Kevin the Sales Associate at Saskatoon International Furniture Wholesalers

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I would like to introduce you to our new sales
associate, Kevin! Hey guys it’s Chet from International Furniture
here in Saskatoon. Have a great opportunity to introduce you
to Kevin, our new digital sales associate. Kevin is a kiosk that houses a whole bunch
of product for us. Right now we have over 8000 different items
in there from clearance items to specials, promo’s. All that great stuff that we can’t necessarily
put on the floor. So for example, touch screen 42″, very easy
to utilize. Um, you come into our shop, you’re looking
around for a coffee table, for example. I have about 20 on the floor. I’ve got another 100 in here. All you got to do is access the area you’re
looking for. Living room, occasional. Go into cocktails. There’s currently 111 in there. And we got pages upon pages upon pages of
different options for you. You can open the item up. Select it. Have a big screen. You can even email it or text it to yourself. Add it to the basket and compare everything
down the way. Looking for a queen bed? No problem. We have about 15 to show ya’. You want to see a few more? Go back into the main category. We have bedroom suites, which are…. bedroom,
beds. Currently 116 different queen beds. Again lots of options, lots of things to pick
from. So we got some great features with Kevin. We have unlimited options for production selection. He’s fast, he’s quick, um, he never gets sick. He’s here everyday for ya’ and no high pressure
sales. So Kevin’s here to enhance your shopping experience. You gotta’ come and meet him!


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