Mailchimp + Woocommerce integration. How to connect them together


– In this video we’re
going to be connecting WooCommerce to MailChimp. This will basically add a little
opt-in box to your checkout so that when someone ticks that, they can join your newsletter when they’re placing their order. So, let’s take a look. (calming piano music) Hello, it’s Alex here from WPEagle. Thanks for watching. So in this video we’re going to be connecting WooCommerce to MailChimp. We’re going to use a
simple plugin to do this and it will enable us to
collect the email addresses from our customers when
they place their orders via the checkout. It’s a nice little opt-in box
so it’s all compliant and that with CAN-SPAM and spam laws
and all of that sort of stuff. It’s really easy to set-up
so let’s get on the computer and get it done. Okay, so I’m over at the site that we’re going to be
setting up with MailChimp. It’s a WooCommerce site, obviously, (chuckles) otherwise it wouldn’t work and so what were going to do is hook it up so that when people checkout they’re able to opt-in to
our newsletter basically, and onto our MailChimp list. So in another tab I’ve
logged into MailChimp. The first thing I’m going to do is actually is create a new list. So let’s go into Lists and then click Create List, oh wait, and Create List and call it Website Customers and then I still need to
fill in all this stuff. Here we go. So you may already have a list set-up which is obviously fine, all that is good. Click… Don’t actually need
that, because we’ll know because it’ll be all
of us and that’s fine. So we got a brand new
list, so that’s great. That’s what we’re going
to put our customers into. So if I go back to the
website, I’m already logged in, I’m gonna go to the Dashboard and then Plug-ins and Add New. The plug-in we’re going to
be using is a free plug-in. Then you type in here WooCommerce MailChimp, and it’s this one here
that comes up first. Click Install Now. That’s just gonna install, it’s done, and then we’ll click Activate and that should be done. So now if we go into
WooCommerce and Settings, there’s a new tab over
here called MailChimp. So let’s have a look in there. What we need first is
our MailChimp API key so back into MailChimp, and then we need to go
up here into Profile, and I believe it’s an Extras. That was a good guess, yep, API keys and then, here is my key here. I’ve already created one, so if you haven’t got one you need to click create a key there. I’m just going to copy this and go back to the website, paste it in and it’s going to do some stuff. Then it’s connected, a
little tick, that’s great. Then we select the list which is what I just created,
so, Website Customers, and you can enable Double
Opt-In if you want. So we can subscribe
customers automatically or we can ask for permission. Now I think Ask for Permission is probably the best way to do it if you want to keep
everything kind of aboveboard, and so that customers
know what’s going on, but you might not want to. You might just want to put them all in and if they don’t like it they can always unsubscribe, can’t they? But I’ll leave it for Ask
for Permission right now so we can have a look at the checkbox. Then we can decide where
you want the checkbox. So let’s just click Save Changes. Then if we go to the
website and have a look and go for the checkout we
should see the new tick box. So here’s my checkout. Let’s go to the checkout. That’s my basket, sorry,
let’s go to checkout. Okay, so here we go. If we scroll down, right
down at the bottom here we’ve got a Subscribe to
our Newsletter tick box, which is ticked by default, which is good. So that’s it, that’s it, we’re done. So now if anyone places an order and obviously if they leave that ticked, if they untick it they won’t, but if they leave it ticked, they will be added to our MailChimp. So that’s it, easy as that. Nice quick video,
hopefully you’re all done, but if you get stuck or
you got any questions, please leave them in the comments below. If you like this video then
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WebPress related stuff. Until next time, bye for now. (upbeat pop music)


  1. Hey what do you think about the new Google Keyword planner update? It shows a range rather than exact numbers. Can you suggest a diffetent keyword tool?

  2. i have connect my mailchimp and woocommerce store, but i did't get any subscriber email in my mailchimp account? please help?

  3. Great vid! Question: Does this plugin work still?
    Does this plugin have the ability to add a click to subscribe to newsletter on checkout ?
    Thanks in advance!

  4. Agree great vid. Does this work with Woozone cart for amazon affiliates? Just set the above thinking it would work on my cart but im guessing its for people using woocommerce carts only. Shame as I'd like to get this working with Woozone check out also. Cheers

  5. Thank you! Great video!
    Quick question: How do I create a list or segment to separate people who sign up at checkout on a website and those who sign up for the giveaway newsletter on the same website? I want to be able to send each a specific campaign and also be able to send them the same campaign.
    Look forward to your response!

  6. Hello all! I love the tutorial, but tell me – what is a "Mandrill" API code used for? I could take the time to look it up, but maybe you have a ready answer? Thanks for everything, it's helped a bunch!

  7. Thanks for the video, but, this doesn't help at all. What about segmenting users by purchase history? what about syncing products and orders (both new and old)? there's so much more to learn. sorry but i need more

  8. Is there a way that customers can unsubscribe from there My Account settings? Looking for that online, but cant find it anywhere… also when Im logged in and already made a order.. after I do a new order de subscription in mailchimp goes to unsubscribed, any idea how thats possible?

  9. Is there a way to notify people when item back in stock? When out of stock they can leave their email and be notified when back in stock again automatically? How to set up or integrate on e-commerce site using WordPress?

  10. Great video. It's helped me a lot. I have a question. Which payment gateway for accepting credit card do you use on your website? Do you have any tutorial how to add payment gateway to website?


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