METRO: Global Wholesaler Consolidates 100 SAP Instances on Google Cloud


a global wholesale company based in Dusseldorf, Germany. We are acting in 25
countries around the globe, mainly in Europe and in Asia. And we have 150,000 people
and generate revenue of about $37 billion globally. These 25 countries, they all
run different business models, and this is one of our
complexities we have to face. So in some countries
it’s a more B2B business. In other countries
it’s a B2C business. What we are doing
is currently that we are consolidating 100
accounting systems into one global accounting system. There’s obviously reduced
costs on our side, but also it gives
us the opportunity to move to a different
version of SAP. So we’re migrating off
of SAP R3 to SAP S/4HANA. We’re moving SAP
now from on premise into a cloud platform helps us
getting rid of hardware issues. And now the situation is that
those capabilities handled by Google, and we
do not have to deal with additional costs
due to adding hardware on a short-term notice. This helps us,
obviously, quite a lot. We now also migrated our
people now from on-premise fans into SAP and GCP fans. So we’re using Google Cloud
to optimize the customer communication. So this is one of
our main topics. So that means by
personalized communication, but also using push
notification, as an example, in the app. But we also are
using Google Cloud in terms of optimizing our cost
in the space of supply chain optimization and
assortment plannings. It’s was about driving a bit
more sales using BigQuery and using advanced analytics. So that means all the machine
learning algorithms, et cetera, they are running
on Google BigQuery. One thing about the
collaboration between Google and Metro is that
we’re not talking only about using technology. It’s also about that we try
to optimize our culture. So the culture within
our organization is extremely relevant,
and therefore Google is a relevant partner for us. [MUSIC PLAYING]


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