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so let’s get into today’s value anyway so I just wanted to describe some of the
other alternatives that are out there Oh below for one I haven’t used overload
in ages I know for many people they still do they do a lot of marketing if
there’s a blow drop 5d SCRs there’s plenty of better options in my opinion
we are okay we are it was one I’ve also had in a previous YouTube video and I
found that their supply chain they have some issues I think that they grew a bit
too big due to for instance the tan brothers promotion as well as other
people promoting them as as well and as a result you know they had some serious
supply issues and when able to source products so moved away from them being
also with a ap Rollo video as well my channel so you can check those out there
in the description and it’s also very good it’s definitely a step up from
where however it also has some tracking issues I’ve found and communication
issues okay you know two to four day processing at times is just not doesn’t
sit well with me special in 2019 you want same-day processing
okay and then there’s also Silk Road Nessy
Silk Road is a recent one that I believe has just recently emerged I haven’t
really tested it I saw it and like I think this has been overhyped more than
necessary and that’s just my honest opinion I’m not going to be jumping on
it okay it doesn’t seem that correct in my opinion so I’m not gonna use it
and I don’t recommend it in my opinion so let’s get into what I do recommend so
some of you may have heard of this some of you may not have but I think it’s
fantastic it’s called use drop II okay and they’ve
been around since last year and I’m not getting any affiliate or anything for
this just as an FYI so no no nothing okay this is just I found found this and
I thought it was fantastic and I really liked the way the platform set up so I’m
going to show you a bit more about wanted to explain the benefits they have
a team that speaks multiple languages they’re they’re fast processing I love
fast processing because that means I have fewer customer service issues I
like how easy it is to get set up again it has an app that integrates with your
store most of them do nowadays it’s pretty standard but integrates easily
with your store you can add multiple stores very easily okay so it’s not just
that you can add multiple stores so it’s very very simplified um now finally
enough it has an adult mode for when you have a look at products now I’m not
going to be showing that I’ll be showing you with the adult mode toggled off on
off off because I make it demonetized and I’m not promoting it on my channel
so you can request any product again and they will find it and that they’ve been
pretty reliable with that they seem very on the ball and you get a sourcing agent
automatically which is really handy okay I do have a sourcing agent and so if you
have any questions don’t hesitate to ask anyway but they’re sourcing agents are
really good a bulk buy option for cheaper and faster processing which I
really like that so when you’re scaling you can actually both buy through them
they’ll actually wear inventory you don’t have to go to a
sourcing agent per se it’s all through their platform and you can bolt by you
get cheaper it’s still through the platform and you get faster processing
again just even better and one of the things as of today’s recording is a
virtual warehouse which is even cooler so again do bulk buyers and you have
this warehouse and it means even faster shipping and faster processing yet to be
fully confirmed as it’s not fully released however I see that as being
something that I personally quite like a lot I still dropship I mainly self
fulfill but I still dropship and I think that things like that are really good
and I really like that you can have custom invoices which I believe Silk
Road that you can custom packaging you know custom boxes you can customize the
item I love how you can do all of that it easily pulls in your existing
products and it’s got one click purchase fulfillment so let’s actually go home
and so you know you can see it’s a really simple interface it works on all
devices you know it’s it’s mobile friendly and if it’s mobile friendly it
works and everything there actually have been featured on Nasdaq Forbes Yahoo and
a number of other popular blog type news article websites and they’ve been doing
exceedingly well they’re not hugely well-known I believe in our community
but they are extremely good from what I see I love how they can cater for
dropshippers brand store as owns I think that’s there’s a bit of overlap there
it’s sourcing manage affiliate marketer affiliate network so they nearly cater
for all types of people so they can get on demand products one-click fulfillment
manager fast shipping you can white label bulk order virtual warehouse
virtual phones automatic invoicing you know it’s got pretty much everything
that you sort of really need but the thing I like about this over you know a
lot of the others I guess is the multiple languages the virtual warehouse
the custom invoicing I really like all of that that others don’t seem to have
as well as they’ve been around a period of time one of the things that we should
all be dubious of is things that are new like Silk Road although I’m sure it has
its benefits it’s very new service so it’s kind of to have its issues these
people have ironed out main issues so you can rest assured that
signing up with them because it’s free you’re not really going to have much of
an issue okay all you need to do is just follow those simple instructions and
you’re honestly good to go my experience is I’ve found them to be very reliable
and I really haven’t had much of an issue with them whatsoever they’ve very
open to feedback in there as well and I think that in 2019 coming into 2020 and
that especially around Christmas with having things like a virtual warehouse
and fast processing and that is the things that I foresee is probably the
most critical because coming up to Christmas it’s gonna be a frenzy and we
don’t want to you know miss out on an order arriving at time because of slow
processing so you can start scaling by that point you’ll have your virtual
warehouse and it’s gonna be really heavy so I’m going to show you now a bit of
the backend of this so you can get a bit of a better idea as well alright so
fabulous so I just made a new account here and by default adult mode is off so
you can turn it on and you’re just gonna see a lot of different products okay
just you know I say got your dashboard you got your store management so you can
add multiple stores okay it’s very simple you know you put your stored up
my shop fight you don’t even that need that name name so you can add multiple
stores really quite easy you’ve got your product so you’ve got your product
catalog okay socks they I don’t have any product right now okay so but you can
see here that they’ve like most of them have plenty of products that you can
choose from you can choose different categories and type in their SKUs and
everything there so you’ve got plenty of choice okay you can then click on them
get a better of an idea and it even has nice descriptions okay
so you know you can see their way factory etc etc what I like as well is
shows you all the variants as well as the shipping price for the different
countries now shipping for this one it’s pretty expensive but you get the point
okay so you can add all of those as which makes it really nice and easy for
when it comes to invoicing and understanding the price they have good
images as well okay so the products so important they spend a bit of time and
make them nice alright so just just to show you that you can request products
which are getting into new feature so you can just fill out the fields the
product name URL description and you know and they’ll find it for you
then he got obviously your products you got your orders so you got your orders
to pay your history and your deleted orders simple you can do one-click
orders you just connect your payment gateway simple as that
the invoices okay so you can look at all your invoices I’m just a massive fan of
being out of search for things I love that because I’ve bad memory so you know
you can search for your invoices and look at things and then potentially you
know look back at a tracking number and stuff and what I love is you know all of
this because I use after ship just goes into after ship after ship updates them
done customers satisfied and and that’s what you want to aim for okay so you got
you drop your fancy this is where you can add your fax okay as simple as that
you got your virtual funds so you could add 5,000 bucks there you go and then
you don’t have to worry about your card and you just pay pay pay pay pay dun dun
dun now we’ll be honest one of the things that doesn’t look to have is the
ability to add multiple users from what I’ve seen I just don’t see that right
now okay so you can add your invoice information here as well which will be
sent to the customer so make sure you have a look at that but yeah it’s bit of
a drawback right now it doesn’t have multi use so make an account okay and
you know give you bas and that access to what all you can do it yourself it’s
it’s up to you but it’s just a big bit of honest feedback so you’ve got your
resources your tools tutorials blogs okay so they’ve added that in teaching
you more about it that’s really going to help you really good onboarding they’ve
got the YouTube channel try and grow that as well there’s not much to it
honestly it’s pretty pretty easy and following that through you’ll be fine
so here you can also do bulk orders so you can reduce your unit costs buying
bulk through them they’ll do that for you and I’ll have it there and
proves you’re processing that works quite well as well as you’ve got your
virtual warehouse so again as you can see it’s being the 10th of September in
about ten days you know set up your warehouse to reduce shipping times and
leverage outstanding features like cash on delivery so that’s one of the things
that I absolutely love I forgot to add that in is cash on delivery is becoming
a bigger thing now as people are trying to dropship to less saturated countries
of course cash on delivery has always been a bit of a tough point so hand me
so I know a number of people are starting to do cash on delivery related
markets and strategies so this also helps you so they they’ve really worked
on that quite well I feel it’s very good platform I don’t know why the bottom
isn’t showing but like there’s my virtual assistant in this case Victoria
Kovac and you can can’t see it for some reason but anyway sorry but you got down
there email and Skype okay so you can speak to them by that add them on skype
and away you go so you you’ve got most of the features you need to get started
in a really confident platform so you know to us they do provide pretty fast
shipping you know we’re talking probably three to six days and again if you’re
using things like virtual warehouse both buy it only gets faster and faster and
faster okay now this isn’t a product research tool
okay you know this isn’t you can do product research of course on it but you
know it’s not necessarily product research tool it’s more you know adding
those products to your store so on so forth they’ve got tons of products and
that you can go through them so if you do want to have a look you’re more than
welcome to of course it’s a hundred percent free I just wanted to give it to
you guys basically because EP raw Silk Road and
all those are good in their own regard but I’ve found their processing to be a
little bit slow and I haven’t been particularly happy with it whereas new
droppy has been very consistent and I think that’s really important coming up
to Christmas so I was really happy to present this to you guys I think it’s
really gonna help you to grow your business more confidently okay all right
so that that pretty much just shows you the tool there as I said
just sign up make an account nothing to loose okay try it and see how you go
back from what I’ve seen it’s been very good you can do everything that all the
others can plus a lot more plus they’re adding even more in so long term it’s
gonna be even better for you all right now I wanted to be perfectly frank here
as well the real long term okay so I should know that no matter what
alternatively use weo EP Rollo you drop e private sourcing agent you need to
look at warehouses and self-fulfillment in countries where you’re getting sales
inevitably that’s the result I actually just read an article this morning that
Shopify have purchased a company called six something in the United States as a
part of their commitment for faster fulfillment where they have their own
fulfillment center in the United States the importance of having fast shipping
fast processing and being able to answer customer questions about the the product
quality and all of that makes a big difference so it’s always the ultimate
is a fulfillment center in that country from instance for me that is using I use
sindelle so if you really want to build a brand okay I would recommend that you
look into each country drop shipping is a big thing
worldwide but also just retail is a big thing in general in every country
there’s plenty of options in every country as an example I am here in
Australia use sandal comm many of you may have heard of single comm and it is
fantastic it integrates with Shopify it literally just pulls in the info and it
prints me on a shipping label and I got my printer there I print my shipping
label put it in my packaging which is there and the next day
what’s amazing is a courier comes and picks it up from my front door simple as
that and that is awesome and then they get it in about three to six days
depending on where they are you know being from Victoria waa can be up to six
days but the customer gets tracking the whole way through they see it’s being
processed straight away very simple and plenty of solutions like that around the
word like 3pl so it’s always my recommendation that you should always be
focusing on the customer as your focal point and using us a piece of soft like
you drop e for starting out is a fantastic solution to that problem
however if you really want to build a long-term brand let’s say like because
for me I want to build a long-term brand here in Australia it’s challenging it’s
tough but you know such is life it was always my recommendation where
feasible that you should be looking at a warehouse if in the United States ship
up they also do internationally if in Australia this services like sindelle in
UK I can’t remember but there’s a number of them there okay you should it doesn’t
mean you have to have a warehouse in like if you’re in UK if you’re getting
most sales in the European region doesn’t mean they have to be in Italy
and all of them yes that can make a difference but you could have them in UK
because again if you’re gonna have faster processing it builds more trust
with people they they see where it’s coming from rather than China and that
makes a big difference for your long term so please keep that in mind I
always want you to take my advice with a grain of salt I am not perfect however I
always try and give you the best advice that’s gonna help you in the short
medium and long term okay I just want to make that very clear that’s very
important to me in helping you in your journey okay so I hope that has been
helpful thank you so much for watching today’s video that concludes today’s
video on you drop it I hope this has been very helpful to you sign up now
you’re gonna have a lot of fun it’s gonna help you a great deal
congratulations to today’s winner gin ginger pelican I’m sorry
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it’s gonna be a lot of fun now I wanted to provide some additional value people
have been really liking the resources heap of people have signed up for the
free Facebook course which is think they’re under sent free that’s
yours I thought I should add more to it and that’s why I thought you dropped
you’d be great if you want again the fiver expert who’s gonna help you you
know make a shot face doll whether it’s on Shopify or even WordPress I know some
people like those there’s a link there it’s yours I also wanted to give my
graphic designer a number of people in asking for that he is fantastic he is a
little bit more on the more expensive side but he really does
cherish quality and I cherish people that cherish quality and so his link is
there that is up work I get nothing for that I want to make it clear okay
and I plan to add more to it so you know graphic designer
video editor you know Shopify store you know product research people just try
and help believe yeah I think this is a want this to be a great resource
material in in helping each and every one of you and I think well there’s no
it’s me giving back to you all who have done enough for me by watching my videos
and i truly appreciate if you do want some free additional training in
addition to my course there is my webinar as well you can sign up i do
those weekly are you gonna have a lot of fun jump in it’s yours okay there’s
nothing more to it really trying to give you as much value as possible and then
there’s my free cheat sheet of ten winning products again there is also my
course my premium course if you are interested in that and then you know
sales source for product research as well as drop point for print research
those are two fantastic premium tools that are very inexpensive can help you a
lot as well and then again all my other playlists that i’ve made for you so that
you can learn about reveals google facebook okay and i’m adding more to add
to this I know that there’s the case study that one’s going to be a while
away to be honest YouTube is coming up just around the corner and they will be
coming to the course for those interested as well as Pinterest and I’m
working on being in the course as well it’s been very exciting I just released
just yesterday a store that I historically had scaled that had done
over 75,000 in sales everything’s revealed so if you’re in
the course that’s yours it’s already there a new module ok and you will have
gotten an email about it as well as in the group if if you have enjoy
it’ll be right there you’re gonna see exactly what I did what right exactly
what I did wrong are you gonna see everything and it’s gonna teach you a
huge amount so I’m really just trying to teach you the thought processes behind
it because I know people want that to give you more feedback to help you in
your journey so once again thank you everyone for subscribing it’s been a
fantastic journey a fantastic journey ahead so thank you so much from the
bottom I heart I really do appreciate it I hope you have a lovely day I hope you
take care and good bye


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