Popular retail store opens in Kailua


As early as 6:40 this morning people were standing in line to enter the new TARGET Store in Kailua. More than 200 Employees are INSIDE … Waiting, preparing, trying to make sure everyone who walks through the doors have a positive experience on Day1. At 8am: the doors open. 13:42 – 13:49 “WE’VE HAD WELL OVER A HUNDRED PEOPLE IN LINE AND NOW SHOPPING THE STORE AND AS YOU CAN HEAR, IT’S LOUD AND ROBUST BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE EXCITED TO BE HERE.” For many, the first stop was the one-dollar section close to the entrance. Others were more interested in with what kind of local products and groceries were available. 13:03 – 13:11 “TODAY WE HAVE OVER 30 LOCAL VENDORS THAT SUPPLY DIFFERENT ASPECTS WITHIN OUR STORE FROM FOOD TO CLOTHING TO HARD GOODS.” 22:36 – 22:41 “One of the concerns about this new target in kailua opening up was the traffic it would create. 12:13 – 12:23 “WE WENT FROM A FIVE ENTRANCES FROM THE PREVIOUS TENANT OVER HERE DOWN TO TWO ENTRANCES, A MAIN FOUR-WAY AND A RIGHT-IN RIGHT OUT DEDICATED LANE IN OUR STRUCTURE.” 10:24 – 10:31 “FOR ME IT WASN’T THAT BAD AT ALL BECAUSE I’M ONLY AROUND THE CORNER SO IT’S NOT LIKE THERE WAS TRAFFIC AT ALL.” Part of the design called for this new Target Store to be sustainable. Recycled bags are not new to Hawaii Target Stores but there are other unique aspects about this TARGET store that make it greener than others including the parking lot. 03:55 – 04:09 “OUR ASPHALT IS A PERMEABLE ASPHAULT WHICH FILTERS THE WATER BEFORE IT GOES INTO OUR SYSTEM, WE HAVE FULL LED LIGHTS IN OUR ENTIRE STORE THAT IS FIRST OF IT’S KIND IN ALL OF THE STORES IN TARGET AND WE HAVE FULL PV PANELS AT THE TOP OF OUR BUILDING.” Target’s hoping its green elements and it’s local flair will hit the bullseye with even the more skeptical members of the Kailua community. Roger Mari KITV4 News.


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