Retail Business Tips : Retail Business: Designing a Store


I’m Michael Campbell with Doggie Styles in
Beverly Hills, California and I’m here to talk about how to design a retail store. I
think the most important thing is to first come up with a concept. What type of store
do you want? What image do you want? Do you want it to be upscale? Do you want it to be
more country? Do you want it to be comfortable? Do you want it to be cold and austere? Certain
types of products fit best in that type of environment. For me at Doggie Styles, we wanted
kind of a shabby chic look. So what we did was we went to a furniture designer and had
them design all of our fixtures. We wanted bright colors. We wanted it to be a friendly
place so we put bright green curtains in the window. We have a bright blue floor in the
store. These colors are very inviting to people and they’re happy colors. We also have, since
we carry a variety of different types of merchandise, we wanted to make it easy for customers to
come in and find what they are looking for. So we have sections that have collars. We
have sections that have harnesses. We have sections that have clothing, beds, treats,
toys etc. So everything isn’t just all mixed together making it difficult for customers
to find what they’re looking for. We want them to be very clear on where and to see
the whole array of products we have in that category. It actually makes it much easier
for the customers. They don’t need a sales person there to help them constantly. A lot
of times they are more comfortable that way. So for our design, it works great. Our customers
are very happy with that. We also left a very open floor plan. So we have a lot of open
space. Some stores you’re going to want to fit merchandise in every nook and cranny and
while it might work in some areas, for us it doesn’t make sense. Our customers come
in with their dogs and I don’t need dogs lifting their leg and peeing on merchandise throughout
the store. We want to have lots of room for people to come in with their dogs. We want
to have room for two dogs that might be there to play together. And so for us, open space
was really a key aspect of that. I’m Mike Campbell with Doggie Styles in Beverly Hills.



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