New Headphones from Skullcandy at Outdoor Retailer Snow Show 2019


– Hi, I’m Kathryn Smith, and I’m the global brand
director at Skullcandy. We’re back at OR for the
first time in a few years because we’re actually introducing
some new products here. Our top product that we’re
introducing is called Vert. Vert is our response to helmet audio, but instead of being in-ear audio, it’s click anywhere audio. So what you do is you use this module, which drives your music
that you’re listening to. So it’s not just snow sports specific, it’s mountain specific. So you can be on your mountain bike, you can be snowboarding or skiing with it. You can take this module and can put it on your backpack strap, you
can put it on your coat, or like here you can
put it on your goggle. So you don’t have to fumble
with your phone or mess with it, you do it all from this module right here. So, yeah, we’re super
excited about Vert today. So on top of the snow
sports specific products that we have like Vert that you just saw, we actually have a line of adventure audio products that sort of flank those guys. So this is our first introduction into true wireless products. So we have two products, Push and Indie. Push has currently launched already, and Indie launches this summer. So if you want that
true wireless experience on the mountain we have those two options. And then if you want more stability and something like a collared version or a wired version, we
offer those options. So super stable as you’re
biking, running, riding, you can keep these products on and they will not fall out whatsoever.


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