My visit••(Online Ordering/Delivery in Nagaland)••Inside a Courier Office


Today I just came here to tell you and share with you some information about how the online delivery system works in Mokokchung, Nagaland So this office is known as Delhivery Private Limited And it is located in Sangtemla ward , lemme go up once And ill tell you we have here different packages from Snap Deal, Jabong, Club Factory, Amazon I believe so And not only that but from different regions and and all over the world and around the globe Let me go in and have a look Well you can see a hell lot of packages out here As if like Santa have sent beautiful gifts to some awesome people specially like you all … 😛 laughs away The packages are alligned per the location, per the colony of the disctict and luckily i came here because of my friend as they have ordered some few stuffs from from online shopping app i think thats club factory He ordered In COD It was a cash on delivery and this particular person is working with the delivery courier and he is entering the reciept to make sure that it is entered and updated on the system and he’s being paid right now that looks kool isn’t it and as you can see out there they have the CCTV for the safety of the workers not only for the safety of the workers but i as a buyer feels safe when you have yourself being monitored incase if you have a problem it can be sorted out easily so ill leave you the link below the contact details of this private delhivery courier incase if you need assistance and make sure that when you order online put some little time on the analytics and brief history and customers review on how the websites being genuine or not you know !! take help from your friends or family and order that wil be the best incase if you need any assistance or if you need any help put me some comments i think i ll be of little use to you lol……. so its a cold december day and here we go let me go down once an zoom in for you the details of the particular delivery courier


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  1. Eastern Hidden Talents

    December 28, 2018 9:51 pm

    I love the way you blog. Wish I see your handsome face someday. Your voice is crazy.
    This is informative video. Useful for all youngsters who randomly without knowledge on processes and working orders stuffs. Your informative piece is useful 💓. Love your voice so much.

  2. IN & AROUND

    December 28, 2018 10:00 pm

    The best video for the online shoppers. Relevant and informative. This office looks so kool and funky. Love the setups and Mokokchung I've heard is known as next to Switzerland. Very clean, talented people , dynamic and humble. I see those in your channel. Next video expecting again a big showcasing of Mokokchung. The pioneers of Nagaland. Hey, Mr. Sexy voice. I love you 😁


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