magnet -ᴛʀᴀsʜ ᴠᴇʀ.- (English Cover)【JubyPhonic♡ rachie】


Juby: Burning me inside, you’re the fire raging through a lonely heart Turning you away wasn’t even possible right from the start Sent upon the wings of a tweet that seemed a little desperate “Would you maybe sing with me? I know we’ve never met! ; ; ” “LOL who is this? God, I get these all the time” “Then again, her sub count is pretty high…” Feeding through me since that day was something wrong but felt so right I had to hit reply Why do you always run away whenever I’m texting you bae? Was I a game to you? No, you only play Love Live anyway Singing really high and making out- well, that’s a lie Because I’m gay for you only as a friend who would like to still find a guy “You know, standing next to you Rachie, I always kinda felt like a pedophile, ‘cuz you’re so short and all, but you know I’m not into that, right? RIGHT?” Rachie:
‘Top or bottom?’ That’s not the problem! How did this come up again? Hosting a livestream on google hangouts with our two best friends Everything was going so smoothly right until I messed it up “Hey, I’m Juby’s girlfriend!’ I said and broke the comment box Now I know the simple thing I did that day Was a mistake that I regret till today We’re as straight as boards, I know you know that too So why do I pretend I’m gay for you!?! Why did we ever call on Skype? You should’ve left the call that night But, no, you didn’t and now we’ve got ourselves in a mess, alright Shippers left and right, making me question my whole life But though it’s painful to say out loud the truth is I only love 2D guys… “You know Juby, you know juby, it may be a picture but it’s really misleading, you don’t have a nice butt, but you do have nice boobs, the day I found out was really disappointing, but I’m flexible so it doesn’t really matter, *weird giggle*” “Juby~….Let me touch your boobies…” Maybe someday when this all has passed us by And a guy is the only thing on your mind Could you keep me in your thoughts,? Remember me until the end Unless he has a friend ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Rachie: What? Both: Why do you always run away whenever I’m texting you bae? Was I a game to you? No, this isn’t straight from an anime Singing really high and making fun of every line Because I’m straighter than I can even say but they keep trying Pairing us this way, and praying each and everyday But when I look at you and your freaky face, I know I’m not gay Laughing through the fights, forgetting homework due that night You’re such a weeaboo, girl you’ve got no life, but I don’t hate you all the time Juby – I think you just, kinda stay here Rachie – Soo, when’s your prom date gonna pick you up? Juby – Um, I drive, actually Rachie – Because I was wondering if you could pick me up? Could you take me home? Thanks! Juby – I got things to do Rachie – No? Uh okay.. Make sure to support rachie and JubyPhonic! Eng subs by safa_alpaca and KittenWhiskerZ!


  1. Omg i was listining my list of song then i heard magnet piano firsr then 2 min in then i thought "wait is this how the lyric play" then i saw the name and i was like omg then laugh

  2. my girlfriend was playing this in the car and i thought it was just magnet then i listened to lyrics and started to question everything

  3. Oh gosh, when I watched this for the first time (like 1 year ago, when I found vocaloid and fell in love with them), I wasn't very good at english, and I thought this was a normal cover of Magnet…. And now, I'm planning to make a version of this with my friend, because almost my whole class is shipping us…. Of course, we are not going to put it in youtube, but we probably will sing it to our class cuz…. why not? And sorry for my bad english..

  4. "were both as straight as broads"
    well depending how you cut the board it can be either straight or curly. i fucking love this btw

  5. Also this is a friend basically about me and this other person except we aren’t attracted but like the same sex

  6. Juby and rachie: makes a parody version of magnet to tell everyone why they shouldnt ship them
    Everyone: omg lets ship them

  7. Oh my God that was awesome and hilarious! Supposed to be studying for my final that's in an hour but I couldn't help laughing for half an hour over this XD hhahahahaa

  8. that sad moment when you wanna do a duet of this with ur bff/crush
    but u know it's never gonna happen because (long story)

  9. 1:44 How direct was that !? ;-;
    Ow, ow, ow, ow- You call this junk !? this.. this This is so beautiful ;w;
    without just having more things like these U/w/U

  10. Juby x Rachie is much like Sonic x Shadow.

    There are those who draw the line, and then there are those people who cross it.

  11. Ok, I gotta say I loved this, but I gotta ask: who else wants these two to do a cover of the real Magnet song? I want to hear that badly.


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