Making money from home on bed bath and beyond using oaxray to resell on Amazon fba online arbitrage

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Hello everyone this is Ted with OAXRAY and
today we’re going to go over how you can use OAXRAY on bath& So here we are on bath&, the
first thing I want to do is move over to Ebates and see if they have anything and it looks
like Ebates you get 1% cashback which is not much but every penny counts especially when
you’re doing a lot of volume. So we’re going to move over to and
let’s see bath &body works, I’ve seen these much higher but it looks like right
now they’re at 4% but I’ve seen this up to 15% on bath & body works in the past. But we’ll take 4 percent since that’s what
it is today and we’ll go back to bath & body work’s website. So bath & body works is a more difficult site
to use. Whenever I say that bath & body works is kind
of a harder website to source on in general what I mean is most of the items that are
put on Amazon were actually put on there as multi packs and this is going to cause some
false positives. But the bigger point here is that many pages
have different sales on each individual page. So the regular price of these is $7.50, but
if you use an image mix and match which means you just add two of these items to your cart,
you’re only going to pay $5.50 for these. So if you run these through OAXRAY we’re going
to see the price of $7.50 and you’re going to have to do your own calculation for the
mix and match promo code. So if I run OAXRAY on this page I already
know that on every single item I’m going to save $2.50, so I can either put a negative
$2.50 here to kind of compensate for that difference
in price and hopefully that will offset whatever the special is on that item. So each page that you run might have a different
formula because some of these have a special promotion on them. So you’re going to have to look at these carefully
because there so many different promotions on bath & body works in general. I’ve seen items, like if we scroll down here
when you buy 4 of these or when you buy 6 of these you only pay $24 which means the
price ends up being $4 and not $6.50. So when you run OAXRAY on this page like I
will right here, I’m going to have to compensate because I’m saving $2.50 per unit. So I can actually add my negative $2.50 which
is already here then I can click on positive and I get a better estimate. But still some of these times some of these
items will be multi-pack and let’s just check out a couple and I’ll show you what I mean
and we’ll see if we can actually find anything live here. So, as you can see this item is going to be
$4, right here we get 2 bulbs, it’s a multi-pack of 2; that’s like not going to work the
packaging is a little different. So if you scroll down here to teakwood disc
and click there and it looks like we have a 4 pack, I don’t know if this is going to
be profitable but let’s see. Scroll over here teakwood, the sale for this
one is 4 for $10 so they are $2.50 each. Make sure they match exactly; 4 pack. Ok! And it looks like someone bundled together,
everything matches up let’s see we have 8 reviews, I’m going to check out our reviews
since there’s a few negatives and maybe I’ll be able to see what the problem is with this
item, I’m gonna click on see verified purchases. Sometimes I like to check out the star ratings
and see why they’re are negative, to see if I’m going to get returns. So here, the one star that’s on this item,
it looks like one negative has been dragging this down and it says it’s half price at bath
& body works, this should be already removed but it’s not. So whenever I get this and add it to my inventory
I would definitely see if they will remove this one star, because it’s about the price,
not only that but it’s mentioning bath & body works in the title which they shouldn’t be
doing. It looks like everything else is pretty positive;
there’s a 3 star but everything else is a 5 or a 4. So that’s going to actually increase the star
rating because this 1 star is going to go away and we be back to positive. So let me go back to the initial page, looks
like this item is selling for $20.99, our total cost all in is going to be $10, we bought
4 of these at $2.50 each, there is a few of these in stock. Right it looks like they’re giving buy box
treatment to the FBA seller, so I’m not going to worry about that. And as I scroll down I see 126,000 in kitchen,
home and kitchen. And one thing I didn’t look at, I am going
to go back to reviews really quick, I am going to look at the dates on these reviews, looks
like all from 2016, so, these have been selling this year. So we have June 2016, February 2016, so it
looks like this item is selling some units and it looks like all the actual real reviews
which you know are not about the price or about half price at body works. 4x6x2 inches is going to be super cheap to
send in to Amazon fulfillment center, I’m going to click on the FBA calculator that
I have and see what it is. Selling for $20.99, I probably just matched
that I’m not going to undercut it or anything and ship to Amazon is going to be cheap. This item is like 4 inches wide, so I put
in 50 cents inbound shipping costs, we’re going to pay $10 and we’re going to see
what we come up with. If we pay $10 our net profit is going to be
$4.33 which is up 43% ROI – return on investment. So it looks like we’re pretty good with
this item actually. We have current, recent reviews which are
positive, we probably are going to want to see if they will remove that one negative
review that is about the price and actually mentions another store, and if we match the
item’s price, make sure we bundled this correctly in a 4 pack and it looks like this
item is pretty good to. So I just want everybody to be sure that whenever
they check on bath & body works that they already know that there’s going to be a lot
of bundles or multi packs there I should say and there will be some bundles, but you have
to look at the pricing when you buy multiple units because as we can see on a lot of these
items you buy 6 you get 24 which is a big difference in price and paying $6.50 for each
item. So get your prices corrected depending on
what the sale is on the item. Make sure you go through your steps check
the star rating and the other information like sales rank and ROI net profit. Thank you guys very much, have a great day and make some money using OAXRAY.


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