Residents head out to City Hall in the Mall

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[upbeat music] (Eva Padilla)
The City of Corpus Christi wants you to know what we do
and what services and programs we provide
and answer any questions or concerns you might have.
That is why the city put on the third annual
City Hall in the Mall. More than 30 city
departments participated in City Hall in the Mall
in June at La Palmera to reach out to residents
with information about important services
and programs the city offers like child
fingerprinting, the latchkey program,
adopting a pet, and payment plans
for utility bills. City staff and council members
were on hand to answer questions. (Paulette Guajardo)
It’s been a great experience and a great day.
The best part about this is we the city are coming
out to the public and so it makes it very, very
easy for them to be in the same place that we are.
And also the setting is very casual. (Eva Padilla)
City staff handed out treats, prizes and items
with contact information to help residents get in touch
with city departments if a need
or issue comes up. Employees also gave
demonstrations like how to extinguish a fire,
how rainfall affects flood plains,
the difference between sober and intoxicated vision
and driving the Rover X that searches
underground pipes. Residents talk about what
they enjoyed about City Hall
in the Mall. (Shawn Spears)
It’s been really fun. The kids have
enjoyed it so much. And it’s been really
interesting to see all the different
city operations. Everybody’s been so helpful.
We’ve gotten lots of good information in a fun way. (Nick Mata)
It’s fun actually. They’re very helpful
with finger printing the kids. Very gentle.
They make them feel not scared at all.
All in all I think you had a good time.
I think you all did an awesome job.
It was basically self explanatory
and keep up the good work. For more information
on city departments, visit
or follow on social media. Also watch
the city’s channel CCTV. Reporting for the City of Corpus
Christi, I’m Eva Padilla. [upbeat music]


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