My Everyday Hustle: The Courier

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[Street sounds, din of people talking] Daniel Rodriguez: Me, as a person, I like to be active. I hate being you know being in one place and not move around. [Upbeat Music] Daniel Rodriguez: When you’re out there and you’re in you’re moving your way back and forth back and forth and I like it. I like it. Daniel Rodriguez: A courier is basically a third party delivery service. So basically you order food and we deliver the food as fast as we can. Daniel Rodriguez: My name is Daniel Rodriguez and I’m a courier. Daniel Rodriguez: I’ve been a courier ten months already. It’s been a blessing great. I’ve been doing a good job on it. And like it. Daniel Rodriguez: So in the position that I am right now I’m actually a Shift Coach. So I usually get paid $11 an hour, which is good. Daniel Rodriguez: A Shift Coach responsibility is to basically motivate the rider… SOT: (Daniel): All right guys, make sure you guys have a great day out there! Daniel Rodriguez: Riders that catch a flat in the field. We go out there and we fix their flat. SOT: (Daniel): If anything happens please text dispatch! Daniel Rodriguez: We’re there to mentor people; make sure that they are doing good. You know, try to motivate them. Upbeat Music] Daniel Rodriguez: Let’s talk about summer. Summer is good. It’s hot. I love it. Daniel Rodriguez: The bad thing about it is that there’s a lot of people when you can get hurt. [Upbeat Music] Daniel Rodriguez: You know when I first started, you know, like two three months, when a bystander was crossing the street. It was my light to go, and he bumped into me, we kind of collide with each other. But he was like, “hey, are you okay?” “I’m okay” You know, everything went good. Daniel Rodriguez: I do get scared. When you go out there with a positive energy and, you know, wake up good — good mood — and you know, this is what I’m going to do and I’m going to work hard for it. You know, you’re gonna have some incidents but they are small. [Street sounds; Upbeat music] Daniel Rodriguez: You get paid every week. The good thing about this company is and you get paid by the hour and by tips. Let’s say I work four days a week and those four days a week I get paid, you know, I make $200 in tips, my you know my check will come to like $4 — after taxes, like $4 and change, $3 and change. And the good thing about is that if you don’t make no tip during that week, let’s say things pretty slow, you know, the company will give you like a gap pay. Daniel Rodriguez: Every day is different. You know today I did $9 today in tips. Tomorrow, I could do $50, $100. Daniel Rodriguez: You know every time I pick up an order and I see $0 tip I be like, ““alright you know it’s like whatever.”” I’ll do the next one, I’ll do the next one, I’ll do the next one. And at the end of the day it’s going to hurt me yeah because it’s no tip, but at the end of the day, you know this world is not perfect. [Upbeat Music] Daniel Rodriguez: I am a sophomore in college. My major — that I was born for — is criminal justice. And that’s what I’m going for to become a police officer. SOT: (Daniel at home): Right here is actually my police department uniform that I have. Daniel Rodriguez: I joined this program called auxiliary police officer for the New York Police Department. And it’s been like a blessing and I feel like I’m, I’ve been, I’ve been on the right path. Daniel Rodriguez: And I took the police department test. I’m waiting for them to call me. Fingers crossed. [Street sounds] SOT (Daniel on street): So I did a big mistake. Big, big mistake. I took the wrong order to the wrong building. So, the building is actually round–across the street. 280 Avenue — 2 Park Avenue — so I am going to go over there and she is going to wait for me right in front of the lobby. So, I just wait for her there. SOT: (Daniel apologizing): Sorry about that! Daniel Rodriguez: But you know with my personality that I am and I’m always happy and smiling, you know, I approached her at a respectful way, “Hey, miss, I apologize for the your delay,”” and she gave me a great smile. SOT: (Daniel coming out of the building): She was, she was happy. [Street sounds] Daniel Rodriguez: I grew up here in the Bronx. Daniel Rodriguez: I live right next to basically Yankee Stadium. Daniel Rodriguez: I live with my family: my mom, my little brother, and my twin sister. Daniel Rodriguez: Home-wise the rent is you know nowadays the rent is ridiculous high. But thank God she been here 21 years that she only pays like $800. But, you know, New York itself is expensive. Daniel Rodriguez: So I give my mom you know half of my checks. I get paid $400 I give her $200 and you know whatever I’m able to give, I’ll give to her you know because I’m my mom and I feel like she’s been there for me my whole life. Daniel Rodriguez: She’s–my mom has been my mom and my dad both together. She’s been there for me since day one. Daniel Rodriguez: You know she will take food stamps she will take a lot of things just to you know provide to us you know even if she had $2, she would be like, this is for my kids she would give it to us. [Upbeat Music] Daniel Rodriguez: Being a courier is the job that I want to keep because it’s so so good until I become a police officer. Daniel Rodriguez: And with this future, hopefully, with this future…that come for me I get to help my mom and you know give her that dream car that she always wanted. And I’ma give it to her. Daniel Rodriguez: I never look at the negative because if we think about negative you know that’s what you’re going to get. But if we think about positive you know you always getting a positive back.


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