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  1. This game never appealed to me… not my style but i do think it’s funny how game development is done nowadays… everyone puts out unfinished products and then we are the guinea pigs and game testers.. where’s my paycheck?? 😂 but anyway i think it’s ridiculous

  2. Ну блин, вот в трейлерах все ведь так классно и круто, так не хочется чтоб было как в первый раз;)

  3. I've put like 25 hours into NMS since Beyond came out. And i still have so much left to accomplish. One of my favorite games is now Superb!

  4. it's a fun VR experience but it is really, really missing enemies on the ground of fight. It just gets boring after about 30-40 hours.

  5. This update really is the best the game has been…I just miss mining with the mining beam! Ugh…I hate doing it with the terrain manipulator. That makes no sense to me! I miss going to those huge deposits and mining out all the goods and seeing what shape hole was left in its place. You had to watch your mining beam heat and it was just so colorful…like the beam made it bright and lit up whatever color deposit you were mining. Now you just blast a huge hole in the ground and pick up the deposit and "dirt" at the same time with the manipulator…and the deposits are so small and you get so little….ugh ok…rant over. I know its been a while since the terrain manipulator became the mining tool…I just needed to rant about it again

  6. How about instead of just adding more stuff that'll likely cause more problems, you guys take the time to fine-tune and polish the great stuff that's already here? Because in case you aren't paying attention the game is a glitch-infested nightmare! Multiplayer missions bug out and locking players out of finishing them, full-game crashes impeding progress, seriously, it's a downright disaster!

    I love this game, truly I do, but it has desperate need of it's creators to review its overall infrastructure and start ironing out the wrinkles before the more complicated stuff gets introduced.

  7. I've been a day 1 fan but it does feel fresh on VR even if the fidelity isn't great. Some moments stand out like looking up at a house sized creature, looking around the cockpit of your ship and battling sentinels is WAY better in VR. The Nexus still has some growing pains and I wish it was more social like RecRoom but it's getting there. After dozens of hours of grinding I don't have much to do though, which is why I'm hoping the multiplayer continues to improve

  8. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾💯 excellent trailer. If I didn't already have it, I would buy it just off that trailer 👍🏾👍🏾

  9. If they can make a game where we can free roam a lot of planets in the universe, why not make a game where we can free roam the whole earth?


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