OUT Trailer “Parcel” / АУТ Трейлер “Посылка”

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The Parcel Damn doorbell! What’s that? Koivulinja delivery service. A parcel for Mikko Seppanen. From Russia! What, again? There must be some mistake. Are you Mikko Seppanen? Well, this parcel is for you personally. With a note to deliver it today at 10 o’clock sharp. Are you “#€% serious?! This is the fourth parcel from Russia! And again early in the morning! I’ve never ordered that! Yes, there was some Russian guy living here before and my great granma was Russian. But I don’t even speak Russian! Tell me finally, what a “#€% idiot orders these parcels on my name! Regretfully, we don’t really… I can even tell you what’s inside! It is a matrioshka doll! Russian matrioshka doll. What the hell would I do with the fourth set of damn matrioskas? Emm… Would you like to take it? Ok, I’ll take it. But if wake me up on weekend ever again For damn matryoshkas, I will… Have a good day! Good day? “#€% What a “#€% again! Oh, sorry, I forgot. Good morning! I’ve been living here a year ago. Ha-ve you re-ce-iv-ed any parcels recently?


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