Kara & Cat • My Guardian Angel


So… My 10:15 Tell me why you’re so special. I’m not… special… i’m not special. Except that I am extremely committed. Here’s your latte… hot. I care. If you wanted, I could watch Carter overnight? I never should have let you take him in the first place. I am a hard worker. I work so hard for you! and all you do is yell at me and tell me I’m not good enough and it’s mean! Why are you so mean? I just want to help. What do you want? You know how sometimes, people just want to help other people? I’m going to fix this… I promise. My secret weapon, my guardian angel. It was nothing. Oh… no it was something. It was something extraordinary. You are smart, and talented, and astonishing, and how many more times I am going to have to tell this for you to accept who you are? You’re safe now Ms. Grant. What took you so long? Thanks for your help. Oh, you’re welcome Supergirl. Supergirl, has faith in us. You showed me, that there was another way to be strong. By having faith in people. So let’s have a little faith in her. You gave them hope today. I know that you inspired them, because… you inspired me. You inspire me Kara. I can see the hero within you. This place… Is more important to me than you realise. whenever I’m confused or overwhelmed I come in your office and you somehow sense it. It’s like your superpower. And the truth is, I need you now more than I ever have. Can I just sit here for a little while? Of course. Whatever I do next, will be easier because of everything you taught me. In order to live, we must keep daring. Keep diving. What do you mean? Like… Like into a lake? Honestly, she should be paying me by the hour. I admire you Ms. Grant. It’s scary, leaving the life you’ve known. Pretty sure you can do anything Ms.Grant. There’s a lot I don’t know about you and that should probably change. Kiera, I can spot the extraordinary pretending to be a nobody in my midst just like that! Do me a favour and take off your glasses. I can’t, I’d be blind without them! I doubt that. All this time you’ve been prancing around my office pretending to be someone you’re not! I warned you about going after Supergirl. Why is she different? I can’t leave this place. It’s not just a secret identity to me. National City may have lost faith in Supergirl, but I haven’t and you shouldn’t either. You have taught me that hope, is stronger than fear. and because of you I started letting people in. I even opened myself up to my assistant Kiera, who helped me have a relationship with my son again. Thank you. You’ve changed me. And I am not easy to change. Everything’s changing so fast. I know we all need change, but we need friends too. I’m just trying to say, thank you. For being and amazing mentor… and friend. You have the biggest heart of anyone I know. Well, you’ve made quite the impression on me too Kiera. You have integrity to right wrongs, and see justice done. You, will rise to the occasion. I really believe that you can change the world. Just be Supergirl. That’s all anyone’s ever needed from you. Be safe Supegirl. Let me begin by saying thank you… for all the help that you’ve given me. Supergirl.


  1. Man that ending hit me right in the Supercat feels. I ship them as a mentor/friendship as well and you highlight that so well here that it definitely makes me miss Cat more than ever. Amazing video <3

  2. I miss them so much, I love their friendship. I hope we'll see more of cat on second half of the season.

  3. This was beautiful and it gave me so many feels. Your timing and voice overs were excellent, such a good and moving edit. Props to you! Seriously one of my favourite fan vids in this fandom, great job! <3

  4. I miss the good old Catcop days. I wouldn't mind if Kara decided to quit her job, which was in season 1 not even an option because I couldn't imagine Supergirl without her daily job

  5. OMGGG OMGGG I cried!!! This is soooo SOOO soooooo GOOOD. Like one of the best videos that I've seen of yours so far!!!! I did not want it to end gosh I miss Cat Grant!! I wish she cudve been working for supergirl in Vancouver! Hope we get to see her soon

  6. One question tho.. How the heck can you manage university and video editing at the same time?! Doesn't it take you long to make video edits? Cuz it surely takes me forever. So I don't even bother during university

  7. this brought me to tears a little bit! their relationship is so, so beautiful, I hope Cat is back for season 3 because I missed it!

  8. So glad Cat is coming back! After she left and Maxwell Lord there's kind of no human power element anymore, it's all supernatural.

  9. i don’t ship these two at all, but i just love how safe cat makes kara feels and vice versa. they’re each other’s guardian’s angels and that’s beautiful

  10. She's my hero she's my inspiration she's the one I look up to. When James said to Kara was " You don't need powers to be a superhero just be you" i give my blood to save lives and i did i saved 6 lives. Im a hero I have faith in Supergirl

  11. Just caught myself crying watching this video!
    I miss cat so much I really don't liked her in the beginning but now i miss her so much!

  12. Kara and Cat may have had a rocky start as a boss-assistant relationship; but there's no denying: they've both come a very long ways since then — and Cat has definitely become a second mother to Kara, as both herself and Supergirl. Cat has been not only Kara's corporate superior, but also her guide. It's not everyday when a corporate relationship evolves into a more personal one, is it? All in all, thanks for sharing!

  13. I love that they have a cute friendship deep down. I loved that you look at different characters together and these clips were perfectly chosen!! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
    It’s so devastating that she left 😔

    It’s nice that she has a chance to be vulnerable and human somewhere and that’s Catco: her life not her powers.

  14. I want Cat back!!!! She shows up sometimes but not that much and I loved her and Kara together because GIRL POWER and they have the best friendship EVER!!!! I wish she would be on the show all the time again

  15. Kara's basically an orphan, as far as we'd know at the time of this video's season(s); some people would call this show a "feminist show", I firmly disagree, at least on its nature- she's an orphan from a destroyed planet who's merely trying to survive in a foreign planet.That's her story in a nutshell: an orphan who's trying to survive in a foreign planet when her home planet was blown to bits due to energy extraction mistakes her people made.


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