Plugin Woocommerce Shipping Price by Place


hey everyone my name is Alex I work for go times and I’d like to explain to you how the WooCommerce shipping price by place plugin works WooCommerce asks us for the country and state of the shipping address and has the option for zip code as well in some countries the zip code is not commonly used so in this case the plugin adds two levels for the shipping first we have to create the shipping zone and assign it to our plugin for this video we’ve created a zone called example zone located in the state Florida and we can assign it to our shipping methods then we can click to personalize it you should fill all these fields but most important is to put the shipping location with the respective shipping price we can do this manually or by importing a CSV file in this case you will add a pair of zooms manually with their prices and if you’d like you can hide a default price and then we’ll save changes in the web you can proceed to the checkout here you can see how the shipping price changes every time we change the shipping location here we are on the US in the state of Florida and here’s the default price we put in earlier if we change to another zone the price also changes this happens in the billing form and the shipping form and when the user makes a purchase well they’ll receive a confirmation email with all the information they put and obviously the price thanks for watching



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