Reading MEAN Comments (f. Daym Drops)


– What’s up, y’all? We got Daym Drops in the house. Man, you guys already know this guy. This is my boy. He’s here in L.A. – Yes, sir. – He decided to stop by. We got some water going. – A little bit of that water. – That, that good water. – What they know about that good water? – Ooh. – Ooh. – So you know, we have
a little bit of water to hydrate ourselves and we decided we gotta make a video together, man. We’ve known each other for a long time. – Very long time. – We’re gonna have some fun tonight. We’re gonna be reading some mean comments. I think it’s time. – You said mean comments? – Mm. – Oh, you taking it there. – Oh, we taking it there. – Oh, you really ’bout that life. – Oh, I’m about that life. – I’m with it. – Cause the thing is we all
get those mean comments. We all get those mean comments, right? – I think people feel better when they leave the mean comments, though. – I think, you know, I think it just, releases the pressure.
– That’s cool. – To release the pressure.
– Hey, look man. – They’re having a bad day, they’re like you suck at food eating or
whatever they say to you. – You suck at life. – I don’t know what they said to you. I’m gonna find out, though. – Yeah, go ahead and check for it, baby. – So this is what we decided to do. I went on my channel, I
chose, they’re savage bro. – They’re hard?
– I’m warning you right now. They are savage. I went through and found six comments. We’ll probably do five each. – I promise you, nothing your
audience could every say. – Okay. – Would be more savage than my audience. – Oh for real? – Word. Word. I got some straight
gorillas in the savage game. – Really? – I’m confident, yeah.
– Okay. Alright. Alright, well we’re
gonna jump right into it. This is reading mean comments. Now the thing is, we’re gonna
do this a little different. – Right. – I’m gonna read Daym’s comments. Daym’s gonna read my comments. – Exactly. – For maximum shock effect. – Yeah. – Because I’ve seen my comments. – We gotta see whose squad goes harder in the negative comments. – Ooh. – Step your game all the way up.
– Step it up, player. (horn blowing) You ready for this? – It’s nothing, man. – Alright man. I’m gonna
start with yours first. – Do the worst. Do the worst.
– I’m gonna start with yours and then we can discuss. – Yeah, we can talk about it. – Scholarly. – Yeah, look man. – Cause these people are scholars. – It’s all love, yo. It’s all love, one hundred. – I’m gonna put this drink down. So there ain’t nobody
spilling on this laptop, baby. – No sir, no sir. – Ain’t got time for that. And AdSense is not high enough to buy a new laptop, I’ll tell you what. – Section eight laptops,
yo holla at ya boy. Know what I’m saying? – (laughter) This ain’t no- – You picking up a whack book pretty soon. Don’t worry about it. – You getting that orange company? – Yeah. – No one can afford this Apple nonsense. – Yeah, you ain’t
getting no Apple no more. – You getting that orange. – You know what I’m saying? This is their tube, it ain’t no YouTube. Get a whack book orange,
you better love it. – (laughter) Comment number one. – That’s what’s up.
– On Daym’s channel. The nine minutes you waste
doing this (frog croak) should have been better if
you used it on a treadmill. Oh wait, you need likes
to do exercise right? My bad, B. Wow, this dude is savage.
– Wow. Yo, I respect the hustle
on that savage game, son. – What, two months ago? This guy left this two months ago. – He’s like yo, the nine
minutes you spend on a video should have been well
spent on the treadmill. – Shoot. Damn. – Could I at least hit the
treadmill with a cheeseburger? That’s all I want to know. – When you read that, like, how’d you. – It’s whatever, man.
– You’re just like thanks for the view. – Yeah, appreciate it. Thanks for checking in, pimpin’. You know what I’m saying? Toast to you. – Toast to the AdSense. The funny thing is
though, these people that leave these types of
comments you know that they come around every month, every video, to leave these kind of things. – They’re very supportive in their hate. – Oh bro, the haters are some of the best fans you got.
– Supporters we got. You ain’t gonna get in
your feelings when I beat you in the head with this one right? – I’m ready, man. I’m ready. – You good? – I’m ready, bro. – Alright. Imma try to
read it in their voice too. – Please do. – I don’t know what to do, drink a bottle of bleach or watch this. – That’s savage. That’s savage. – Like a whole bottle of bleach. – That’s like 21 savage. – And I would rather drink that than watch another one of your videos. Ain’t washing no clothes. – Ain’t nobody got time for that. – But he’s gonna hit that bleach. – He’s gonna hit that bleach. – He’ll probably be
hitting the bleach anyway. – Maybe, man. I mean, you know. – Maybe he likes the bleach. – I don’t know whether to just
drink this delicious bleach. – Right.
– Or watch the video. – And then wash it down with some water. So a quick shout out
to our bleach drinkers. Out there, doing a major. – Doing a major. – And watching YouTube videos. – That’s what I’m saying. And disclaimer, don’t do it. Don’t drink bleach. – Don’t ever drink bleach. Don’t you, put it down. – Stop, stop, don’t. (shushing noise) – Another bull (frog croak) video. This is obviously the new content you’re adding to your
channel and it sucks. I’m unsubscribing, got enough. Bye. Exclamation mark. And he separated the
exclamation mark by a space, meaning it deserves its own
space cause he means it so much. Yeah. So one, he was just
like this is another BS video. – Right.
– Your content, it sucks. But like, I’m unsubscribing
but like I’m not really. – I’m not really going anywhere. – Not really going anywhere. – I just type unsubscribe cause
I want to put it up there. Did you read it? – I just tweeted it to you.
– Did you? Did they read it?
– I tweeted it to you but I didn’t mean it. I didn’t mean it.
– I ain’t going nowhere. Imma still keep watching. Imma still keep watch you. – Imma keep watching you.
– I hate you, but imma still keep watching you. – I hate you, but imma keep watching you. – Ooh, you got some good
content all the sudden, oh my goodness.
– Ooh, that’s a good ad. Is that an ad for Tide? – Yo, what is this video? Matter of fact, I think I
love it just a little bit. – It’s lovely. I feel
something in my pants. – Oh my goodness, I’m back. Forget unsubscribe, I’m
resubscribing, yeah. – I hit the bell, hit the
notifications on this (frog croak) – You turned the notifications on? – Turned on notifications. Ooh. – Hey yo, man. This dude right here,
he ugly as (frog croak) Ugly as (frog croak) – This dude ASF. – Ugly as (frog croak) (mumbling) You know he’s at his computer
right now, he’s like. This dude ugly as (mumbling) – All I’m gonna say is
a quick shout out to all of the individuals out
there that are worried about the looks of another grown
man or another grown woman. Like what’s going on in your life? – Maybe he likes me. – Maybe. – I think he likes me. – I think he was feeling you maybe with a particular look you had. Cause you know he been around for a while. – He saw my face. – He saw your face. – He saw my teeth, you know? – He was like okay. – He saw me hitting the gym,
you know what I’m saying? – Buffing up. – He be like, ooh. – He was like look at the muscles. – I don’t even have time to
type the whole word, just ASF. – Yeah. He coulda actually put in ugly as, but he just like ASF
and kept looking at you. – He didn’t even have time. Cause one hand was preoccupied. – Uh oh. Skirt skirt. – Skirt skirt. – Skirt skirt. (laughter) – That was the moment. – That was the moment. – That he was like, I like this guy. – Yeah he was like, uh you’re great. – I like this guy.
– He probably turned the notifications on. – Maybe he recorded it and
uploaded it to like red tube. You porn. – You porn. He still
watching it right now. – Speaking of diversifying,
you can find me on you porn. Big poppa pump, what’s up? – You know. (laughter) You hit em with the big poppa? – Hey, man. AdSense is down. – Listen, man. – I gotta diversify. – I ain’t gonna stunt man. I’m over our back page,
you know what I’m saying? – I’m just saying. – Listen, I’ve been moving
cheeks on back page. (laughter) Gotta do what you gotta do. – Yeah. Oh my god. – Yo, they call me teddy
thunder, chocolate teddy thunder. – Chocolate teddy thunder? – Yeah, man. – Big poppa pump, look us up. Subscribe. – Cause these dudes is ugly as (mumbling) – Ooh, this one’s savage,
it’s short but savage. – Get it with. – Kind of like me. Fat ass (frog croak) – I can look at it two different ways. – Okay. – I could look at it sexually. – Break it down, break it down. – I could look at it sexually, cause I’m a type of brother,
I like to see a fat ass. And if you huckin’… that fat ass. – Wow, okay. – I mean sometimes you wanna say, yo Daym Drops you are a fat ass. Fa-a-a. Or will you just say fat ass? – No, no. He didn’t say you are. – No, he just said fat ass. He’s letting me know what
I probably should be doing instead of doing videos at the time. – Oh, okay. Mhm. – Just. (whip noise) They do provide all that extra lovin’. – You know. Little piece of chicken. Extra crispy.
– More cushion for the pushing. – Little crispy. – You like that chicken. Ooh. Wow mate. You’re quite the
toothy knob, aren’t you? And he didn’t even give you
the A-R-E-N ‘postrophe T, he gave you the A-R-N-T, arnt you. – Wow, man. First of all, okay. I mean, we need to break
down the spelling here. It the wrong you’re. – Right. – It should be you are. – Yes. – Please, please. Here’s the thing, this is all I ask. Daym, listen to me. – I’m with you bro. – We’re boys, right? – I’m with you. – Okay? All that I ask of anybody. You, my mother, anybody from
halfway across the world. If you’re going to insult
somebody, spell it right. Be creative and spell it right. Cause as soon as you
make a spelling error, the whole thing is- – It kills everything. – It kills the – Yeah, it does. – Cause all I can see
is the spelling error. Toothy knob, okay. Look, he didn’t even spell aren’t. – No. – A-R. Isn’t it A-R. – E. – E-N-T. – Yeah. – And apostrophe. Where’s the apostrophe? – No ‘postrophe. – Wow, mate. You’re quite
the toothy knob, aren’t you? – He didn’t even hit you with
a question mark afterward. – Wow. – It just stopped at you. – I’m okay with that. – I feel bad, like we’re not giving them the mean comments that they came for. – Oh, they’re coming. – This water is so special to me. – Yo, this guy wrote a paragraph. – Okay. – You ready? – I’m cool, man. It’s nothing to your boy. – How the hell does this dude have 800k subs, but leading world economists, philanthropists, and political analysts are struggling to even make ends meet. Oh, I’m not done. – You still got some more? – I’m not done. One, anybody who eats
McDonald’s, especially if you went just for this sauce, you’re a (frog croak) disgrace to the human race. This dude is a waste of life. Hopefully he dies of a heart attack soon. – Wow. He was trying to rub me out. – Wow. – He was trying to rub me out. – I mean, okay but see,
let’s break this down. – We have to. – We gotta break this down. – Cause that’s what we do. – To the positive aspect. Most people would see that and be like, okay this guy’s angry. – Right. – You know, he’s writing a paragraph. But see the thing to me is, you gotta really care to write a paragraph. – Really think highly of the creator to take that kinda time out of your day. – That’s their time.
– To type that much information. – Bro. – In the comments section
of a YouTube video. – That took time. That guy, this is this guy’s day. He clicked on your video. – He watched it. – He watched it. – He watched it. – That’s the thing, thank
you for the AdSense. – Appreciate you. – And not only that, but he watched it and he said, you know what? I care enough about this guy’s opinion that I’m gonna write a
paragraph, not three words. – No. – A paragraph. – He didn’t just hit me
with the fat (mumbling). He broke it all the way down. – All the way down. – This other individual
that should be making more, and they are not
receiving their proper due when it comes to the
payment field of the game. – I mean. – However, this individual
right here that I’ve probably been watching for a while, I’ve
probably been subscribed to. This individual just keeps getting bigger. And he probably just dies some. We’re all going to die. – All of us. – So by telling me that I need to die. – That you need to. – It lets me know that you’re thinking of your own impending doom. – Your own. – And you’re sharing that with me. – With him. – I feel honored that
you thought enough of me. – Such an honor. – To type out the super-sized paragraph. – Massive. – Breaking all the way down, watch my video, understand my flow. – The flow. – And said you need to be out
of here and off this earth. Don’t worry, it’s going to happen. I’m not mad about that. I embrace that, I embrace you. – Ooh. – Ooh. You ready for this? – Man, I was born ready. – We’re done, we’re done. We’re coming off slow, we’re going in. – And they’re coming harder now. – Alright, it’s going. – Now they’re coming harder. So if you made this
through, this far through. – I gotta read this one anger, son. – I’m ready. – Cause he went, I mean. He typed it in caps. – Okay. So the video just ended. – Right. – He’s like, ugh. Go. – I can’t stand this
little bold (frog croak). Why don’t you show your teeth
so much you bald fag-oe? (laughter) – Fag-oe. Is that French? – Yeah. A little something just for France.
– Just for France? First of all, he misspelled
bald in the first sentence. – Yeah, he called you bold. – That happens a lot, by the way. Bald often gets auto-corrected to bold. – He called you a bold (frog croak). – But isn’t that a compliment? Wait a minute, that’s a compliment. – That’s a crazy compliment. – That’s a compliment. – That’s a crazy compliment. – I’m bold, I make bold actions. – Bold statements. – I take bold statements. Like I am a man exclamation mark. Bold. – How is that even a mean
comment at that point? He respects you already
while he’s typing in caps. – He’s saying he can’t stand. He’s on his knees he’s so
shooketh by my boldness. – By your boldness. – He’s on his knees. – Yo and he’s like why do
you even show your teeth. – It’s in my mouth though. – Yeah, like as soon
as you open your mouth your teeth are gonna be exposed. – I think he’s just so
excited about the teeth. – Yeah. – That he’s like why do
you show them so much? Like I’m kinda like, ooh. – It’s like you about to hit
him with the Colgate white. – Man, you know what? This whole time I’ve
been thinking of these as savage and they’re just not. – I thought they were savage. – Man, I feel good about myself. – Yeah, you and me both. Mm. – You are so (frog croak) annoying. That’s what it says. That’s what it says. – Yo. – Ooh, that’s one day ago. – That’s like hey, you know? You’re annoying to the point
I have to keep watching. You’re annoying me to the
point that you didn’t upload at the time you said you were gonna upload and I came here for that
video but you didn’t deliver. You’re annoying to the
point that every time I try to comment you do not respond. It is bothering my soul. You are annoying me right now. So I’m just gonna let you
know that I’m annoyed. And I understand and I
hear you loud and clear. There’s nothing I can do about that. – Nothing. – But to say I’m gonna keep
giving you this energy. And more than likely,
you’ll probably keep coming back for it even though you hate it. Cause some things that
you hate you truly love on the inside, you just don’t
know how to express it yet. (frog croak) Garbage ass
channel gave me cancer. Idiot (frog croaking) AIDS I have cancer (frog noise) inbred dgot dropped as a baby can’t think properly (frog croak) autism. No period. – (laughter) What? – The level of anger that was in this comment.
– What? Holy god. – Like, none of it. – Wow, this guy’s angry. – None of it really made sense. You couldn’t connect any part of that thing man.
– Bro, 47 minutes ago. – That was fresh. – Fresh. – Hella fresh. – Wow. That’s like straight out the bread aisle.
– You upset somebody just today. – That was baked just now. I want that hot cookie.
– Yeah. Just pop right out. Eat it.
– Pillsbury. Well I think that’s enough. – Reading mean comments can be
so fulfilling in one’s life. – It’s satisfying. – Like I feel so much
better about my day, really. – I do. I didn’t realize
there was so much love for us. – That love was crazy, has
me emotional on the inside that so many people actually care. – I hope this video gets
like, 20,000 comments. And I hope they’re half
as passionate as those. – If the comments are not as passionate, there’s something that we’re
doing wrong as creators. We need those type of
comments to keep us going through our course of the day. To keep us out there just
making sure that we leave a memorable experience for
every last one of you. Because you’re special. – Because you’re special. – And you. – And you. – Smiling. – Smiling. – Yeah go ahead, I know you want to. Go ahead and smile. You’re so beautiful. – Take your time. – I want you to, go ahead, go ahead. – I see you. The giggle, you see that? – Yeah that he he he. It’s your main man Daym Drops. Of course you want to check out myself and big man up over here. Slide over to my channel because we’re taking it to a whole entire
different level, bro. – So I don’t really have
a way to end this video but we did do a video on Daym’s channel. Go check it out. It’ll be something you can
click on the screen right now. Just a little fun that we had. It was a philosophical discussion. – Crazy. – And I think you’ll enjoy it. It was like half an hour video. Might be shorter when he
edits it, but go check it out. Click on your screen,
check out my man here. It’ll be in the description. Little water for us. Enjoy your day.


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    October 14, 2017 4:45 pm

    Nothing but love rockin' with you Fam!! Always enjoy connecting with you when I hit those mean LA Streets! πŸ˜‰

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    Daym and Matt both of yall responses were on point and made me weak laughingπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ooooooooooooo oooooooooo lol

  3. Allison Barry

    November 11, 2017 9:07 pm

    Anybody who thinks someone should die aren't human beings. They are monsters.

    That said this was one funny as heck video!


    November 12, 2017 5:38 pm

    OMG. This was the funniest video yet i really hope you two do more videos like this one i had to watch it twice do to how funny you two are this is the best….

  5. Nikki Atkins

    November 13, 2017 12:34 am

    I love the fact that you guys are drinking water out of wine glasses haha. I've been really depressed today and the way you guys read those comments made me laugh so hard that I forgot what was really bothering me. So, thank you πŸ™‚

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    you think it's fun to go around without teeth… Despite everyone gone all you got such a pretty face only if you had your teeth fixed it's like having someone say know you got such a pretty face only if you could lose some weight… You know how horrible it is to go around without teeth I mean all of them missing it is so destructive in my life so anyone out there that would love to get a hold of me to help me get teeth I would love it just got to be somebody out there that wants to help somebody that's low income to get your teeth back I didn't lose them from being a junkie or anything I lost them from a disease and illness that took away them in a short. Of time 10 years ago and now they're gone….. I would love for someone to help me get a set of teeth anybody wanting to just look on my little picture of page and you'll find me and I would love to someone help me get teeth cuz I can't afford my s**… I'm trying to fight a child protective service case right now without teeth I look like a crackhead which isn't the reason why I lost my teeth I lost my teeth because of an accident… Do you think the Kardashians would go around without teeth I don't think so but something that everybody says oh you look so okay without you okay I feel so bad talk about depression there Matt I wish you would understand what it would be like without teeth… Somebody help this mom of six get her teeth back… Anybody… I would love to have them as it's made me feel so shity about myself I'm not homicidal suicidal but not having teeth can make you feel pretty s*****… If you're worried about these little slice of you wait until you have no teeth that can make you look handsome… LOL overweight who gives a s** about that these days we have no teeth… People stay in your teeth can they do at yeah hanging ballet… It's your face that is connected one-to-one and no teeth you are f*** so any donations to give me teeth I'm serious people I would love to help just connect me trust me I don't hide like a lot of people do on their blogs and on their email accounts Exedra I'm here probably too honest… And he give us I know I've already had my share… Love to get a nice set of white teeth veneers or dentures..
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