LiveParcels Demo: Find parcel tracking history.

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In this video, I am going to show you how you can find the parcel by entering its parcel ID or the customer reference code. So, let’s try to find this parcel. Order7Parcel1 Now, we go to the home page. You see this box here. All you need to do is enter the parcel ID. Click submit. And there you go. The second method to find the same parcel is by using the customer reference number (code) that the customer have entered when they placed the order. Now, let’s go back to the home page again. Enter the customer reference code. And click submit. There you go. Now, let’s see what happens when we have duplicate customer reference code in the parcels. When there is duplicate, you will see a search engine and it will list out all the parcels that have the same customer reference code. If you have been paying attention, you will noticed that I did not login when I was doing this parcel tracking. This means anyone on the internet can type in the code and look at the tracking history of the parcel. On this search engine page, to see the tracking history of the parcel, all you need to do is click on the title of the parcel. You will enter the page that has the tracking history of the parcel. This is the complete tracking history of the parcel if you did not login. If you scroll up the page, you can see this parcel is created by the postpaid1 account. So, let’s see what the tracking history shows when we login to the postpaid1 account. We see a lot more information than we had just now because postpaid1 account created this parcel. So, he has the permission to see all the information he has entered to make sure it is correct. If we scroll down, we can see there are more details in the parcels update as well. We have the upload date and time, transaction date and time, we can see who submitted the update or the tracking history. We can see the driver that is allocated to pick up the parcel as scheduled. We can see the location that is recorded when the status update is created. You can see the comments that the driver have wrote. If we scroll down, we can also see the signature that the driver have obtained when he deliver the parcel. Obviously, if you are the administrator or the driver, you will have access to the level of information as the person who have placed this order. If you created the parcel on your account, there is another way you can find it. Let’s go up all the way to the top. Go to my parcels. Here, you can see a list of all the parcels you have ordered on this account. And at the top, there is a filter you can use to quickly find your parcel. Rather than going through the entire list, you can find by using the order date. By typing in the parcel name if you know what it is. By searching using the customer reference number (code). Or you can also use the status of the parcel.


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