard that it’s worth millions. I guess, a part of that… …will now belong to me. Sounds good? Furious? What next? Are we playing dumb charades? Are you going to tell
us the plan or not? A dot, a comma and an exclamation. What does this mean? The car is painted and ready but
why are you heading to the silo? Only 3 of us know that
Deiva’s car has exploded. Rawther doesn’t know about the car at all. We’ll handover this car to Rawther saying
that it has Deiva’s stuff and escape. Where are you? Near the Silo. Why is it destroyed? and why
is our men’s car is toppled. Well, that’s the past. Fine. After long time I’ve got the
chance to tackle Deiva. That’s awesome. There are 3 fellows going
around in a pink car. Ok… Nab them and come to my Andhra house. I’ll take care of it. We’ll surrender. You can tell Rawther that
you toiled hard to nab us. Why? What would you get if you said
you nabbed us easily? If Rawther finds out that you risked
your life to catch hold of us… You can go to next level. Isn’t it? Fools! Where do they find
species like you? Why did you put him in this car’s trunk? Wasn’t it you, who asked
us to kidnap him? So we kidnapped him.. We didn’t know where to lock him up.
So we locked him up here. What if I don’t agree? Isn’t the gun in my hand? 6 bullets, I’ll plant it on
your head and walk away. He is Rawther’s man. Remember he was the spy amongst
us and you ordered to kill him. Ramalingam? Not much… Whatever happens at
Rawther’s house… …just guarantee the 3 of us our lives.
That’s it. Fine. Let’s move. If I happen to see you again… I’ll slit you. Now run. – Chief.
– Tell me. I’ve nabbed those guys and the pink car. Well done! – How did you do it?
– They tried to escape. It was an heavy chase. But finally caught them. You are one among my men
who makes me happy! Come on chief. It’s my duty. Ok now come. Ok chief. I’ll be there. Starting now. Let’s start. Wow! There comes out the Mouse! It’s been long since I used it. Listen Deiva… your fellows… The 3 of them. They tried to escape from my men.
But my men are masters! Got them. The pink car is with me. The solution too is with me. Do one thing… Go back to your home. Rawther… Don’t step in without
knowing the depth. The pond is mine. I know it’s depth… and pretty much know
where to step in. Rawther. As proposed, I’ll meet you. For the sake of old times… Let’s talk. Let’s talk. Stop! Bring them. Chief, but how? Now we are at Madras. Even at a good speed, it’ll take
6 hours for us to reach Andhra. It’s already 3. As per Marundhu, the meeting
with the Chinese is at 6 Dear… Don’t you teach me
time management. Ramalingam? He has… …abducted our guys. The car too is with him… and so is the solution. I’ve no idea on how
to deal with him. At least this douche bag is
something I’ve against him. Will Rawther agree? He must! Or else he must perish. Stop at some garment shop. We’ll get him some
decent clothes to wear. Stay there. I said stay. Don’t run. Juk! Dear… my dear son. Hope you are fine? I have a small wish… Will you fulfill it? Doctor… Hope Sendhan is alive. – Sendhan…
– It’s a mild cerebral concussion. Nothing major. He fainted out of shock.
Let him rest for a while. Your name? – Se..Se..Sendhan.
– Mr. Sendhan you are at the wrong place. He’ll be back to his
senses in sometime. Nothing to worry. Rawther. Business should always be justified. – Is it correct to hold my stuff against me?
– Sendhan, the petrol silo security. Why so Deiva? – If he wakes up we are done.
– When your man took everything and fled with the heroine, He took the money along with the car… What happened to your
justification then? That’s something I
was unaware of. So consider this happened
without my knowledge. In the war between
Deiva and Rawther… What if Rawther dies? Deiva will avoid all the risk and… take the car and head
straight to meet the Chinese. We’ll escape. We’ll get out of all
this mess and head back. That’s the “Dot” My entire wealth depends
on the Gas Silo. That too exploded today. And I still have no
idea how it happened. Rawther, let’s avoid
any problem between us. I’ll move out of this business. Give me 50 percent. I’ll mind my own
business and walk away. What if Rawther and
Deiva join hands? What then? That won’t happen. I’ll ensure that. You took good care of the situation! Terrific! Look there Your spy, Ramalingam. I didn’t harm him at all. Why don’t you ask him. He’ll let you know. Tell him Ramalingam. Won’t you? Get lost! Oh my! Rawther, these 2 goons here… They tied me up and dumped
me in the car trunk. They tortured me for 4 days. What’s all this Deiva? So what’s the solution? That was unexpected! Don’t you worry. Deiva will
take care of everything. Don’t underestimate Rawther. He
is even more dreadful than Deiva. Do you see that skeleton? Yes I do. – Rawther is a monster, he’ll
skin you alive… – Wait.. and hang you up! I guess he tattoos his victims’
name and number on their skeleton. – Fool, that’s victim’s own tattoo.
– Is it? Yes. Do you want to negotiate or not? We shall. To begin with, ask your
men to fall at my feet. Rawther! You know it well. Making my men fall
at one’s feet… …is the same as I doing it. I know. Let’s come to that later. Do you have any other option? Attention everyone. Who would
like to see Deiva dead? Raise your hands. See for yourself. Look at them. Pai? You too? What did you say? Later, you’ll make
me fall at you feet? Why not? Will you disdain? “Deiva has a reputation” “and will not fall at my feet” Isn’t it? Do you want half of
the share or not? I’m offering you alms. Deiva of course… …has a reputation. And it is… …hard earned. A genuine one. But.. ‘Rawther’? ‘Rolex’ Rawther! Brother… Your boss is gesturing. Grasp it and act accordingly. I gifted you the watch. Hence the tag name. Can you guess what it is? Until now you aren’t
aware of a fact. So you see Rawther? The fact that the watch… Next to him.. Isn’t the original ‘Rolex’. It’s from an imposter
company called ‘Roxel’. Can you see a jar of ants? All your reputation… The ant jar.. ..is one big… LIE Kaali… …is ordering you
to shoot it. I meant, fall at his feet! Who are you and why
are you attacking me? Don’t you remember us.
We burst… Shut up.! Don’t you recognize me? No. The rest of of your life… …is my alms to you. Move. You rat! You are a rare blue rat! One word. Answer me in one single word. Why shouldn’t I burst open
your head with this bullet? We have got the
ant-repellent powder. Answer me. I saw. When they tried shooting Rawther… …he diverted their attention. Is it? Guna, come here. Lift me. We are even now. Ok, I understand the dot. Comma? Here, you rat. Where are you going? We are done with our tasks. You got the car. We are obsolete. Why did you steal cocaine from me? Forget about them. He stole cocaine, Rawther. Why did you steal? In case.. Our misfortune.. – If we mess it up.
– What if we do? That was for Narasimhan. Narasimhan.. You can confirm with Marundhu.. Marundhu? Narasimhan will take
any risk for cocaine. He was already dead by then. Why did you steal after that? We panicked and
became clueless. How dare you try cheating me? These fellows will come with us. Jung… What if we are back to square one
and have to meet the Chinese? So, comma denotes this? I’ll have an eye on them. I thought these three
denoted the ways to escape. If plan A(dot) fails,
we are gone. Attack, the Chinese
deal is very important. There shouldn’t be
any room for errors. Fetch everything that
is necessary for it. This one is called “The Disguise” This is ‘Super Star’. Once triggered …it’ll fire up the whole place. This is called “The Hand” Until your hands are strong the bullets
will keep coming. It won’t cease. 4000 years ago.. Irrespective of
geographical barriers.. Even if a battalion of
40 millions attack.. They would have been
done and dusted. Battle of Mahabharata.. Would have been just 4 lines. If I were alive in
the dinosaur era The reason for it’s extinction …would’ve been me. It is named “Cyclo- Trampoline” But I call it… “Wife” Are you blaming me
for everything? Yes, indeed. Don’t you… I will smash your face. Try doing that and
I’ll finish you off! Finish me off? Get
lost you Moron! How dare you? I could have been free by now. You are to be blamed. – Now, the only place left to go is hell!
– Stop it. Amateurs! Get into the car. Guna. I’m coming. I’m very sure. This is not the car that I made. How much time would it take for
me to disclose it to Rawther? 10 seconds? You will be dead by the 11th second. – Is that fine?
– Why? Forget Rawther. Chinese? They are heavily armed. If they find out that
the stuff is missing? Their bullets will pierce
every part of your body. Even ears? Belly button? We are marching towards
death and you laugh!! Death.. …is not a guest Marundhu. He’s a thief. He is an exclamatory mark. Element of surprise! My son! Daddy! I’m here, son. Rawther! Hope you’ve said
your final prayers. What now? Fight. Off late, carrying a gun along
seems to be the trend! I’ve no idea… Sorry, grandpa. Run! – What are you doing, Jung?
– For one last time.. Not yet Jung! Round them up. 7 o’ clock. Jill! Two! Eleven! Five! Six No! You rat! Running out of bullets? No, I have one left. I did count. Shoot! You go first. No. You go first. Over confident? How dare you insult my wife? Your wife won’t cross her limits. Come on. Fire ” To complete a daunting task don’t
hesitate to take care of petty tasks ” I could have been free by now. Let’s quit. Let’s abscond. Don’t be like the rabbit in the race. Be the rabbit that appears
from the magician’s hat. Element of.. Surprise! I’m here, son. I did warn you, Attack. I have one, left. These guys never
turn up on time! Slipper me if I do
business with them again. I’ll do it on your face! Pasupathi, start the vehicle.


33 Responses

  1. Dhivakar balajee

    April 16, 2019 3:38 pm

    That eri goli scene1.04.47 😂😂😂 , never seen anything so funny like that , and that background score was dope , this is such an underrated film ..

  2. Asmin Asmin

    May 20, 2019 11:37 pm

    அருமை அருமை நல்ல படம்.போய்ஸ் சித்தார்த் வாழ்க

  3. Ramesh Manian

    September 23, 2019 6:53 pm

    No heroin still good to watch movie ( heroin.dance n love movie is not more in tamil cineme daa because no story n plot ( love only ) try different style movie with good message daa to director


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