My Shipper is Refusing to Pay My Invoice Because of a Cargo Claim


Do you have a customer not paying your
invoice because the customer claims there’s a cargo claim and it’s your
fault? Yeah it happens every day. I’m Cassandra Gaines my job as an attorney
and as a consultant is to teach you how to get ahead of the industry’s biggest
problems and to teach you how to handle them yourself. You don’t need to hire a
lawyer you can do this stuff yourself. So, here’s your tip with this issue. Stop
processing the cargo claim. Give them the cargo claim information they go process
it. Absent a contract absence any other terms and conditions that would change
the relationship between your customer and you. You are not responsible for that
cargo claim that’s the carrier and you’re not a carrier so getting rid of
that issue getting rid of the discussion of the cargo claim will help you and the
customer focus on paying the invoice. Our job as a broker under the law is to
arrange for transportation. You did that you arranged for transportation you
don’t have control over the cargo. So now the customer needs to focus a cargo
claim with the carrier and focus paying you and your invoice and that is how you
stay on the track to getting your invoice paid


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