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hey guys my name is Alex Ryan welcome
back it’s good to have you here for another video today’s video we’re gonna
be looking at what do you need to do what are the first steps that you need
to take if you have an existing retail shop or a business you’re selling
clothing or selling bric-a-brac or whatever product as long as it is a
physical product what are the steps involved in getting your physical
product onto Amazon Australia or Amazon USA so in today’s video we’re going to
be discussing that and much more stay with me welcome back guys it’s good to have you
here so if you have you just found out about me or you’ve never seen me you
don’t know me from bar soap I have been around for about 10 years doing
import/export so teach people how to find great quality products and how to
get them in and how to sell them retail how to sell them online how to sell on
Amazon and and much more and I’m also author of how to import
from trying to make a fortune so how to find great quality products and launch
them on sites like Amazon and today guys today’s video is all about what are the
steps that you need to take right now so you may be at a journey where you have a
retail shop you’ve got products you’ve got a big stock line maybe you have your
own brand maybe you have your own brand right now you could be selling your
retail in a shop maybe in the West fields maybe you’re selling it on a
website right now whatever the reason but you want to take your existing
products existing brand existing stuff that you already have and put that onto
Amazon so what are the first steps step number one you need to decide what
products you want to list on Amazon right so if you have a thousand items
you may only want to list ten products you may want to maybe one list a hundred
products right you may want mr. more right but whatever reason whatever one
you wanna do just decide how many you want to list on Amazon because you may
not want to list them or you may know right now that’s like four or five of
those products out of every you know that the top ten products are the ones
that are the bestsellers right now so wouldn’t it make sense to just list
those three or four products and just get those on Amazon get them selling and
then focus on the other products later on
so that’s what the decision you need to make right now is right which products
do you want to list on Amazon okay so it could be and we’ve worked with
businesses that do have got five products all the way up to five hundred
products even a thousand products right different product lines different
variations of the whole thing different colors and that’s what you’re looking to
as well right you may have a red dress but you’ll have a small dress small red
dress medium red dress large red dress you know extra large plus size right so
you met that’s four different variations that you’ve got to account for on Amazon
all right so one product essentially one SKU is essentially four all right we’re
getting a little bit technical now but these this is where you have to decide
how many products are you going to list on Amazon so
first of all decide any product second or which basically which products you
want to do focus on your bestsellers to begin with right get the ones out that
are currently selling right now all right if something’s been at the back of
the shop for four for three months it’s collecting dust and it looks like a
Roman antiquity right do not sell that product right because
it’s very unless you run the numbers unless it’s unless you run the numbers
on it and this is something you have to do right well folks out there’s a next
step don’t focus on the stuff is actually selling right now in your store
it’s gonna be much easier get that a running and then later on list the list
the roman antiquity alright or list of the dusty the dusty product number three
is you need to run the numbers this is so important guys you’ve got to run the
numbers on the products right how do you know if the product right now is
currently selling right on Amazon Australia or even Amazon USA depending
on where you want to sell it right that’s number four we’ll get back to in
a second right but where are what are the numbers on the product right what
does the existing turnover and you can find this out on tools online and we
actually teach you how to go about doing this as well
but how what are the tools are so what what are the numbers so what is what’s a
turnover what’s the reviews right now how many people selling this particular
product what is their BS standing for bestseller rank right what’s the in
terms of competition right how many sales are they doing a month all this
sort of stuff can be taken it can be found out using some online tools all
right so we actually show you how to go about doing that as well alright and and
basically step number four is decide which marketplace you want to sell your
products maybe it’s just Amazon Australia and you know what that’s fine
you can just sell on Amazon Australia if you want in fact there’s products here
they’re doing incredibly well you may want to sell an Amazon USA you may want
to do both right but a lot of our students are one of the clients that we
work with they end up doing both they sell a lot on the Amazon USA 80% of our
stock and 20% in Australia whereas if you have an existing retail store and
you’re already doing good numbers you may want to just so in Australia however
you may want to also reach out so there’s nothing stopping you from
fulfilling or what we call shipping your products so when you make a sound in the
USA you can ship your products directly to your customer
so all you can arrange for an and the Amazon warehouse to do that for you all
right and that brings me to the last step
decide are you going to fulfill yourself which fbmc stands for fulfilled by
merchant fulfilled by merchants or are you going to be FBA fulfilled by Amazon
you can actually stock your products on the Amazon warehouse for and when orders
come in they will fulfill those orders to your customers so they’ll send it out
to your customer and fulfill it handle any paperwork shipping returns admin
headaches invoicing tracking the whole thing right they handle everything for
you that’s what you pay them for right and this is just basically decide are
you gonna fulfill the orders yourself or are you going to enable someone else to
fulfill them for you all right so Copts up a couple of quick questions right
these guys these are top questions to ask yourself if you’re ready to get
something started Amazon you need to ask yourself these questions I don’t forget
guys check out our website we’ve got a free video series we’ve actually got a
they’ve got a PDF download as well that you can get we’ve got a free video
series there which sort of gives you a content showing you how to go about the
steps involved in getting your product onto Amazon getting your brand onto
Amazon I would love to see you there I would love to help you so check it out
amz product launcher comdata you go there right now give us a call in the
office as well zero to eight thousand and three seven five three four the
numbers on the screen down here and down over there right give us a call zero two
eight thousand and three seven five three four and that’s how Australian
number I’m based in Sydney I love to help you get started on Amazon and I’d
love to help you list your existing products your existing retail brand and
your existing basically whatever you have in stock right now I can help you
get that onto Amazon my name is eletronics dr you guys have a fantastic
day talk to you real soon bye bye for now


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