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Я рассказывала тебе когда-нибудь про тот матч Краснокожих?.. рассказывала тебе когда-нибудь про тот матч Краснокожих?.. Боже, уже 14 лет прошло в общем, Спенс.. Спенс достал нам хорошие билеты на самом деле их дал ему Гидеон и уговорил его позвать меня но я, конечно, позвала с собой Гарсию Так что произошло с тобой и Джей-Джей на футболе? Большой секрет Оказалось, Морган с Хотчем тайно давали ему указания, думая, что у нас будет свидание Прости меня Слишком поздно Ты выглядишь прекрасно Они не могут так просто забрать тебя Мы едем домой Мне так жаль, я должен был пойти с тобой В прошлый раз я пообещала, что ты не будешь один Я была беременна Я слышал, что ты фанат футбола Дженнифер, послушай единственная причина, по которой ты смогла обмануть меня это лишь потому, что я доверял тебе Нет, нет, нет, Рид ты уверен, что мы должны разделиться? Вы двое близки.. Он – мой лучший друг Тебе нужно держаться за что-то Я хотела кое о чем попросить тебя Мы с Уиллом поговорили и… мы хотим, чтобы ты стал крестным Генри Специальный агент – Дженнифер Джеро Джей-Джей Ау, Джей-Джей, он ударил меня Гений Доктор Рид позволил тебе выиграть Эй, Спенс, первый кусочек имениннику Ты знаешь, что она единственная на свете кто зовет меня – Спенс А это за что? Это за все разы, что ты беспокоилась обо мне Береги себя Я не благодарил.. Спасибо Я беременна Я сделал Джей-Джей предложение Твой глубочайший, темнейший секрет Я слишком боялась сказать об этом раньше И сейчас все слишком усложнилось, чтобы сказать.. Я всегда любила тебя Рид?.. Что бы ни случилось, на этот раз мы не разделимся, ясно? Ясно Без касаний Я знаю лишь то, что мой друг страдает, и видя эти мучения я хочу избавить ее от них Мне стоит волноваться? [Так чего же он добивается?]
— Страха
—Известности Я никогда не говорил, как сильно я люблю всех вас Двум родственным душам суждено быть вместе. Иногда для этого нужно время, иногда какая-нибудь параллельная Вселенная. Но, парные огоньки, они такие. Их ничто не может разлучить. В них скрыта своя магия, и вместе они освещают путь для всех нас. Ты говорила всерьез?


  1. Why would the writers even write this doesn't make sense JJ is happy with her husband and reid had so much heartbreak it's crazy if they was going to this they should have done it 7 or 8 years ago now well to late..

  2. I love them together, but I think their love was always supposed to be ships in the night. She is the “big sister” type friend he falls in love with because she helps him grow and be less naive, and then as he grows and matures he grows out of the love and moves on. He is the one she cares for, her rock that no matter what will always be there and as he gets more independent of her and she loses her life partner she starts remembering a simpler time and how she wants that back. When you miss a good friend that much (even when you’re still good friends but they have less time for you because of jobs, families, and obligations) its easy to mistake a friend-love with love-love.

  3. I like them as a couple but I don’t like that JJ hasn’t thought about her family. She would have to leave them all behind which is too complicated.

  4. Touching video but this is still so weird to me. They've been carrying a"best friend", "brother sister" relationship for most of the shows existence. Theres no doubt that the love they have is definitely unique and one of a kind but that finale came out of nowhere. JJ has a family and Will is such a great man, husband, and father. Idk this may get messy

  5. The Hallmark movies, all of them have bad background sound and at some have sound problems. Can it be fixed ? I love to watch Hallmark movies

  6. She is so out of his league. Who with a sound mind would think these two go well together? They are like siblings. No chemistry whatsoever. (I could have seen her with Morgan maybe; but not Reid). Trying to make this happen because it's the last season and Spencer "deserves a chance to be happy", is as ridiculous as when they kill a character just because an actor has been terminated. Not everyone needs crutches to walk with; not everyone needs another person to be happy. Let things flow naturally. Let things be.

  7. I’ve watched this show for so long and I can tell there is something more in their relationship. But they both know that they can’t be more then what they are.

  8. I want them to be together but JJ is not the type of person to leave will for Reid she has the perfect family dynamic and I don’t think she would ever change that

  9. This video is SO brilliantly well done. Truly amazing job you did here. I'm really really impressed!! You must have spent so so many hours and you are a really talented vidder. I'm jealous of your skill and the song choice was pretty darn perfect given what you wanted to capture and pay tribute to. You're too hard on yourself about the song!

    I believe Reid briefly in season 1 had a romantic crush on JJ and well over a decade later doesn't at all feel what she said back. I think the good liar hints were about how good she was at hiding her actual feelings of falling in love with Reid since around the time she confessed her miscarriage to him maybe. I could see her feelings for him changing since perhaps then and especially after he got out of prison, after he was made to believe he was raped, after all the recent stuff and really though I think the writers didn't decide to make JJ have an "I'm in love with you" plot toward Reid until maybe the final few episodes even of season 14. It's really annoying to me how they phrased it as "always" and not as "in love with" but just as "love" because of COURSE everyone on the BAU team for years deeply loves one another like family. The whole thing is just annoying to me on so many levels.

  10. I’ve always felt something could happen but I always thought it was one sided! Like just Reid! They Are Always The First To Check or Be There For the Other. And they Always Did Notice Something About The Other. And A Reason Why you might not notice them is because of Morgan and Garcia! They were so obvious that you barely paid attention to any other in the group relationships

  11. why can't they just find a happy ending for my boo. Poor Reid. I just want him to finally find his love and be happy!

  12. I can’t quite understand why the writers would all of a sudden turn their well established friendship into something romantic in the last season, it just makes it seem rushed and unnatural. If they really wanted them to be endgame they should have started years ago. But instead they had JJ getting married and starting a family while Spencer moved on from his crush and there has been no sign of romance between them whatsoever for years. And now all of a sudden it’s „I‘ve always loved you“, idk I just don’t buy it.

  13. Outstanding montage! I had never considered that w/Reid's eidetic memory, he would have immediately retraced every conversation and experience he and JJ shared upon hearing the revelation of her love.

  14. My two loves of the show…. i mean id love for them to really say that they do or did love each other…. but i dont see them as a couple.

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  16. Idk if she’s telling the truth. I mean for the writers/producers to put something like that out now. Maybe she did just say it to save their lives. In which case Reid is hurt but understands. Or she meant it in which case I have no idea what happens next

  17. I, was sad when they didnt develop their love storyline. She isn't into Reid, like that, though. And here I am, totally attracted to guys like Reid. Sigh.

  18. Sometimes you can’t be with the one you love the most so you have to bravely stand by and be friends. I understand totally how this is and you do this because you love them enough to not hurt them. Ugh this video was so good. I need to catch up I’m literally two season behind cause once Morgan and Hotch we’re gone I was so bummed but my favorite Reid was still there. Part of me couldn’t watch once he was out in jail…..ugh

  19. Idk, i always thought that they had so much chemestry and it feels like they're perfect for each other, But i think JJ never loved him the Same way he loves her
    And now it's too late for anything between them…

  20. I just hope in the final season they give spencer a good ending. I hope they give him someone. I’ve been hoping since Mauve.

  21. I want them to happen as much as I wanted garcia and morgan to be a thing 💖 can't believe season 15 is gonna be the last 😭

  22. All I know is since they have to end the amazing series they better do it right and put these too together where they always belonged😭😪

  23. I don't know how I feel about this. Where's Will? I haven't had regular TV for while and they won't be putting the last two seasons on Netflix. I know the guy who plays Will had been playing bad guys in other things.

  24. I have always liked them together but I never thought they were actually going to do it. I see lot of complaints from people that they are better as friends but this is just personal opinions honestly. I hope the writers are not just playing with this and give it a closure. I think that JJ will choose Will but maybe they will make her reunite with Reid in the future many years later implying they end up together. I hope they don’t kill Will or forget about the issue and just make them divorce instead.

  25. not done with s14 yet. i know this type of love and i kind of get it, theyve been through so much together, their love for each other is so intense and strong that you cant put a label on it. its platonic and its romantic and its otherworldly. they're meant for each other, but they aren't supposed to be together. it's like of like izzy and george in greys anatomy, they love each other more than anything but were never meant to be a couple. their relationship was destined to be tragic and it was never supposed to work out.

  26. k, i stopped watching after like s.6, s.7 ….. THE HECK IS THIS?!?!??! THIS IS A THING?!?!? I ALWAYS THOUGHT IT WAS A PLATONIC RELATIONSHIP!!!!!! WHAT?!?!?!?!

  27. They have so much power as platonic brother sister super tight friendship…. It feels like the writers are just trying to stir things in a messy way for the last season. … Also, both characters don't really fit the expected type psychologically.

  28. Блиин, это так классно!! :"з
    Я находила довольно много видео с их шипом, но никакое меня так не радовало и не цепляло, как это :>
    Ты очень хорошо монтируешь и я желаю тебе роста в этой сфере!

  29. Since the beginning I've always wanted them to get together, but then she married Will and had kids so I was like oh no now what??? The way they understand one another and have always been there for each other is just so beautiful. They really are twin flames. I wish the writers would have made them a thing way sooner instead of waiting till the last season. It would have been interesting to see how they would work together and maintain their relationship. A part of my heart will always ship JJ and Reid, I aim to have their kind of love one day. I'm truly going to miss this show I feel like these characters are my family.

  30. I is no one going to talk about the fact that when jj was pregnant with Hanry she look like somebody else like another actress.

  31. I’m sorry but I can’t see them as anything else but friends or brother/sister. That’s how they’ve always been played, and I hate that this has happened just out of the blue. I really hope this doesn’t happen

  32. I never saw Reid and JJ as siblings. Reid and Morgan, yes but not JJ. When Reid was arrested in Mexico Stephen Walker noticed JJ's reaction and he said "You two are close." And JJ said "He's my best friend." And while Reid was in prison two tough inmates asked him was the visiting woman (JJ) his girlfriend, and Reid said "She's my friend."

  33. Curioso essa revelação, mas sempre achei que existia um sentimento maior entre eles. Apesar de os dois sempre terem se comportado de maneira muito respeitosa!

  34. Come on| There as a feeling more han ten years ago. Now he is her sons godfather and everything. Tha ship sailed long time ago. I Just hope the writers dont do anything stupid at the end of Criminal minds.

  35. The two are just amazing together their friendship means so much more, he’s an amazing man and I adore him so much he deserves a beautiful woman like jj

  36. I've watched Reid evolve from a nerdy, shy around women, knowledge-only kid without a family who couldn't even pass his firearms test into a more confident, still young man who has had some experience with women, who teaches his knowledge part-time and who can now shoot an unsub dead so easily he now wears an ankle gun just like Morgan and Hotch did! And who has a family now with the BAU who he would now kill an unsub for! And I've watched JJ evolve from an efficient all-businesswoman press liaison in a dress suit who was shy around upper-class bullies like Strauss and who had issues with killing, dating, getting married and having a family into a tough profiler who would confront upper-class bullies like Barnes with authority and who now has a husband and family at home, and a family as well with the BAU. And she would definitely give unsub bullies hell if they mess with either of her families. She might even kill now to protect her families. Both Reid and JJ consider each other family and they both love spending time together and they both hate spending time apart from each other. Season 15 will tell us what will happen to their unbreakable bond. I want Reid and JJ happy in the end of the series whether they end up together or not.


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