Parcel Plus Notary Public Video

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When dealing with important documents like
deeds, property easements, and living trusts, having a notary public witness a signature
can help to prevent fraud and identity theft. That’s why at Parcel Plus, we offer the services
of a commissioned and insured notary public. From real estate deeds to contracts, from
loan documents to affidavits, our professional notaries are
ready to help you finalize your document.
And, if you need to get a copy of a document certified,
our notaries are trained to correctly handle these transactions as well.
Whatever your need, your Parcel Plus notary can be trusted
to process your documents confidentially, and problem-free!
Our experienced staff can help connect you with an available notary.
Parcel Plus…Everything done in one quick stop.
Visit our website or give us a call today!


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