Knight Transportation: New School Truckers | Trucker Scott Longtin


my name is Scott Longtin and I’m a
professional driver for Knight Refrigerated. I’ve been driving for a
little over two and a half years actually I started in the apartment
maintenance industry and HVAC was kind of my forte.
You could say, so I decided
to get out of maintenance and specialize only in HVAC HVAC by trade for almost 10
years yeah I mean it was good summertime pay days but it just got a little too
cutthroat and just kind of needed something needed a change in my life
needed something with a little more freedom
I made the decision one day in Southern California to look for a trucking school found knight and fell in love. I enjoy life on the road it’s a lot of time for thinking a
lot of time for me kind of a wouldn’t say loner but I enjoy my time I always
like to say I’m an old-school trucker with a new school twist the technology
that we have out there I use it to its fullest there is no more just getting in
the truck and driving I still believe that we should be sticking together as
drivers out there it’s just it’s respecting everything on the road
including the other drivers I take pride in my truck my my ride is my workhorse
this truck is a reflection of me out there and night my experience here has
been absolutely phenomenal I’ve got a great driver manager I think he’s the
best he keeps me running you know we work well together they take care of
their drivers they take care of their employees that’s a big plus on my phone
the best thing I can give advice to new drivers an older driver looking for
somewhere else to go talk to other night drivers I mean that’s what I did before
I got came over here I’d stop on the truck stop talk to the knight guy a lot
of them had no complaints about Knight


  1. Knight was a decent company to drive for 👍🏻 Only complaint I would say is the sliding pay scale 👎🏻 I never liked the short puddle jumping runs that pay more $ per mile that a coast to coast.

  2. Do you help people get their CDL? Could someone in South West Virginia get on with your company? I love the Knight trucks they are beautiful.

  3. Good short video I'm really thinking about joining knight I'm kind of tired of where I'm working at no money I'm 35 years old I need a better career.

  4. Nice message, Scott. And, Trucker Steve, really good work with the production. I checked out some of your other videos and I really like the message on "I am Trucker Steve". Looking forward to the possibility of meeting you guys out on the road or at a terminal sometime.

  5. Buenas tardes quisiera preguntarle si es posible iniciar en la escuela para operario de tractocamion y que requisitos se deben presentar


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