Logistics Leaders: How World Courier’s innovation meets industry developments

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As the most trusted specialty logistics company
in the world, our clients often come to us with a challenge saying, “We have the need,
can you meet it?” We never walk away. We always think, can we make this happen? A good example of this is Cocoon. We had a manufacturing client come to us in
Europe and say, “We have a complex supply chain that requires us moving API from Europe
to the U.S. and we want to use World Courier. The only problem is, we want it to be cheaper,
but we don’t want any less quality.” Rather than walk away, we spent two years
designing what is now called Cocoon, which met this challenge. It is lighter, which means it’s lower cost,
but also has higher performance, which means it’s higher quality. This is really the ethos of World Courier
and one of many examples where we’ve taken an unmet client need and driven a solution.


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