Parcel delivery insurance with Transglobal Express

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At Transglobal Express, we will insure
your consignment free of charge up to a value of £50. You can take out additional insurance
for up to a maximum value of £2500. In the rare event of loss or damage during transit this allows you to claim the declared value
of the affected part of your consignment as compensation up to the amount you have insured. The amount you insure should be the total
amount of all the contents of your consignment. If your consignment is partly damaged, this will be calculated as a percentage of
the insured amount. It costs only £5 to insure
consignments up to £250 in value and 2% of the declared value for anything above that. For a quick calculation, you can use the
insurance calculator on our website. Some items can be sent by courier
but cannot be covered by insurance against loss or damage. These include the following items… For more information, contact our team
or visit


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