Online retailer uses cloud database to deliver world-class shopping experiences


[Music] ASOS wants to be the number one fashion destination
for twenty-somethings around the world. Fashion is in our DNA. We have just over 12 million active customers,
over 800 brands and we’re introducing about four to five thousand new products
onto the site every single week. We don’t have shops.
People know about ASOS from the internet. If we have one minute when that digital platform
is out we’re not serving our customers. We want to be there for our customers
24×7, 365 days of the year. When you have 85,000 products
in your product range it’s vital to have a personalised consumer experience. We took a couple of big decisions early,
the first was to go microservice the second was to go Azure Platform as a Service. Using advanced machine learning techniques to synthesize custom and product characteristics, to create data sets that allow us to rank
products’ relevance in milliseconds and what that will mean for our customers
is we’re going to show products they might like, those would be more relevant,
the experience will be more relevant and clearly this is all about maximising the
sales, from the time the consumer shops with us. We’re using Cosmos DB because it allows us to
to distribute the data models to be near the services wherever in the world they’re deployed. We like the immediate elasticity, we like
the very low latency for random reads. And Azure has delivered us a rock solid platform to create an evermore compelling consumer experience.


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