New Freeze Dried Meals from Peak Refuel at Outdoor Retailer Snow Show 2019


– Hey everyone, I’m Bart
Mills with Peak Refuel. We’re about nine months
old, we launched in April. We’re based out of Utah,
American Fork, Utah. We’re a fully freeze
dried outdoor meal company for backpacking, hiking, hunting, whatever the adventure
is that you’re doing. The main things that make
us a little bit better than the other outdoor
meals on the option is one, we’re fully freeze dried. We’re not dropping ingredients,
we don’t mix dehydrated with freeze dried products at all. We’re fully freeze dried. So the meal gets made up and
then put into our freeze dryer. The other thing is we’re nearly double the amount of protein that you’re going to see in other
outdoor meals on the market. Which is big. Protein is key, everybody
wants that higher protein count and that’s what we did. That was our main thing
that we wanted to focus on when we started the company and we’re developing over
the last couple of years was we have to hit it on
higher amounts of protein. The other thing is real
premium ingredients. When you get normally, when you go get another outdoor meal you look on the back the ingredient deck is huge you can’t pronounce a lot of the ingredients and they’re fake fillers, meat fillers, high in sodium, high in cholesterol. You’re not going to see
that with our meals. We use 100% real meat in all of our meals. Like I said, higher protein which means the other key part of Peak Refuel is less water to rehydrate which is huge when you get less water to
pack in wherever you’re going, you know less water to
filter which is big. So higher protein, real meat, less water. You can find us on our
website And on social channels
which is just @peakrefuel. On Amazon or one of our
hundreds of mom and pop stores throughout the country,
so thanks for stopping by.


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