New Black Diamond Jetforce Pro Avalanche Bag at Outdoor Retailer Snow Show 2019


How’s it going y’all? I’m Jeff Colt with Backbone Media here representing Black Diamond. Black Diamond Equipment’s
based out of Salt Lake City and we’re a heritage outdoor gear brand specializing in hard goods but
also spreading into apparel through ski, ice climbing, rock climbing, and also trail running
and mountain lifestyle. So we’re here with the JetForce Pro, this is our second iteration of the JetForce Avalanche Airbag. Some of the coolest features
with the JetForce Pro are now the actual compartment
of the bag is modular. So this is a 10 liter bag right here, if you wanna zip off the 10 liter, you can also have a 35
liter or 25 liter option, great for morning
missions as well as great for hunt trips or longer skis. The JetForce Pro also has a lot
of updates just on the pack. It’s lighter weight coming
in at six pounds one ounce as opposed to the previous model which was seven pounds eight ounces. The actual deploy trigger can be switched from the left shoulder
to the right shoulder. So if we come around here, you can swap out the side that
you want in your deploy on. So if we click here,
that’s a battery check, we hold down… for three seconds it’s gonna
tell us that the JetForce is activated and on. So again if we click that green light, we’re activated and it’s on. For the sake of time right
now I’m not gonna pull it, but if we do pull it it would
deploy 240 liters of air in less than three seconds. This bag has safety features
that no other Avalanche bag on the market has. Once it deploys, it’ll continue to be filling with air for three full minutes. So if you were to have
any puncture in the bag, air’s gonna continue to push out through debris and whatnot in a slide. After three minutes there’s
an automatic deflate, so it creates an air space
around you were you to be buried. This is the crotch harness for the pack. It’s really slick. Really easy to use, even
with mittens or gloves. Pulls back up cinched, and it stuffs right into the waist belt. So if you were caught in a slide, you actually want this
pack to not come off. This pack is your lifesaver. So the crotch harness is just
one more safety mechanism, you’re tied down on the
chest, around the hip, and also through the crotch
so the bag won’t come off. The JetForce Pro comes in at $1,399 and each individual booster, the 10, 25, 35 liter
boosters are $69 apiece. This will be new for Fall ’19.


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