LEGO Ultra Agents 70165 Mission HQ set review! Summer 2014

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hey there Lego fans it’s Jang from Jang
bricks comm with a look at a Lego summer 2014 set from the ultra agents line this
is the ultra agents mission HQ headquarters comes with 1061 zero six
zero pieces alright the first thing we got to talk about here is the name of
this set because ultra agents mission HQ standing for headquarters I don’t see
any headquarters here I just see a Gigantor tractor-trailer truck and this
is supposed to be in minifig scale and when you consider that that’s the size
of a mini fake wow this thing really is huge well let’s look into just why it is
so huge first thing I want to do is separate these two sections and they
have a very nice very very nice mechanism for doing that it’s just a
lever on the side and you just flick it and it puts down the stand for the
trailer section you can just drive the truck right off you can also reach the
whole thing by just you know put a low pressure in the back and just there you
go see it just locks itself up that is now going to go with you so that’s very
nice but for right now then unhitch these let’s look at the cab section
first this is unique and I respect that it is brave to make something that looks
like this to make something that is so huge and so odd they’ve really come up
with their own really unique kind of feel for this theme it’s a cool thing I
like the colors I like the use of Trance light blue against the black you know
it’s got a stealthy kind of feel to it it’s got an electrical feel to it it’s a
little bit futuristic it’s a little bit underground just a really interesting
shapes used here in general has some hidden features to it with some
interesting pieces use some interesting technique pieces that haven’t been used
very much combined with some newer pieces so they’ve got the spring loaded
shooters in here these two little orange bits that are sitting just sticking out
just a little bit you can activate those
shooters from the side with just a lever here see my thumb yep just shoots right
out and you get three of these in total very easy to reload these things and
that’s just a very convenient mechanism for actually shooting stuff definitely
worth checking out the parts list for this set for anybody even if you’re not
interested in purchasing the set just check out the parts list see some of the
stuff that’s included in here including some silver parts you’ll see metallic
silver parts used throughout the set and then you know obviously the cab is going
to be something that you’ll open up from the top this is just going to rotate
open and well such a big truck but only room for one single minifigure that’s a
little bit awkward to me but I’ll go with it for now let’s see what else this
set has to offer well first of all this thing is just kind of rattling around
well that is a drone a little surveillance slash attack drone that
will come off and then these open up like so very nice little folding folding
wings on there and it’s a basic build but it looks pretty cool I think three
stickers used on such a small little thing now that’s a little bit awkward
metallic silver right there and right there
I believe that’s the first time those pieces have been made in those colors
you could actually hook this thing up with a minifigure if you wanted to and
they figure can sit in there you know it’s just another option for how to use
this kind of use it as a Skye’s scooter or you can just use it by itself just
have it flying itself the trailer I am told is where all the action is but it
kind of looks like a oblong Borg cube to me
just fairly nondescript with some grating on the outside you know some
random kind of textures and more stickers used on this thing hey
thirty-four stickers used on the set in total it’s ridiculous the number of
stickers that they ask you to apply with this thing this just doesn’t look all
that interesting to me but it is able to open up bring this little satellite dish
back pull this part open that’s going to allow me to get a finger under
here get a finger under here good finger back here start opening this stuff up
start opening this stuff up and then just pull these halves apart they’re
actually attached with a couple of Technic pin x’ basically and all is is
just going to fold open and this is just crazy all this is going to fold open
more things opening it’s like lights and panels and this comes up and this slides
out and HQ getting closer with this thing over here on the left you’ve got
basically a mission briefing area where you’ve got a big ol screen with all
sorts of details about cases that you’re working on right now you’ve got seating
these seats here actually going to fold out when you when you open things you
bring those out to give you a little bit extra room to see stuff you’ve also got
a little control station over here with a single seat that can go around and
access this panel on this side you’ve got another panel on this side that’s
doing some tracking showing the vehicle from the hurricane heist set is up on
the screen there and that’s probably just showing you some surveillance data
that’s being brought down via satellite possibly from one of the drones that’s
out there gathering intelligence from the field and then you’ve got a little
armory there with a couple of the galaxy squad style of a little little kind of
space pistols there and you’ve also got a set of binoculars it just took a
walkie talkie off from there and this is actually a small little crane that folds
out so this can fold up this can fold out and that’s actually a pretty
cool-looking small little thing I really like the way that that’s that’s built
over here is a specimen and evidence analysis desk with a a scanning
microscope there with a display that’s coming up on this really trick oval oval
shaped partially transparent clear display very nice very futuristic and
see they’ve just got a slide there under the microscope now I forgot to mention
that as of the time of this video there’s no official Lego information
that’s been published as yet for these sets so I
don’t have the full description of exactly the official names of everything
and later on folks will be seeing this after those official things come out and
you will have to forgive me because again I just didn’t have access to that
information so I’m doing the best that I can with what I’ve got now this is a
nice little just a small extra vehicle that you can launch you can really
launch that because we’ve got this mechanism back here put a minifigure in
there and then just hit this oh wow that is really gonna launch out quickly this
is a nice little thing it’s small open-topped but i like the design of it
i think it looks cool it’s got flipped fire missiles on it so you can shoot you
can change the angles of those done with a very small number of parts very very
effective very cost-effective I would say there and this thing is going to
stay in place really well even when this is fold up fold it up remember what
you’re looking at here down here on the base I folded that down from the side so
this is actually the side one of the sidewalls of the trailer down here on
the ground now here’s another weapon this is one of those starlings first
introduced with Star Wars weapons with a little flinging action to it so you
actually can hold this in the hand of a minifigure and if you want to shoot you
actually shoot any of those little little one by 1 round bricks just push
down on the top shoots that out they don’t give you any extra ammo with this
set up there’s one extra that you kind of collect just a couple of panels here
with some some stickers on them again more stickers and just kind of
indicating stuff is going on you know computer panels you’ve got an isolation
chamber over here and this has got some some act activity monitors on it these
are actually really nice stickers as one on either side you can pick these up and
use this for isolating a criminal that you catch in here you know just keep
them all nice and locked up and also do testing on them while they’re in there
you can see the little sticker here that indicates that this thing is locked you
can also take this out so when you’re done
you know trend which done with your transport you can take out this whole
entire module without removing the specimen or the the individual who’s
been captured inside of there and everything else is pretty much just kind
of fluff just adding to size and space and contributing to the walls of the
trailer you know stuff that’s important for just keeping it all covered up I
think it looks pretty good overall once it’s all folded open like this it’s
pretty trick that they were able to get so it’s just so much stuff just combined
all together into one little box or I guess it’s a big box huh oh one other
thing I didn’t show you you’ve got a little slot over here where you’re able
to hold on to a laptop opening that up you see they actually have an exclusive
little sticker used on the screen of that showing some file of the file
folder probably some information about a suspect or us a person or thing of
interest just for the heck of it let’s go ahead and show in real time the
process of closing all of this up of course you’ve got to fold your little
crane down make sure that’s out of the way make sure that this is stowed
properly and now we’re ready to go or start going to just start flipping
everything up getting it all together everything is really attached right from
here and back here those two spots they line up pretty well you just have to
push them together and once you do that’s pretty much just defining the
width of the whole trailer and then you can just fold all these other things in
make sure that they don’t interfere with each other make sure this is out of the
way fold that down for that down hold these together fold these together you
don’t really need to do any kind of locking thing let’s go ahead and turn
this there you go done now for extra credit roll this up lock it in place and
drive off we’ll look at the minifigures in a minute but this in this in the seat
of this mech here is terabyte it was the main bad guy it was included with this
set the main antagonist and this is his two legged walker mech a little bit of a
different build the norm has articulation in the in the
arms so you can just see the ball joints right there you’ve also got one joint
right there one joint there nothing for the knee so the knee is completely
static but it is still able to do some posing this looks good from every angle
I’m very happy about that it has a pretty even amount of texture and detail
all the way around it also very consistent color scheme this is nicely
done I actually like this it could have used some armor or something over this
you know with a slightly longer ball and socket constraction
piece there but I think that for what they’re going for in size this works out
pretty well this guy also has a drone right the ultra agents have drone
this guy has drone too it’s able to deploy this small little thing from the
back here you can change the angles of the wings if you’d like to bring them up
like that or if you’d like to angle them down like that get a little bit of the
Star Wars advent calendar microscale kind of a dropship kind of look going
there except for the front bit but yeah it’s just an another nice small little
thing this is pretty cool we’ve got the big ol claw which you can actually
rotate you can control that from here rotate that around spin it you open
these up you can really just grab large things with this you can even grab a
minifigure it’s got some some really the inverse of a stud back there stud
receptacle you want to connect something to it but you can easily hold on to a
minifigure and take it away also has this very large shooter here which is
able to shoot out these large spherical shots and there are two of those
included in here these are very effective and very easy to come by so if
you’ve got these in other other colors from other lines you can easily
interchange them again more stickers sticker here so you’re on the other side
other side sticker up here fortunately that there is not a sticker but let’s go
ahead and take a look at the minifigures now shall we left to right agent Curtis
bolt agent Kyla Phoenix professor Kristina hi drew
agent Solomon blaze and terabyte yes I did say agent Solomon blaze as in that
Solomon blaze yes you galaxy squad fans out there it’s the same one they
actually put this into the same time line in the same universe as galaxy
squad and this is an older version of Solomon blaze after he left the galaxy
squad looks like he may have gotten injured and gotten some some you know
kind of cyborg sort of implants for one of his legs to help patch him up all
these have interesting prints on the fronts and I especially like this one
here that’s a very useful piece you can use with city sets and this one’s just
really cool to just just old you know you get that it not even eight Bailey
4-bit style of print on the front very nicely stylized turning these around you
can see more interesting prints on the backs except Phoenix over here she’s got
a big old jet pack using a cool new piece so let me take that off so you can
see more again another sticker used on this one this is a nice little assembly
made possible by this new piece this new black piece right here new for summer
2014 you’ll see that in a number of sets now and into the future
and there’s a look underneath so you can see her torso a little better and all of
these figures except for terabyte have secondary faces now I want you to take a
closer look at terrabytes headgear his special helmet that is a new piece and
it is really interesting nice detail on it stud on the side there the most
interesting thing here is that it’s made with two plastics
you’ve got the gunmetal grey color and then you’ve got the transparent green
also or is it bright green a little tough to tell because it’s kind of
darkened another stud on this side but you can just see the light going through
that the kind of eyes on the front the light is actually going through there
refracting reflecting and being transmitted through it that is a
fascinating piece you can see a little bit of the green
coming down into the shadow beneath such a fascinating thing I really like that
and that’s what terabyte looks like without the helmet on the key takeaway
here for me is that they have wrapped a whole lot of stuff into a truck trailer
for all this to be minifig scale still really blows my mind especially for the
truck cap to only hold one minifigure that’s really really weird but you know
what there are a lot of great pieces and when I look at this I look at mostly the
pieces because me particularly personally I’m not all that interested
in this theme but I’m really interested in learning the different building
techniques and I love all these different pieces that we get we get the
silver parts we get the trans bright green parts we get lots of good stuff
unusual stuff in black we get very useful parts in trans light blue we get
some of the new ball joint pieces the smaller ball joint pieces it’s really a
treasure trove of really interesting pieces to me personally so for me it was
still worth it I’m still going to take this thing apart and use all the pieces
to make different stuff what would you do with this set though if you have this
or if you have it go ahead and share a little comment just saying what you
think about it and why you like it I’m assuming that if you have it that you
like it or if you’re just considering whether to buy it or not it’s also good
to hear different people’s feedback just you know what are your thoughts in
general about the set I’m going to go build some more stuff so that I can
bring you more of my thoughts about more different sets and like I said I will be
taken apart lots of stuff to make more custom builds which will go into my
multiple lego cities and layouts and you can follow everything that I do is Lego
related on my blog at Jang bricks comm so I hope to see you there and I want to
see you back here on YouTube very soon because my next video is right around
the corner bye for now


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