Marketing trends of 2020

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Hello and welcome to a brand new episode
of Nanobytes, in this episode we’re going to be covering marketing trends of
2020 now last December I took all of runaways clients
I took their metrics I scoured the web far and wide I looked at all the
possible data sets and I found all the upcoming trends and I’ve converted them
and distilled them down into tiny teeny bite-sized chunks of deliciousness so
you know all the trends to look out for and the ones to scale ready let’s go of course we all know that when the
clock strikes midnight and it goes from December 31st 2019 to January the first
2020 nothing magical happens there is no spontaneous new arrival of tech and
trends they’ve been building and growing for the last several months or even
years but of course that doesn’t stop clowns like me from talking about new
trends and exciting things in the year ahead so first up before we get excited about
all the new trends that are emerging it’s perhaps time to look at some things
that we should probably stop doing that are no longer relevant or frankly a
little bit irritating first one is vanity and shallow metrics now I’ve
spoken a couple of times before about ROI and social media metrics you can
check that in videos I’ll post them somewhere around here as well as in the
comments down below now if you’re still focusing on followers likes and
subscribers you’re missing out on the bigger picture if you don’t know what
their affinity is their relationship to your brand or your product as well as
how engaged they are then you’re wasting a lot of your time if you’re chasing big
numbers what will happen is you’ll end up going down the path of creating the
wrong kind of content for the wrong audience there are literally dozens of
free tools to help you assess and understand who your audience is what
kind of content they engage with and when and where and what kind of content
to post the next one but I really hope we see the end of or at least a lot less
of is listicles I absolutely detest lists of course you all know the ones
here’s the top five this five things you need to start doing now three things you
need to stop doing now or for instance that the dreaded hmm which X insert
animated character are you there’s a terrible data mining
and cesspits that i think we all need to just avoid now so if you are creating
listicles or if you’ve got them penned in your content calendar for this year
please remove them please stop creating listicles there Auto linkbait and even
when somebody’s clicked on your listicle they usually feel a tiny bit of shame
for clicking on it and they wish they hadn’t and that’s not the kind of
feeling that we want users or consumers to have when clicking on our content so
please stop praising listicles now let’s move on to the trends to look out for a
study of 2000 British adults by the AI and data driven firm artifact found that
60 percent or six out of 10 adults have made a purchase on their smart devices
and a quarter or 22 percent had even made a purchase within the last week
we’re now post-christmas and of course smart speakers or smart devices were one
of the most gifted items I mean it’s not surprising Amazon were practically
giving them away so it’s no surprise that voice search is set to take over
text-based search by 2025 with voice shopping expected to hit a staggering 35
billion by 2023 so what does this mean for the majority of businesses and
brands well it means they need to be much more contextually aware much more
conversationally aware as well so for things like answer engine optimization
so when you are creating your content and whether it’s blog articles or video
articles or whatever it may be you need to make sure that it is structured in a
way that a person might ask a question now I did a video on answer engine
optimization what it is what it means what doesn’t mean you can check out that
video in the comments below but it’s not just voice assisted devices that are
having all the fun headliner labs found that people are 3.5 more times likely to
open a message from a chat bot than they are for a email marketing message many
users even though they’ll say they did test chat BOTS they would much rather
have a quick conversation with a chat board and get the answers they need
rather than having to scroll through a company’s website and find where the
delivery terms are or they FA queues or pricing information according to a 2016
survey by Oracle 80% of marketers want to have a chat bot in place by 2020
that’s now so if you don’t have a chatbot in place
or some form of automated marketing assistant in place yet you really really
need to get one otherwise you’re gonna get left behind in today’s interesting climate purpose
is paramount more and more consumers want to see that brands have a real
purpose not a phony purpose that they have a real core values real mission
statements that actually mean something rather than a simple blurb on a website
they want to see brands actually enacting upon their values and their
mission last year Deloitte conducted a consumer survey that found while price
and quality was still very high up on consumer demands 55% respondents wanted
to see brands being much more transparent and open as well as having
initiatives that worked with climate change and sustainability not only that
they wanted to know that brands were looking after and taking care of their
employees it’s much more demanding now than it was 10 or 15 years ago and it’s
no longer enough just to try and sell a product or the benefits of a product the
brand and company itself has to be seen as transparent and open and honest with
its customers if you want to read the full report
I recommend subscribing to my newsletter while I’ll be doing a full analysis of
this in the coming weeks next up is email marketing what email marketing in
2020 Rory are you crazy no it’s not dead amazingly and it keeps
coming back bigger and stronger than ever I for one hate email I can’t stand
it and I try to avoid it at all costs but the fact of the matter is there are
billions of users that have email accounts and use them every single day
and many many people still subscribe on a regular basis to email newsletters hey
I’ve even got one and I recommend you subscribe to mine right now
but I’m not just talking about simple newsletters many many brands still to
this day fail to optimize their emails for mobile
they will create these great-looking newsletters but then forget to test them
across multiple devices in multiple browsers and they end up with a jumbled
mess that doesn’t look great or function well many many users look at their
emails on the go there are many factors that you need to take into account when
creating emails to make sure they function and look great on mobile but
it’s not just looking good that’s important emails have really come a long
way in the last couple of years with automations
we’re not just talking about simple email automations we’re talking about
really granular and segmented email automations that are so personalized to
the user they feel like they’re sent just to the person themselves rather
than some big blunder blast email campaign whether it’s email abandonment
carts personalized gift emails whatever it may be adding that extra personal
touch makes a huge difference to email marketing if you’re in email marketing
or how to optimize your emails in 2020 again you can subscribe to my email down
below and learn a little bit more about it in the email I’ve got coming out in
the next couple of weeks on 2020 trends next up we have the hybrid of ephemeral
based and long-term video content stories are incredibly impactful and
powerful for brands when they’re done right who’s we reported that 64 percent
of marketers already have story planned contact head or are planning to do so
and the reason why stories are so effective is they have a way of
generating urgency or a fear of missing out with consumers and there are really
simple quick and easy ways for brands to make their consumers or followers feel
involved with the brand but it’s not just about creating one or two simple
stories it’s about tying that ephemeral content into longer stories Riven or
chapter driven content and finally my favorite medium of all podcasting
podcasting is massively powerful for brands it’s grown so much in the last
couple of years I’ve been a champion of it for the last decade and it’s great to
finally see it taking off now there are over seven million weekly
podcast listeners in the UK and that’s continuing to grow every single day so
if you are a brand or a business podcast or a fantastic place to be now that
being said I’m not saying brands and businesses everywhere and anywhere
should start podcasts in most cases you probably shouldn’t most podcasts that
are started they tend to fail is only around about a 15 to 20 percent success
rate with podcasts they’re quite hard to get right so if you’re a brand or a
business don’t look at studying your own podcast
unless you’re incredibly confident with it you have great content and you have
somebody that’s interesting and energetic and has a bit of charisma to
present your podcast instead what you want to do is you want
to look at how you can get involved with podcasts that fit inside your niche or
industry and then you get involved in those podcasts either in the form of
sponsorship or in the form of being a guest having someone from your team as a
guest to talk about your brand or service and if you’ve done in a genuine
open way and there’s real a value proposition there there’s real benefits
to using your brand of service then it can it can work incredibly well so
that’s it for this video on the trends of 2020 now of course there are many
many more trends but I try to look at and select the trends that appeal to
most brands and businesses rather than tech or industry specific tools and
trends that are arising if you enjoyed this video please consider subscribing
to me on youtube and of course if you’d like to read the full analysis that I
did on these brands and the trends of 2020 don’t forget to subscribe to my
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below thanks for watching guys and I will see you next week


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