QUICKEST WAY to Get Started Drop Shipping with Shopify [NOT What You Think]

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what’s going on guys Brian here and
today we’re gonna talk about the fastest way that you can get started
dropshipping with Shopify alright so what is the fastest way that you can get
started right here right now today drop shipping with Shopify now a lot of
people this is not what you think a lot of people might think that I have some
secret hack some secret secret tip to you know build the right Shopify store
around the specific niche that’s going to just you know blow up your sales
realistically first and foremost what I want to preface by saying is no matter
what niche people think that there’s some specific product that you can
target with software and you can just hop on you can start selling that
product and you’re gonna make a shitload of money right away that is not true
a lot of people think that if they find the right niche the perfect niche they
can get in if they just find this perfect niche that has low competition
and high sales and not that many you know people competing with it on
Facebook Ads they’re gonna make shitload of money also not true regardless of how
you start regardless of what niche or subject you build your dropshipping
store or realistically anything in you’re going to have to put the work in
put the effort in do the back end stuff and build the business none of this
stuff is super easy and yes I make some of this sound easy on my channel because
if you’re willing to take the consistent action it can be easy for you it can be
but it’s not gonna happen overnight it’s not just gonna sales I’m just gonna pop
in to your store and realistically you are gonna have to put the work in and
adapt but this is just an overview video I want to give you the fastest way to
day that you can start your option from your house where from your house that
you can get started drop shipping today and there’s no you know secret niche
that you want to get into that’s just gonna start blowing your sales up the
best way is you can go to an exchange market place like this specifically
there’s a bunch of them but this is just the one that I’m most familiar with and
you can buy a drop shipping store where you know people have basically built the
store up and they’re looking to sell it just like any other business venture
there’s many reasons that people start a business
maybe you’re you’re doing you want to start a business because it’s your dream
and you want to fulfill that dream or maybe you you know you have a brand idea
and you want to go out and chase that brand idea and you want to sell clothing
or you want to sell you know you want to be an Instagram influence or whatever it
is there’s a million different reasons why people start you know online
businesses or just brick-and-mortar store businesses physical businesses
what the same thing goes with drop shipping so people start drop shipping
with the idea to chase you know the easy money consistently every single month
they might start a drop shipping store to chase a clothing brand that they want
to build because that might be their dream all admirable reasons but another
reason people start your operating stores is to sell them in the future
once they you know they build that actual store and they build that actual
business because make no mistake a drop shipping store whether it’s on Shopify
or any other place is a business and if you have that drop shipping source set
up it’s bringing in consistent sales that’s ranked SEO wise it has you know
are already the traffic funnels whether you’re running ads or whatever set up
and has the good brands it has the good you know the the overview and the
business model set up people will are willing to buy that so you can obviously
sell a store once you get it get you know up and going or if you’re trying to
get in today and you’re not looking to learn how to set up a Shopify store
necessarily you’re not looking to learn you know how to do the product research
you’re not looking to build a brand or build you know an online business where
you have to develop the customer relationship you want you’re just
looking to get in now today with one that’s already built enough and running
you can go ahead to a marketplace like this and just simply buy one simply buy
one you’ll see here if we scroll down there’s multitude of different examples
now obviously you’re gonna want to check these things for yourself you’re not
just gonna want to drop this is a bit ridiculous 365 G’s but let’s say
hypothetically you want to go after this one for $300 you notice that it was set
up it look legit has good brands you know and you feel like you get in and
rank and run ads against swimwear on Facebook and and so on and so forth
that’s the easiest and fastest way to get started today but always make sure
so you’ll see here typically speaking it tells you the revenue generated per
month it’ll tell you the traffic that that gets per month and
consistently obviously it’ll talk about the profit per the the overall profit
actually the inventory value that they actually have for the site and what
they’re you know going after potentially you know for you to buy it so that’s the
simplest way no I’ve never actually purchased one myself but I know people
that have purchased off this site this is exchange market place calm I’ll be
sure to link exchange market place down in the description if you guys want to
check that out and you can go ahead and check out some stores that you might
want to buy now obviously you’re probably not gonna be brought if you’re
watching this video you’re not gonna be buying a twenty five thousand or sixty
thousand dollar store that’s already set up and built just know that that’s an
option in the future you can scroll down and look through them you can sort
through them and you know I’ve seen some decent ones on here for a couple hundred
bucks you can drop five hundred bucks and and really have a store where people
are already buying where they’re already getting traffic and people know like and
trust that brand they’ve been there before and you’ve already have you know
all the store and the inventory set up for you and the entire drop shipping
business model and that way you can simply focus on the selling aspect and
the marketing aspect and not necessarily on building the actual you know store
online setting everything up and doing the fulfillment process all together
that takes a lot of time to setup and perfect you can bypass that whole thing
get started today and simply buy one so you’ll see here like I said cheap ones
from like a hundred bucks I’ve seen some four up here for twenty
I’ve seen good ones up here like I said an example I was looking through this
the other day a good example of a five hundred dollar one that actually looked
pretty legit actually look like a good buy and I’m assuming the person either
just wanted to get out of the drop shipping business they were focusing on
other things and they you know they were trying to flip their store to just get
rid of it and get off their hands or they were moving in a different
direction and they just weren’t interested in drop shipping anymore or
they wanted to start a new store or something like that so I know I
personally have done that with Instagram pages I’ve built them up to like twenty
thirty thousand and then just flip them for like two hundred bucks which was
completely not worth my time and way less than they were actually worth but I
turned them off my hands because I didn’t have the time to manage them and
focus on them anymore and a lot of the drop shipping examples here like I said
check this obviously but a lot of these drop shipping examples
you know our I’m sure in a similar place and those people are in a similar place
so hope you guys like this video I wanted to put this together for you hit
that like button if you appreciate the value in today’s video and you
appreciate these tips on how you can get started drop shipping with Shopify or
any other thing online to day check this website out it you know there’s some
great buys here now obviously there’s just like the like anything else there’s
gonna be some duds so do your homework do your research but that is the easiest
way and the quickest way that you can get started
drop shipping to day so subscribe if you guys are new here I put content like
this out constantly I’m trying to put one out at least once a day going
forward but you know that remains to be seen it might be to a day it might be
one a day it might be every other day just depends on that week I got a lot
going on right now but I will see in the next one


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