NBA 2K20 (PS4/Xbox One/Switch) Unboxing!!


hey guys welcome back for another
unboxing with popngames, in this video we’re gonna be unboxing NBA 2k 20 for
the Nintendo switch the Xbox one and the ps4 and we see the front cover right
here with Anthony Davis and we see down below to the rating this game is rated
everyone e and on the switch it says download and micro SD card required then
we have this little seal which says number one, it says number one selling
rated NBA- something that’s really tiny text I can’t read it and next to that of
course the 2k logo and on all three copies it says, my career executive
produced by LeBron James maverick Carter and spring hill
entertainment and we also have the NBA Seal of Approval across all three copies
as well and now let’s take a look at the spines, we have a red spine on the switch
and a continuation of the front cover artwork on the ps4 and a gray spine on
the Xbox one and from the tops we can see that all three of these are y-fold
copies and now from the backs, that says next it says well welcome to the next, be
the next executive producer well actually that’s different on the copies
let’s look at the separation like this actually the switch shows be the next
executive producer- be the next executive produced by LeBron James and the Spring
Hill entertainment, this year’s my career experience features topical storylines
true to life basketball characters star-studded cast and new redesigned
my player progression system and that’s also the second thing on the Xbox one
and ps4 and they say as real as it gets which is the only thing that does not
appear on the switch from what I can tell the most realistic player control
ever featuring advanced shooting controls a new dribble size subsystem
refined off ball collisions and a new read and react defensive game and now
down here it says the next neighborhood experience a more living breathing
active neighborhood, access even more 2k compete events unlock animations and
earn more exclusive gear than ever before that’s the same on all three
collect and compete master my team with a reimagined triple threat limited time
events even more prizes leaderboards and more welcome to the WNBA for the first
time all 12 WNBA teams and over 140 players are in the game and
to run in play now and season modes and only on the switch it says of course
dual joy con support take the game anywhere and challenge your friends
using the fully supported dual joy con controls, enjoy access to all online and
offline game modes with no additional console accessories required and down
below we see the three players there and now to the play modes, on the Xbox one
this game is Xbox one x enhanced 4k Ultra HD HDR 10 video single player
multiplayer two to four players co-op two to four players online multiplayer
two to four two to ten players online co-op two to ten players 60 gigabytes
required on the ps4 one to four players two to ten network 60 gigabytes online
play optional Dualshock 4 compatible ps4 pro enhanced and on the switch 1 to 4 in
docked 1 to 4 in tabletop single player in handheld mode pro controller
compatible in game purchases French and Spanish translations game requires
download of at least 32 gigabytes microSD cards sold separately and the
online membership is required and all three are rated E due to mild language
let’s go ahead and open all three up all right let’s take a look at the ps4
okay so we have the game disc on the right hand side and here it says NBA 2k
20 bonus content and we do have a code on the back for that expires 906 2020
and then we also have let’s see what this is
this morning’s warranty stuff I guess yep
and advertisement on the background okay now let’s take a look at the Xbox one
okay there’s the game disk on the Left here’s the game add-on as well, this time
is also code and the expiration date is the same September 6th 2020 and there’s
the little advertisement thing this time with the back facing forward but the
same kind of thing here in terms of just uh
warnings and stuff and finally the switch ok there’s the game card and here
is bonus code same date same everything and the instructions smaller version of
the sheet with the same advertisement on the back alright guys and that’ll do it
for this unboxing of NBA 2k 20 for the ps4 Xbox one and switch, as always thank
you guys for staying tuned to popping games for these unboxings and if you
enjoyed this one you can let us know by liking commenting and subscribing thanks
for watching bye bye


  1. You know, if you gave those codes away, more people would watch your videos for that reason alone and your unboxings would be way less goofy. Works wonders for TheRelaxingEnd.

  2. I got the switch version and I love it my only complaint is no offline my career because it would be nice to play my player on the go but the story is dope though and menus looks super clean and pros for the WNBA cause that mode is dope too for a single season simulation


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