Now you can track your parcels on your wrist. Introducing the new Australia Post iOS app


[Nick Paton] This project was conceived at the
beginning of this year. Our senior dev started having a look at what could
actually be done with the Apple Watch. [Jo Whyte] It’s an exciting time to be part of Australia Post. What a terrific step for us into the wearable technologies. [George Metaxas] It’s a whole new space and a whole new experience so really trying to think out of the box of how do we make the nicest possible parcel notifications without being intrusive as well. [Alex Yianni] The most exciting part of it is the parcel locker element which is when you
do have something delivered via the the new parcel locker you receive a
notification, it goes on to watch itself. What it’ll do is generate a QR code for you to just scan and open your locker up, right from your wrist. [Jo Whyte] Customers to be able to access their parcels and get notifications really quickly and easily: what an exciting time. [George Metaxas] It’s a changer.


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  1. Dennis McLean

    April 30, 2015 11:12 pm

    So you are deliberately ignoring the 80% of Australian users who run Android devices????? IOS is a small fraction of the market..


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