Marketing Automation Trends 2018 | Trend # 1 – Artificial intelligence

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Hi there my name is Wilhelm and I work
as a Commercial Product Manager here at APSIS. In this series of videos I will
share with you what is from our perspective here at APSIS the biggest
trends for 2018 when it comes to digital marketing. First off, which we’ll go
through today is artificial intelligence so with the latest buzzword, marketing
automation slowly becoming more and more of a standard within the organization’s,
we quickly move on to the next big thing within marketing, which today seems to be
artificial intelligence or AI for short. Having a system that looks into your
communication and putting itself in the driver’s seat might not seem so exciting
maybe a bit scary even but at the same time pretty cool, right? As with
everything else, taking this thinking we’re actually letting the system decide
stuff for you into smaller steps you could actually drastically improve your
marketing by for example letting the system decide when are you going to
communicate with the specific recipients that you have since every person is
unique but also adding another layer to that what channel should we
communicate in: is it social? text messaging? SMS? All depending on that the
system actually knows what channel is preferred for me for example, which might
not be the same for you. But these small things alone as I
mentioned can actually drastically improve your marketing and the
engagement that you have in the communication, because same as with
marketing automation creating automated processes to become more relevant in
your communication – this is actually – taking it one step further and not only
becoming relevant but also becoming even more relevant, also adding the extra
layer of actually changing the channel depending on who you are. So thank you
for listening in for today’s trend. Stay tuned for next week where we’ll go
through the second trend from us here at APSIS. Take care.


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